Collecting Military Binoculars


8 x 45  Dr. Hans Hensoldt Wetzlar "Hensar"


No: 105336


Hans was the grandson of Moritz Hensoldt, the founder of Hensoldt & Sons, Wetzlar.

Hans was a member of the board in 1928, when Hensoldt sold a majority interest of the  firm to Zeiss.  He was active in the political establishment in Germany during the  1930s and the war.  After the war, he maintained his affiliation, and his strong  opinions were an embarrassment to Zeiss.  They managed to remove him from the board,  after which he set up his own company in Wetzlar, manufacturing Hans Hensoldt  binoculars; and selling the Reporter camera, which was reported to be manufactured in  Italy.  There were quite a number of binocular models, but most resembled the former  Hensoldt models.  There were many legal actions as a result of his business  procedures and use of the name.  Hans died in the early 1960's and the company  continued until circa 1990. ( By Peter Abrahams )
This binocular has a weight of 700 grams