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captain beefheart - safe as milk - kamasutra acetate 1967 - label side 1
a one-of-a-kind example


spring 67 CAPTAIN BEEFHEART 'safe as milk' acetate - óne copy known!
1970 VARIOUS ARTISTS * THE A&M BOOTLEG ALBUM promo - a few hundred copies (provisory link)
1971 DIDDY WAH DIDDY 7" eepee england - a few copies! (provisory link)
1978 VARIOUS ARTISTS * BLUE COLLAR promo - a few copies known!
9 august 1978 SHINY BEAST (BAT CHAIN PULLER) test pressing - a few copies!
1982 ICE CREAM FOR CROW promo video - number of copies unknown
autumn 93 DON VAN VLIET * STAND UP TO BE DISCONTINUED poetry reading sequence germany - 1500 copies
1995 FROWNLAND ceedee germany - number of copies unknown (provisory link)
180900 I'M GOING TO DO WHAT I WANNA DO 2ceedee - 5000 'e-mail order' copies

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captain beefheart electricity
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