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Laughing makes him sneeze

Posted by teachcreativity on August 29, 2013 at 9:30 AM

At the end of each music class I bring out a puppet who sometimes sings a song or tells a joke. Then I take the puppet around to individual children around the circle for them to feed the puppet. I forget where I learned this routine, long ago, but children respond to it very enthusiastically.

Yesterday I had an elephant puppet and I had a spontaneous inspiration to make him sing and speak in a deep, low voice with a Brtish accent - I don't know why. Anyway, the children loved it and laughed uproariously.

When I brought the elephant around to be fed, a little boy named Brandon said to me, "Tell your elephant not to talk in a funny voice! It makes me laugh too much and then I sneeze a lot!"

First of all, I thought it was interesting that Brandon told me to talk to my elephant, rather than talking to the elephant directly. It was like he thought of the elephant as my child.

Also, I thought this was a great example of the beginning of creative thinking. Brandon combined two ideas (laughing at funny things and sneezing, which had played a role in a story we had read that day) and created a silly idea (that laughing would make him sneeze a lot).

I'll have to talk to my elephant about this! 

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