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Instructions for members

Thank you for giving your time to reading these instructions, But indirectly it is going to enrich you only, cause if you will send us your queries and questions keeping these instructions in mind. We can easily sort the problems and give that to right authority, then you will get the answer or reply sooner.

Instructions to be followed while sending us your questions:                                                 
1. In "To:" of your mail field type:                                      
2. "Subject:" field: It is the most important field cause it will let us know which authority is going to handle your problem. So, be careful and be precise to fill this field. Here is the syntax to be followed:  "Type of Query","Course"                                                                

1."Type of Query" can be

  • Question: if you have question or doubts throughout the course.
  • Query: if you have question related to course itself.
  • Advice: if you have any advice to make us better.
  • Complaint: if you have some problems then please let us know what are those.
  • Bugs: if you wanted to notify us about some bugs you had found in the website, then please tell us.
2."Course" can be
  • C++
  • Qt 4
  • Oracle

For time being only two courses are available, as the time will pass we will add more courses as soon as possible.
for example: If you have a question related to C++ then your subject field will look like this without the double quote
Subject: "Question,C++"

3. "Body:" field: Type your query or question according to your "Type of Query" and send it to


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