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the MAGIC BAND reunion

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friday 27 may 2005 SHEFFIELD england LEADMILL
attendance: ? [capacity unknown]



by 'nessie'

this concert was visited by someone who likes to be called 'the monster from loch ness'. he or she generously emailed me a great set of photos, inviting me to do something useful with them. i'm very glad to honour its request, but stubborn as i am i don't like the idea of having óne long page with all those shots while other reports from the 2005 uk tour just are bare words or even worse: completely empty.

so i used óne here, and (will) spread the remaining pictures over different gigs:
* john french + denny walley
* gary lucas
* john french
* gary lucas + mark boston + denny walley

the magic band reunion (line up 4) - live picture 270505 leadmill, sheffield, england concert - mark boston / rockette morton, john french / drumbo - by nessie
mark boston / rockette morton - john french / drumbo

of course: many thanks to nessie for leaving its shelter!


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