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usa 1998 ceedee TERRITORY hannibal hncd 1431

captain beefheart - cover versions - alvin youngblood hart - cd 'territory' (1998)

sometimes beefheart cover versions come from unexpected musical corners. like, for instance, this strange creature - a friendly-looking rasta with a warm white voice - who plays all kind of guitars and styles, and is fond of 'music of / for the people'. or better: elemental feelings and the traditional pain and joy of life - or should i say: songs of social importance? anyway: i wonder what beefheart's instrumental ICE ROSE from shiny beast (bat chain puller) has to do with it - but why wonder? it just happened...

the good cover version is performed on electric, lap steel and synth guitar (for the weird sounds) along with bass guitar and drums - if that interests you.

as this issue is distributed by the well-known company rykodisc (yes, they usually have some zappa stuff too) it should be easy to get a copy.



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captain beefheart electricity
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