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LIVE saturday 01.11.80 AMSTERDAM holland PARADISO

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bootleg 2elpee holland 1981 haro records cb 1180 non-gatefold
side 1: tracks 2-6 - time [to follow]
side 2: 7-13 - time [to follow]
side 3: 14-18 - time [to follow]
side 2: 19-21 - time [to follow]
bootleg emcee holland 1981 haro records cb 1180 different front
side 1: tracks 2-13 - time [to follow]
side 2: 14-21 - time [to follow]
WRONG speed
from gerry pratt's fanzine 'glass finger's big bad but beautiful book of beefheart bootlegs - volume #1':

A very professional looking job this with nice Royal Blue labels and white lettering. This is the November 1st 1980 concert at the famous Paradiso in Amsterdam. That cover, which is the most over-the-top I've seen, must have been inspired by the 'Gutbucket' sampler. The sound is treetrunk stereo which has an unpleasant hollow sound that appears to have been mastered at the wrong speed so Beefheart sings too high. The concert itself is tense with Beefheart telling the audience "not to throw things" and really freaking out when they boo him after a splendid 'Veteran's Day Poppy' - it sounds like Beefheart is not responding to their repeated calls for 'Big Eyed Beans From Venus'!

captain beefheart - bootleg double lp 'flavor bud living' - live performance 'amsterdam, holland, paradiso' 011180

It does feature Gary Lucas, manager and band member, reciting Beefheart's poem 'One Man Sentence'. 'Suction Prints', the instrumental that started many shows, is the penultimate track with Beefheart giving it plenty of horn and the final track, to wild audience appreciation, is 'Big Eyed Beans From Venus' with Beefheart imploring "Mister Midnight Hatsize Snyder and Mister Jeff Moris Tepper... hit that long lunar note... and let it float".

Track listing (entire show?) is Side 1: Abba Zaba / Hot Head / Ashtray Heart / Dirty Blue Gene / Best Batch Yet; Side 2: Safe As Milk / Flavor Bud Living / Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles / One Red Rose That I Mean / One Man Sentence / Doctor Dark / Bat Chain Puller; Side 3: My Human Gets Me Blues / Sugar 'N' Spikes / Veteran's Day Poppy / Dropout Boogie / Sheriff Of Hong Kong; Side 4: Kandy Korn / Suction Prints / Big Eyed Beans From Venus.

note by teejo:

hey, psst, when you would have the luck to hear the early 1981 dutch radio broadcast CAPTAIN BEEFHEART LIVE IN PARADISO from the program ELPEETUIN you would know that it must be the source of this record: the following order of the performed tracks is completely the same! ánd don's singing is relatively high too...

that 'beefheart bootlegs - volume #1' issue from january(?) 1994 also contains the facts about some other white releases:

bootleg elpee ELECTRIC POETRY live in holland 1980
usa 1981? [no label] q 8009 black vinyl plain white or yellow sleeve notes on (pasted on) insert
usa? 2008 [no label] q 8009 multicoloured vinyl normal sleeve 50 copies
side a: tracks 16, 19-21 - time [to follow]
side b: 7, 9-12, 8, 10, 14 - time [to follow]
WRONG speed

captain beefheart - bootleg lp 'electric poetry (live in holland 1980)' - live performance 'amsterdam, holland, paradiso' 011180 - insert original release
insert of the original release

From the concert at Paradiso Amsterdam, November 1st 1980 - the rest appears on 'Electric Poetry Part 2' (see below). European bootleg with monochrome stick on cover and 'Beefheart in a feathered hat' label. Recording is excellent mono. Cover just says 'Electric Poetry Live in Holland 1980' and someone informs me that the paper insert cover comes in a variety of colours - the one I've seen is yellow. Tracks are Side 1: Veteran's Day Poppy / Kandy Korn / Save The Mulez / Big Eyed Beans From Venus; Side 2: Safe As Milk / Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles / One Man Sentence / Doctor Dark / Flavor Bud Living / One Red Rose That I Mean / My Human Gets Me Blues.

more information:
* the 'cartoon' cover is an edited version of the front cover of the 1976 double album '2 originals of captain beefheart', a re-release of 'lick my decals off, baby' and 'the spotlight kid' which was brought out in england and germany. the original press picture on which it is based dates from autumn 1975.


bootleg elpee THROUGH THE EYES OF A GENIUS electric poetry part 2
usa 1981? [no label] q 9009
side a: tracks 3-6, 17 - time [to follow]
side b: 13, 18 [bonus: the a&m singles] - time [to follow]
WRONG speed

captain beefheart - bootleg lp 'through the eyes of a genius (electric poetry - part 2)' - live performance 'amsterdam, holland, paradiso' 011180 - insert original release
an insert of the original release

From the same concert as 'Electric Poetry' (see above), this European bootleg has a monochrome stick-on / insert cover and 'bird diagram' label. The paper insert comes in a variety of colours - the one I've seen was greyish. Recording is excellent mono. Track listing is Side 1: Hot Head / Ashtray Heart / Dirty Blue Gene / Best Batch Yet / Dropout Boogie; Side 2: Bat Chain Puller / Sheriff Of Hong Kong + 4 A&M tracks [diddy wah diddy / who do you think you're fooling? / moonchild / frying pan]. Cuts from this '80 Paradiso show, including the awesome 'Sheriff Of Hong Kong', were played on the August '93 Dutch ['supplement'] radio special on Captain Beefheart.

additional notes:
* although there was sufficient space for it, compared to the double album this split recording is missing abba zaba and sugar 'n' spikes, for the track save the mulez turns out to be a fantasy title for suction prints. the added 'bonus tracks' of the then hard to find a&m singles probably were copied from the 1970 promo sampler 'the a&m bootleg album'.
* the picture on the sheet - which also was used for the concert poster - is the official one from the 1978 'shiny beast' band, so out of date at the time of the performance. the role of richard 'mercury josef' redus (second from left) had been taken over by another RICHARD: midnight hatsize SNYDER, the last-minute replacement for well-known john 'drumbo' french who did the guitar work on the 'doc at the radar station' album the band was promoting. the air-bass of bruce 'fossil' fowler (third one in the row) had changed into a normal bass guitar played by multi-man ERIC DREW black jew / kittaboo FELDMAN (utmost left). the two human beings to the right of the inevitably prominent DON captain beefheart VAN VLIET indeed are correct: drummer ROBERT ARTHUR wait for me WILLIAMS and guitar player JEFF MORIS tapir / white jew TEPPER.


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