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NEW 040404! the MAGIC BAND mark boston, john french, gary lucas, denny walley (, bill harkleroad and robert williams)

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MAILING LIST subscription to e-mail news THE BAND history of the reunion project [click on pictures to see:] PORTRAITS and musical bios of the former magic band members PRESS articles and reviews from magazines PERFORMANCES confirmed shows to come MAGIC STUFF shop for 'back to the front' cd MP3S album liner notes and audigital reproductions of three tracks NOTE: surfer unfriendly! STARTED 010404 last checked: 040404 [without patience]

ROCKETTE MORTON chapter the present
GARY LUCAS chapters discography, pictures and reviews

04.04.04 nothing known


TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE! CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & THE / HIS MAGIC BAND LIVE PERFORMANCES AND REHEARSALS the ultimate beefheart history in the form of a TIMELINE with don vliet's musical activities BEFORE and during his CAPTAIN BEEFHEART and THE MAGIC BAND appearances, with detailed descriptions of the CONCERTS and the official and illegal RECORDINGS illustrated with almost ALL KNOWN PICTURES and VIDEO STILLS to click on, as well as MEMORABILIA like posters and tickets along loads of REVIEWS by professionals OFF-STAGE STORIES and MEMORIES by experts (like magic band members) and amateurs alike - of course has the BAND LINE-UPS mentioned, and neat LINKS to the sources UPDATES under construction NOTE: perfect research and vision! unsurpassable! last checked: 010504
FROG'S EYE index WHISTLIN' HOLLOW reviews on his fanship, two albums and two gigs, and a page filler TAPE TRADING of live shows, outtakes, interviews and related material SPACE BLUES [under construction] the lives, times and discography of (magic band) guitarist jeff cotton aka antennae jimmy semens LAST UPDATED 010400 NOTE: expert view last checked: 100400
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART TAPES LIST of the AUDIO and VIDEO TAPES VERSION 2.0 dated 240199 also mentions material from recent bootlegs and the to be 'grow fins' box set of rarities MADE 210199 NOTE: essential almanac for tapers last checked: 181099
BEEF [scattered site - not all links work] REVIEW and poster of 300372 [not 010572] leicester REVIEW 010573 leicester REVIEW and some pictures of 070572 bickershaw festival ALBUMS authorization required LINKS authorization required PHOTOGALLERY tens of miscellaneous, amazing high-quality video stills UPDATES: regularly NOTE: lumber frames, but perfect video stills last checked: 250599
DEJANEWS SEARCH MACHINE for all newsgroups messages using the word 'beefheart' UPDATED DAILYNOTE: sometimes makes sense last checked: 130199


