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captain beefheart - the mirror man sessions - remastered 'mirror man' album plus bonus tracks - plate stock copies
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captain beefheart - the mirror man sessions - remastered 'mirror man' album plus bonus tracks - audiophile double elpee england


despite the revolution in sound reproducing technologies over the past decade, some people still love the good old vinyl. in what probably is the last convulsion of a dying breed there even sprouted up a record company specialized in re-releasing all kinds of classic recordings. but with a difference: as a start that english firm, simply vinyl, melts a larger amount of vinyl for an elpee (which guarantees a much better sound quality) and then they are realistic enough to use recently re-mastered and / or digital versions of the worn-out originals.

one of the latest additions to their catalogue is captain beefheart and the magic band. maybe inspired by the magnificently renewed 'buddha versions' of their (chronologically spoken) first two recordings, they started with transforming those records into - so-called audiophile - double albums. safe as milk was their first project, and of course the bonus tracks are neatly gathered on the second elpee. some time later plans arose to also re-release THE MIRROR MAN SESSIONS for the vinyl lovers!

in case you want to get this item:
of course you're lucky if you're an internet surfer and credit card owner, for you can directly order from the secured simply vinyl site. the price for englishmen is 19 pounds (includes the posting) and for foreigners: around 30 us dollars / euros plus additional postcosts.
people without such facilities shouldn't despair: the albums are properly distributed to the old-fashioned better record stores too....

captain beefheart / don van vliet - picture by guy webster - 'the mirror man sessions' booklet
(cd booklet only) picture by guy webster


after a few months of delay the vinyl version also got available. a quite pricy double-album of which the package is a lot less sloppy than the easy-going outfit of 'safe as milk'. no wonder, as the manufacturers could take advantage of the fresh design for the re-named 'mirror man' album. front and back cover, and labels are basically the same as on the ceedee. all the new liner notes - except for the beefheart close-up picture - are reproduced on an insert sheet, which also contains the three original poems - and, you bet, 'one nest rolls after another' will keep its typing error for ever....



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captain beefheart electricity
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