captain beefheart electricity

the lyrics





we're all brothers on tomorrow
we won't have to talk
we won't need to talk [2x]
we won't need to talk
rush comes the love
shapes to share shapes
love [3x] on, on tomorrow
baby springs on yellow wings
red skies showing on
lively ivy growing on tomorrow
wish your way around
hair stinging to the ground
silver streams all our dreams
cleansed free of sorrow
love, love, love [2x]
lush skies above
shapes to share shapes
peace escapes to play away
today, tomorrow

mothers graze on grasslands
grazing woman stands
on today's shifting sands
grazing woman stands
and baby springs on golden wings
flies free of sorrow
on tomorrow
[unintelligible background phrases]
woman grazing on grasslands
on which it stands
we're all brothers on tomorrow [several repeats]



beatle bones and smoking stones
the dry sands fall
the strawberry mouth
strawberry moth
strawberry caterpillar
strawberry butterfly
strawberry fields
all the winged eels slither
on the heels of today's children
'strawberry fields forever'
yeah, roosters
old glass roosters
cling to your race
in a drag queen white wood farmhouse
tractors are clawing
the folks are crawling
trees in a row
climbing a coach
and i grow rich
red, blue, yellow sunset
where i've set and you've set
and i've loved and you've loved
and i've seen and you've seen
salt man has just made his mark
and crumbles
the dark, the light, the dark, the day
porcelain children
see through white lights
soft cracker bats
cheshire cats named
the dark, the light, the dark
the day
blue veins through gray felt tomorrows
celluloid sailboat your old feathered kind
blow it into a pond swaying in circles
red, blue. yellow sunset
where i've set and you've set
and i've loved and you've loved
what i saw and you saw
'strawberry fields forever'



gimme that harp, boy
it ain't no fat man's toy
you hear what he is saying
you hear he's saying today
harp cry, harp smiling
shiny moon, white note
give me room
ain't no time to rock no boat
gimme room
harp sing time and playing ooh
[free associations]
gimme harp, that harp
harp this, harp bite
harp this, harp kiss, harp money
[free associations]

gimme that harp, boy
don't just stand around
gonna blow pure joy
girl, you wear this crown
gimme that harp, boy
gimme that harp, girl [2x]
gimme that harp, boy
harp string, harp ring
harp tome, harp smoke
harp float, harp broke
[free associations]



yellow and orange
well, they look so good i want to eat them
yeah, they taste so good i want to eat them
can-can-can-can-can-can-can-can-candy, candy,
candy corn
[repeating of parts]
be reformed
be reborn
[repeating of parts]
stay [3x] warm

(text slightly differs from mirror man version)


AH FEEL LIKE AHCID (continued)

continued from main song and earlier part:

i ain't blue no more
whoo, it's like heaven, i said, i said



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captain beefheart electricity
as felt by teejo