Thomas Christy for Seminole Council

Tom Christy's background and accomplishments

        Tom Christy is retired from the Transportation Industry. Tom has resided /owner at Seminole Gardens for five years. Where he has served on Board of Directors. Tom has co-chaired the City Charter Revision Commission.

         Tom Christy regularly attends Seminole City Council meetings. He suggested that funds were lacking for infrastructure maintenance such as road paving. As a result, Seminole residents have seen an increase in road maintenance.

          As a member of the Charter Revision Committee Tom Christy proposed changes to the City Charter. This includes moving local elections from March to November thus saving approximately $30,000.00 annually.

          During a past campaign Tom Christy was informed of an open drainage ditch in the area of 74th Avenue. There was no protection for the pipeline that passed under 113th Street. This also happened to be a school bus stop. Tom presented his findings to the Seminole City Counsil and a potentially dangerous situation was corrected.

           These are just a few examples of what Tom Christy has done for the residents of Seminole. Tom Christy cares!