1 february 2018

i will spare you the details, but after a year of hopelessly suffering my quickly degenerating web host i have decided to discontinue our collaboration - and spread the word: freewebs sucks!

which means that with immediate effect captain beefheart electricity will be flashing on at the new address
see you there, you're welcome...

captain beefheart electricity


the lyrics




a squid eating dough in a polyethylene bag is fast and bulbous, got me?

when she wears her bolero then she begins to dance
all the pachucos start witholding hands
when she drives her chevy sissies don't dare to glance
yellow jackets and red debbils buzzing around her hair hive ho
she wears her past like a present
takes her fancy in the past
her sedan skims along the floorboard
her two pipes pied humming carbon cum
got her wheel out of a b-29 bomber brodey knob amber
spanish fringe and talcum tassels forever amber
she looks like an old squaw indian
she's ninety-nine she won't go down
avocado green and alfalfa yellow adorn her to the ground
tattoos and tarnished utensils a snow white bag full of tunes
drives a cartune around bromo-seltzer blue umbrella
keeps her up off the ground
round red sombreros rap her high tap horsy shoes
when she unfolds her umbrella pachuco got the blues
her loving makes me so happy
if i smile i would crack my chin
her eyes are so peaceful thinks it's heaven she been
her skin is as smooth as the daisies
in the center where the sun shines in
smiles as sweet as honey
her teeth as clean as the combs where the bees go in
when she walks flowers surround her
let their nectar come into the air around her
she loves her love sticks out like stars
her loving sticks out like stars

mix of original lyric sheet and version from book SKELETON BREATH, SCORPION BLUSH (1987)



quietly the rain played down on last of the ashes
quietly the light played down on her lashes
she smiled and twisted she smiled and twisted
hideously looking back at what once was beautiful
playing naturally magically
o her ragged hair was shining red, white, and blue
all and all the children screaming
why surely madam you must be dreaming
you couldn't have done this if you knew what you were doing
well the gold fish in the bowl lay upside down bloating
full in the sky and the plains were bleached white with skeletons
various species grouped together according
to their past beliefs
the only way they ever all got together was
not in love but shameful grief
it's not the way i would like it to get together
that's not the kind of thoughts i would like to keep
the rain played lightly down down on the formaheap
o lady look up in time, o lady look out of love
and you should have us all
o you should have us fall



sweet sweet sweet sweet bulbs grow in my latest garden
warm warm warm warm warm sun fingers wave in my latest garden
flowers dance their faces brave
come talk freely in the garden of my lady
her hominy smile her hominy snatch
only a crow would peck
and a chicken would scratch
her lips turned up to kiss
i see you phoebe baby in your bonnet
with the sunset written on it
and the shadow of a tree
curled around her knee in color
and just behind you was the sea of negativity
tinkling like mercury in the wind
her feet kept by the ground her toes bare brown
her carriage she'd abandoned like a hand-me-down
she walked back into nature - a queen uncrowned
she had just recognized herself
to be an heir to the throne
her garden gate swings lightly without weight
open to most anyone that needs a little freedom
for god's sake
o come as many as you can
in dark or light you're free to grow as flowers
share her throne and use her toothbrush
and spend some interesting hours



lucid tentacles test and sleeved
and joined and jointed jade pointed
diamond back patterns
neon meate dream of an octafish
artifact on rose petals
and flesh petals and pots
fack and feast and tubes tubs bulbs
in jest incest injest injust in feast incest
and specks and spreckled spreckled
speckled speculation
fedlocks waddling feast
archaic faces frenzy
ceramic fists artificial deceased
and cists rancid buds burst
dank drum and dung dust
meate rose and hairs
meaty dream wet meate
limp damp rows
peeled and felt fields and belts
impaled on a demon
mucus mules
twat trot tra la
tra la [3x]
whalebone fields and belts
whalebone farmhouse
cavorts girdled in tatters a lite [2x]
a dipped amidst
squirming serum and semen
and syrup and semen and serum
stirrupped in syrup
neon meate dream of an octafish



note as given on the lyric sheet:
owing to the condition of the players and the environment of the recording, certain portions are inaudible, thus we can only guess at the real meaning

don van vliet: do one of those pu-chunk, a-chunk, a-chunk, a-chunk, one of those.
doug moon: really slow...

i don't wanna kill my china pig
no i don't
a man's gotta live
a man's gotta eat
a man's gotta have shoes to walk out on the street
i don't wanna kill my china pig
o, you're gonna be there - i want you to be
i don't wanna kill my china pig
well i used to go to school
with a little red box
and i used to have my pig go with me
we walked for blocks
i don't wanna kill my china pig
his tail curled five times in a circle round
it's glazed
he's got a slot in his back flowers grow
my china pig be a quite a show
i don't wanna kill my china pig
oh no
my china pig
i got him by the snout
and i take him by the cuff
and i whipped out my fork
and i poked at him
three hairs laid out on my floor
i remember my china pig
i fed the neighborhood
it was a big neighborhood
a lot of people liked my pig
one little girl used to put her fingers in his snout
i put a fork in his back
i didn't wanna kill my china pig



i saw you baby dancing in your x-ray gingham dress
i knew you were under duress
i knew you under your dress
just keep coming jesus
you're the best dressed
you look dandy in the sky but you don't scare me
because i got you here in my eye
in this lifetime you got myhumangetsmeblues
with your jaw hanging slack and your hairs curling
like an old navy fork sticking in the sunset
the way you were dancing i knew you would never come back
you were straining to keep your
old black cracked patent shoes
in this lifetime you got myhumangetsmeblues
well the way you'd been old lady
i could see the fear in your windows
under your furry crawling brow
a silver bow rings up in inches
you were afraid you'd be the devil's red wife
but it's all right - god dug your dance
and would have you young and in his harem
dress you the way he wants because he never had a doll
because everybody made him a boy
and god didn't think to ask his preference
you can bring your dress and your favorite dog
and your husband's cane
and your old spotted hog
because in this lifetime
you've got myhumangetsmeblues



an instrumental, so no lyrics



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