HOME PAGE REPLICA NEWS not anymore ALBUMS extensive overview of all the records and bootlegs. with track-lists, repros of sleeves, all sorts of additional pictures, reviews and of course very precise discographies. also about recordings by ex members and related musicians ARTICLES contains the 140570 'rolling stone' INTERVIEW "i'm not even here" and some reviews, a few of which are about the tv documentary 'the artist formerly known as captain beefheart'. also includes three pictures from the 061280 concert AUDIOVISUALS three sound and vision bites of some gigs FAQ there are not many 'frequently asked questions', and no new ones have been raised since 290897 LYRICS almost complete collection of the song-texts, the missing part is under continuous construction MESSYLANEOUS music notations of 'peon', 'dali's car', 'flavor bud living', 'one red rose that i mean' and 'moonlight on vermont' - with midi files of first three and 'golden birdies' PEOPLE list of the magic band members and their nicknames; with notes on some of them - and a current total of seven INTERVIEWS VENDORS notes on and links to companies that sell (related) beefheart items LINKS in no particular order to at least the most important web pages LAST UPDATE 011299 NOTE: quite fast and bulbous last checked: 021299
RARE BEEF OUTTAKES (as a start) five unknown tracks in 'mp3' format including the not even bootlegged 'hoboism' LINKS two STARTED april 1999NOTE: must hear it last checked: 300499 [without patience]
THIS IS YOUR CAPTAIN SPEAKING LIVE INTERVIEW 270793 more than 35 minutes of the telephone call IN REAL AUDIO MADE 310798 NOTE: essential and amazing!!! last checked: 091002 additional info here
J FILES: CAPTAIN BEEFHEART ARCHIVE of 180101 '60th birthday special' radio show ORANGE CLAW HAMMER amazing beefheart / zappa 1975 version in real audio INTERVIEWS from '78 including his meeting with frank zappa, and two bits from '80 in real audio LECTURE fun during the 'bongo fury' tour in real audio HARD WORKIN' MAN 'blue collar' guest appearance memory by ry cooderin real audio 'THE BIRTH OF CAPTAIN BEEFHEART' by zappa on his 'mystery disc' in real audio ZOOT HORN ROLLO three memories by bill harkleroad in real audio MIKE BARNES biographer interviewed on several topics in real audio LINKS to some websites HISTORY not found (yet) PLAYLIST not found (yet) MADE 190101NOTE: extremely special last total check: 210101 additional info here
INFLEXIBLE AUTHORITY BANDSBEEFOGRAPHY repros of covers, track-lists and info about 10 official albums, some lyrics DON VAN VLIET the well-known 'hat-off' picture CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & THE MAGIC BAND two familiar line-ups ART GALLERY thumbnails of six paintings [sechs bilder] and two bits of sleeve art [at mine only one of all becomes full size] IF YOU GOT EARS with 21 'real audio' tracks, mainly from 'trout mask replica' and 'shiny beast' NON-ALIGNMENT PACT some parts of the chat box LINKS with the beefheart sites on top MADE in early months 1998 NOTE: main part of general music site last checked: 061098 [without patience]
MORGAN ÅGREN NEWS sometimes to do with beefheart PICTURES gallery with former magic band members bill harkleroad in 1997 and denny walley, and of the one-off cover band 'discontinued stand' DISCOGRAPHY including some beefheart influenced material and soundbites UAE record company and dealers ZAPPA guest appearances and tributes MATS AND MORGAN long time collaboration BIOGRAPHY of course MR. ZOOT HORN ROLLO! 070899 interview with bill harkleroad LINKS not yet STARTED february 2000 NOTE: important beefheart connections last checked: 210500 [without patience]
PURE INSPIRATION PICTURES in black and white from an october 1971 concert: four of the band, one of mark boston PICTURES in colour from the 131280 gig in milwaukee: eight, with in fact one being a slideshow SOUNDBITES from the 1971 performance: eight 'real audio' bits MADE in may 1997NOTE: very nice, with marvellous photos last checked: 160900 [without patience]
LOVE OVER GOLD PICTURES of front and back covers of several albums. also one from the 310173 live performance and repros of a van vliet painting and a 1988 ART CATALOGUE for 'new work'. some links LAST UPDATED 210898 NOTE: recommendable last checked: 270499
i-94 BAR vol. 1 no. 14 CAPTAIN BEEFHEART ISSUE 'i'm going to do what i want to do' with wrinkled picture of the end 1975 band OLD FART AT PLAY musing by a 'live beefheart' lover REVIEWS on albums 'i'm going to do what i wanna do' and 'merseytrout' LAST UPDATED 031000 NOTE: expert views last checked: 031000
CLEAR WEB SPOT WARNING: many of the pages are 'under construction' for more than two years or don't bring what they promise LIST of the fans' favourites, including ALBUM REVIEWS of the bulk of the recordings LIST of all officially released tracks X-MAS CARD 1972 from don van vliet / captain beefheart - also in close-up LINKS but a bit old LAST UPDATED 071096 NOTE: site should be cleaned up last checked: 061098
BEEFHEART DISCOGRAPHY VINYL BOOTLEGS of/with live performances, detailed information MADE in 1993 NOTE: extremely important list last checked: 061098
ROCK AND ROLL HANGOVER ARCHIVE of webradio with half an hour real audio 'tribute to beefheart' MADE 060599 NOTE: you can listen all day last checked: 060599 [without patience]
CELEBRITY SNACK PALACE SOUNDBITES practically four short 'wav' files LAST UPDATED in 199(6?)NOTE: don't forget the patience last checked: 061098 [without patience]
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART QUOTES three parts of TEXT FRAGMENTS from interviews LAST UPDATED long ago (1996) NOTE: a bit simple last checked: 180799
RIGHT-ON '70s CLASSICS example 14 is one of the happiest hooks you'll ever hear MADE in late '90s NOTE: a piece of a happy beastlast checked: 140199
PACHUCO CADAVER LYRICS to 'trout mask replica' album LINKS to main sites MADE 170399 NOTE: data already available elsewherelast checked: 200399
PERFECT SOUND FOREVER STORIES include OUT RECORDING A BUSH 'trout mask replica' analysis from mike barnes' biography CAPTAIN BEEFHEART TRIBUTE reviews on all the official albums, and an APPRECIATION an essay LAST UPDATED 010800 NOTE: mind the excerpt last checked 010800
ANTON CORBIJN PHOTOGRAPHS with black 'ice cream for crow' and brown 'waving hand' pictures FILM including 'some yo yo stuff' and ordering possibility in progressadditional info BOOKS 'famouz' with 'ice cream' pic and (it seems) a drawing by don, and 'star trak' with 'waving hand' photo LAST UPDATE 150401 NOTE: not fit for low resolution screens last total check: 150401
ANTON CORBIJN PICTUREthe well-known 'ice cream for crow' front photo which illustrated the small captain beefheart talk from the 010195 'q #100 interview' MADE in 1997(?) NOTE: superfluous last checked: 061098 'IF I COULD BE A CAMERA' interview / article from the same magazine includes notes on and don van vliet's opinion about their some yo yo stuff film MADE in 1997(?) NOTE: best version available last checked: 061098 PICTURE of don waving (farewell?), published in the 081094 dutch magazine 'oor' as well as the publication mentioned above MADE in 1997(?) NOTE: unfortunately an incomplete reproduction last checked: 061098
THE PSYCHEDELIC REVIEW that's right: the mascara snake is an illustration on the opening page INFORMATION being tracklists and front covers of three well-known albums, with some tiny reviews MADE early 1996 NOTE: not something to get psychedelic of last checked: 061098
GUEST OF FRANK ZAPPA LIST with LINKS of captain beefheart's guest appearances on frank zappa records LAST UPDATED with each appropriate fz release (but 'mystery disc' not yet included) NOTE: very accurate survey last checked: 061098


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