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27 october 2017


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18 august 2017 - latest update 7 november 2017
the magic band reunion - farewell tour - extra tickets concert manchester
all dates of the FAREWELL TOUR THE MAGIC BAND will play in november in england are known! the latest changes:
SOME FINAL TICKETS AVAILABLE! sat 11 november 2017 england MANCHESTER band on the wall
ALMOST SOLD OUT! mon 20 november 2017 england BRISTOL the fleece
SELLING FAST! thu 23 november 2017 england BRIGHTON main room, komedia
SOLD OUT! fri 24 november 2017 england LONDON the garage
the magic band reunion - line up 8

p.s. almost forgot to mention - for everyone who already secured their tickets, as well as all the people who can't visit the shows - that there's a fresh INTERVIEW with DRUMBO aka john french to read and listen to in cyberspace....

11 august 2017
update 17 october: exhibition has closed, but virtual tour still is possible
captain beefheart - don van vliet: untitled drawing, 1978 - michael werner gallery, new york 2017
citizens in and nearby new york, usa have time through 9 september to visit an EXHIBITION at the michael werner gallery, presenting DON VAN VLIET: WORKS ON PAPER. it consists of forty-four untitled drawings made after his life as captain beefheart. for people further away the gallery organized a nice virtual tour along all the works (click twice to see 'full screen' reproductions)!

but personally i have an important point of criticism concerning a considerable part (one third!) of the exposition: the works from 1999. while the press release claims that 'the late works clearly evoke a sense of primitive sound or language, eschewing the pictorial for pure and unfettered expression', the truth is that by then the multiple sclerosis don suffered from had made him lose control over his muscle functions....
captain beefheart - don van vliet: untitled drawing, 1999 - michael werner gallery, new york 2017

4 august 2017
captain beefheart - the magic band reunion - farewell tour november 2017 british islands
THE MAGIC BAND, the intended one-off reunion which became a long-time project, always has faced two annoying problems. first, there was the circumstance that the musicians were quite busy with activities of their own, which made it difficult to rehearse and perform regularly. but more worse was the fact that promotors and venue owners were very cautious to book john 'drumbo' french's mission of keeping captain's beefheart's music (literally) alive.

despite these troubles, over the last fourteen years some lucky people had the chance to enjoy great shows. but unfortunately, it's over and out now.... that is: almost. because the guys - after a slight change in the line-up - are going to wave us goodbye with a FAREWELL TOUR across the british islands in november.

the list of planned concerts - including several shops to buy tickets at - still is in progress, but better grab this last offer to experience a different kind of 'sound sculptures' before they are just sentimental memories!


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