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Today's kindergarteners

Posted by teachcreativity on April 29, 2013 at 11:00 AM

Recently I had a couple of days when two tried-and-true lesson plans bombed with two of my kindergarten groups. The children didn't listen or sing, they lost attention quickly, they weren't engaged.

At first I was very bummed out,  but when I thought about it I realized the kindergarteners I teach today are not the same as the ones I started out teaching almost twenty years ago. Behavior I may have been interpreting as rude or attention-getting may have been (at least partly) a way for them to show me that they needed more challenging material.

I went home and reworked the lessons. I also re-thought the way I was presenting them. I decided to add more challenging activities and also to reiterate rules, kindly but firmly, that they may have just forgotten - like keeping their hands to themselves, not grabbing instruments from other children, etc. Another change I made was to view annoying interruptions and questions as requests for more learning and involvement in the activity.

Happily, theses changes have made a big difference already, and I'm very excited. In fact, I think I will make it a summer project to develop more interactive and problem-solving activities for the kindergarteners. When they are involved and engaged, they learn so quickly and contribute so many great ideas!

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