1 february 2018

i will spare you the details, but after a year of hopelessly suffering my quickly degenerating web host i have decided to discontinue our collaboration - and spread the word: freewebs sucks!

which means that with immediate effect captain beefheart electricity will be flashing on at the new address
see you there, you're welcome...

captain beefheart electricity


the lyrics




baby person told a dixie sue
listen to me baby, i'm gonna tell it to you
you're gonna need somebody on your bond
you're gonna need some bodies on your bond
just you bear this in mind
true friends are hard to find
[repeating of parts]
i say bear this in mind [3x]
[repeating of parts]
you've done put mice in the radiator
razors in the clay
well, they keep us working all night
don't give us no pay [2x]

automatic sam told everready betty told prestone milly
with the long ---
automatic sam told everready betty told prestone milly
with the long black wavy mane
with the long black [2x] wavy mane
little girl, little girl
i want to take you for a ride in my tarotplane [2x]
for a fly, for a fly
[repeating of parts]
oh, you ain't too old [2x]
just what you've been heard
just what you've been told
[repeating of parts]

[repeating of parts]
mice in the razors, clay in the heaters [2x]
[repeating of parts]
listen little girl, you got to understand
oh, you ain't too old
no, you ain't too old
well, you ain't too old
as long as you can boogie you ain't too old
[repeating of parts]
i'm gonna take you for a fly in my tarotplane [2x]
you're gonna fly [2x]
[repeating of parts]
come on little girl
i'm gonna take you for a ride in my tarotplane
[repeating of parts]



yellow and orange
well, they look so good i want to eat them
yeah, they taste so good i want to need them
eat can-can-can-candy, candy, candy corn
[repeating of parts]
be reformed
be reborn
[repeating of parts]
stay [3x] warm

(text slightly differs from strictly personal version)




mayflower child met a 25th century quaker
she's a-picking poppies
bringing them into her hue
sun sifting through and through and through
let it here calling the fall
feel through
me into you, me to you
me to you, into you
blue cheese faces, laces
blue cheese, faces
faces and faces and faces and faces in faces
going through the cottage, cottage [3x]
come with me, baby, come with me [2x]
quaker child, quaker baby child
but a man's flutter like fireflies
eyes that flutter like a wide-open shutter
wide-open shutter [several repeats]

[repeating of parts]
eyes that shudder like a wide-open shutter
[repeating of parts]

[repeat of first three sentences]
sun just [2x], sun dust
sun just, sun dust
sifting through
[repeating of parts]

[repeating of parts]
call me, baby
pay me, baby
pay me



mirror man, mirror me
mirror them, mirror me
mirror man, mirror them
mirrorland, [2x:] fatherland
mirror day, mirror way
[repeating of parts, and free associations]
mirror dawn, mirror dawning on me
crack of dawn, mirror dawn
mirror man, mirror gone
mirror fall down
mirror go down
mirror girl, mirror boy
mirror frog, mirror man
mirror world [3x]
[repeating of parts]

little girl, little girl
[repeating of parts, and free associations]
look into your mirror now
look into your mirror then
[repeat of last two sentences]
[repeating of parts]
mirror you, mirror me
[repeating of parts]

[repeating of parts]


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