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long ago the musical innovators
went back to their other dimension

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CAPTAIN'S CARGO the merchandise DISCOGRAPHY all official vinyl, ceedees and other artefacts
COLLECTORS ITEMS treasures RARE RECORDS very unique ware
BOOTLEGS illegal releases DISCOGRAPHY all unauthorized vinyl, ceedees and burnlegs
MEET THE CREW the beefheart armies BAND LINE-UPS all the members, and their recordings - legal or not
PLEASE, WELCOME... captain's concerts LIVE APPEARANCES world wide gigs log
OLD FART AT PLAY! beefheart on stage CONCERTS reports, reviews, memories, pictures and recordings
WAVES AND VIBES media promotions MEDIA SHOWS radio and television appearances, and tribute events
BACK TO THE FRONT reunion the MAGIC BAND reports, albums and concerts


DON'T ARGUE THE CAPTAIN ins and outs INTERVIEWS with captain beefheart aka don van vliet and the magic band
SUGAR AND SPIKES odd ends ESSENTIAL READS exclusive memories, unbelievable stories and instant bar jokes
STRIPED LIGHT picture gallery PHOTOS the more unknown and obscure ones, with explanations
SUCTION PRINTS the printed tracks BIBLIOGRAPHY the publications, most of all magazines
BOOKS ABOUT captain beefheart and the magic band BIOGRAPHIES inside memories and outside information
FANZINES steal softly thru snow HOME-MADE BOOKLETS regulars as well as one-offs
BEATLE BONES AND SMOKIN' STONES the word plays LYRICS from a to z minus 1974
SILENT BONES... music analysis MUSICOLOGY backgrounds, tablatures and theories


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AH FEEL LIKE AHCID that's so heavy... NEWS includes digi-changes in my electricity
THUNDERBOLTS easy to catch PUBLIC HAPPENINGS musts for rookies and die-hards alike
FAST AND BULBOUS, GOT ME that's right NEW WORK previously unreleased music and other outlets
NEW AGAIN old music in new outfit RE-RELEASES
ON TOMORROW coming soon... FUTURE STUFF whatever on-going developments

CAPPIE the cabin boy SEARCH ENGINE superb help to surf inside the electricity
LUCID TENTACLES internet LINKS to sites and pages on beefheart
MAGIC TENTACLES internet LINKS to sites and pages on magic band members
various artists CAPTAIN'S COVERS attacks on beefheart COVER VERSIONS by various artists - bake two
various artists CAPTAIN'S CURIOSA ghostings SURPRISE ACTS extra-ordinaries, tributes and samples
don van vliet SINGING INK other artivities ART poetry, drawings and paintings
don van vliet BOOKS BY don van vliet / captain beefheart PUBLICATIONS non-musical mixed art products
don van vliet WHALEBONE FARMHOUSE the 'painted sound' OVERLAPS connections between music and fine art
but...: of course
because it's


such as interviews? pictures? elpee reviews? concert reports? memories?
or would you like to help me out with this one-man mania?
by doing (a) translation(s)? adopting a chapter?

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or else...
i want this site to be independent, as well as free for everyone. i promise, i won't fall into love with e-shops sponsoring me, so that's the best thing, but...: the firms exploiting the internet are always seeking for ways to cash in. providers of 'free' web space - my favourite place in cyberverse - suddenly added ads, reduced the allowed size or needed to get paid (not to mention similar 'technical problems' of all kinds, each time forcing me to change hundreds of pages - and upload them all again, too). what could i do? it was in perfect harmony with their one-direction contracts....
as you might understand, after renewing my electricity síx times in síx years i'm quite sick of this continuing circus. so i have decided to stop with that waste of time and accept the fact that it is impossible to run this site without paying for services such as enough web space and sufficient bandwidth. and although my current host (till now) isn't as aggressive as other ones, i had to make some financial arrangements on behalf of you....
so, if you like what i do:

[about me and so:]

captain beefheart electricity
originally started as an old-fashioned newsletter in august 1996
began lightning the cyberspace on 6 november 1997
which makes it the oldest active beefheart site
and also provides e-news mailings for internóts
(submit such friends!)

no doubt you wonder: who's the lunatic who tries to stay this impossible way?
well, i admit i'm theo tieman and yes, of course i'm dutch!

if you want to encourage me
or complain about the spilling of cyberspace
just drop me an e-mail....

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