1 february 2018

i will spare you the details, but after a year of hopelessly suffering my quickly degenerating web host i have decided to discontinue our collaboration - and spread the word: freewebs sucks!

which means that with immediate effect captain beefheart electricity will be flashing on at the new address
see you there, you're welcome...

captain beefheart electricity


the lyrics




my smile is stuck
i cannot go back to your frownland
my spirit is made up of the ocean
and the sky and the sun and the moon
and all my eye can see
i cannot go back to your land of gloom
where black jagged shadows
remind me of the coming of your doom
i want my own land
take my hand and come with me
it's not too late for you
it's not too late for me
to find my homeland
where a man can stand by another man
without an ego flying
with no man lying
and no one dying by an earthly hand
let the devils burn and the beggar learn
and the little girls that live in those old worlds
take my kind hand
my smile is stuck
i cannot go back to your frownland [2x]



there's old gray with her dovewinged hat
there's old green with her sewing machine
where's the bobbin at?
she's toting old grain in a printed sack
the dust blows forward and the dust blows back
and the wind blows black through the sky
and the smokestack blows up in the sun's eye
what am i gonna die?
a white flake riverboat just blew by
bubbles pop big
and a lipstick kleenex hung on a pointed forked twig
reminds me of the bobby girls
never was my hobby girls
hand full of worms and a pole fishing
cork bobbing like a hot red bulb
and a blue jay squeaks
his beak open an inch above a creek
gone fishing for a week,
well i put down my bush
and i took off my pants and felt free
the breeze blowing up me and up the canyon
far as i could see
it's night now and the moon looks like a dandelion
it's black now and the blackbirds feeding on rice
and his red wings look like diamonds and lice
i could hear the mice toes scampering
gophers rumbling in pile crater rock holes
one red bean stuck in the bottom of a tin bowl
hot coffee from a krimpt up can
me and my girl named bimbo limbo spam

version from book SKELETON BREATH, SCORPION BLUSH (1987)



dachau blues those poor jews [2x]
down in dachau blues [2x]
still crying about the burning back in world war two's
one mad man six million lose
down in dachau blues [2x]
dachau blues, dachau blues those poor jews
the world can't forget that misery
and the young ones now begging the old ones
please to stop being madmen
before they have to tell their children
about the burning back in world war three's
war one was balls and powder and blood and snow
war two rained death and showers and skeletons
danced and screaming and dying in the ovens
cough and smoke and dying by the dozens
down in dachau blues [2x]
three little children with doves on their shoulders
their eyes rolled back in ecstasy crying
please old man stop this misery
they're counting out the devil
with two fingers on their hands
begging the lord don't let the third one land
on world war three [2x]

... and it attracted a lot of rats, and er, they closed the doors, and er, they all got shotguns and shot in the grass. nothing happened, they couldn't get the rats to move, see. so they got one fellow down there, and he said, ah, he-e-e-e s-stammered at you; when he got excited he couldn't talk at all. they got him down there and walt said: 'i'll get them out of there', and he took a stick to beat them, trying to get them out of there. then they started to shoot in wild rushes. and old walt thought he was gonna get killed....



here she comes walking
looking like a zoo
hello moon [2x]
hi ella high ella guru
she knows all the colors that nature do
high ella high ella guru
high yellow high red high blue she blew
high ella high ella guru
she does what she mean
she does what she does
got something for me something for you
she shows something
she's young too
ella guru [4x]
ha ha right right
just dig it
that's right, 'the mascara snake'
fast and bulbous
tight also
ella guru [4x]
high ella high ella guru
ella guru



an instrumental, so no lyrics

[spoken conversation with two youngsters seeking a drummer for a band:]
girl: we just moved in around here. we heard you play, so we decided we'd come up and find out who it was.
don van vliet (captain beefheart:) (laughs) o, ho, yes. captain beefheart and his magic band.
boy: really?
don van vliet: yeah.
[short pause]
don van vliet: where did you move her from?
girl: oh, just from --
boy: (interrupting) reseda.
girl: yeah.
don van vliet: reseda?
girl: yeah.
don van vliet: she's nice....
don van vliet: what do you think?
visitors together: sounds good.
don van vliet: it's a bush recording. we're out recording the bush. name of the composition is 'me -, neon meate dream of an octafish'.
boy: hum.
girl: um.
don van vliet: no! it's: 'her pie'.
girl: looks you don't find the drummer now.
boy: huh!



moonlight on vermont affected everybody
even mrs. wooten as well as little nitty
even lifebuoy floating
with his little pistol showing
with his little pistol toting
well that goes to show you what a moon can do
no more bridge from tuesday to friday
everybodies gone high society
hope lost his head and got off on alligators
somebodies leaving peanuts on the curbins
for a white elephant escaped from zoo with love
goes to show what a moon can do
moonlight on vermont
well it did it for lifebuoy
and it did it to you
and it did it to zoo
and it can do it for me
and it can do it for you
moonlight on vermont
gimme that old time religion [2x]
don't gimme no affliction
that old time religion is good enough for me
and it's good enough for you
well come out to show them
come out to show them [6x]
gimme that old time religion [3x]
it's good enough for me
without your new affliction
don't need your new restrictions
gimme that old time religion
it's good enough for me
moonlight on vermont



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