Tony Tokunbo Fernandez is currently interested in producing and presenting radio shows for new audiences workdwide. He has a degree in English and a lot of experience in community engagement, event organising and marketing. He is also a Published Writer, Mentor and  Public speaker  and has written and published three books.

Tony has always had an interest in Radio. He has appeared as a guest on BBC Radio   on several occasions including being a guest on The Anne Diamond Show

Other Radio shows he has appeared on include Smooth FM Lagos with Radio Host- Derrick Kirk Anthony, Top FM Lagos with Ras Rah (currently with Classic FM) and Voice of Africa Radio

In a recent trip to Lagos Nigeria, Tony organised pre-recorded interview sessions with 23 Nigerian Artists/Role Models, some of the artists included Jesse Jagz of Chocolate City, Ade Bantu, DJ Gosporella, Psalm Ebube and Infinity Gospel Group 

Tony has also interviewed  Black Role Models and celebrities, and well over 130 guests in recent years

He has also appeared on a guest  on SKY TV Channels on several occasions 



"AFRICA4U" is all about what is happening in many communities and countries from an African viewpoint, this also entails events taking place The UK, success stories, people making a difference and projects available aimed at encouraging social integration and community awareness.

If you an an African living in Europe or other parts of the world  and have a story, I would like to hear from you.

 I interview Role Models, Community Leaders, Professionals, Creative Artists, Producers, Music Critics and Social Entrepreneurs who are making a huge difference to the lives of others. I interview people unsung heroes with REAL LIFE stories that you do not often get to hear about on TV or The NEWS .It is my duty to celebrate and promote the positive causes of Postive Africans and Caribbeans in the Diaspora and around the world

In recent years, I have been The Radio Presenter and Producer for AFRICA4U RADIO SHOW- The Radio Show for Africans around the World and interviewed over 130 Guests in less than two years. The Show attracted listeners in 9 Countries- The UK, Spain, Germany, The States, Canada, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and Holland. The Show attracted various communities around the world from grass root level and it became mandatory for me to initiate and create more platforms for people who did not have a platform to express their voice, hence 75 percent of the music I aired on my show was from upcoming African artists- some of whom i now mentor and manage. 

Today, AFRICA4U has expanded into a brand that is responsible for conducting Video and Audio Interviews with Black Role Models around the world and celebrating The REAL LIFE stories of positive achievers making a difference around the world. 

I am available for Video/Audio Interviews in Europe and Africa and Event Bookings-   For more info- RING ME  on 07882809005


Being a guest on Africa4U was a most enjoyable experience because Tony Fernandez is so good at making guests feel relaxed. I was able to be spontaneous, perform live in the studio and also learn from the equisite range of top tunes that Tony spun in his role as the DJ. Big up for Africa4U

Juwon Ogungbe - Composer and Singer

I had the pleasure to be on the show twice and enjoyed the show and experience both times. Tony is an amazing gent and i give my full support to him and his show

Winston Ellis- Black British Actor - Pirates of the Caribbean, Dark Kight, Holby City, The Bill, Hustle, Winston is also 3 times Martial Arts World Champion

Thumbs up to Mr Tony Fernandez. my experience was absolutely enjoyable. allowing me to play music that inspires me and making me feel relaxed. Thank you for giving me a voice to reach out to the young people through The Africa$U Radio Show

Joshua Olaleye- Young person off the year 2011- Reading Awards

Tony, your commitment and focus to what you are doing is undeniable. Our feeling is that you are driven by what you see to be a calling and not just a pursuit of a Career. Keep Shining

Mr Robert Ntefon- Pastor, Social Entrepreneur, Published Author, Relationship Coach, Motivational Speaker and Bible Teacher

Great work Tony, I know you are not just show-casing talents but allowing artists and guests  stories to inspire your audience to reach their own dreams. We really are with you as you inspire thousands to reach for the stars

Mrs Enomfon Ntefon - Relationship and Harmony Coach, Pastor, Published Writer and Social Entrepreneur

Tony - it is awesome what you are doing at the moment., helping people move their talents further is divine. Not very many people want to help selflessly, people look for an avenue to benefit from helping but Tony looks for an avenue to equip, direct or connect with the people he can help and then he humbly walks away from any form of credit

Israel Onorode - Highlife Musician, Actor, Comedian and Events Organiser based in Reading

Tony - Thank you for inviting me as a guest on your show. It was a great privelege to connect with your audience and share some ideas with them. You made it a very relaxing and pleasurable experience, All the very best as you pursue your dream in excellence

Yemi Akinsiwaju- Published Writer, Motivational Speaker and Management Consultant

Thank you Tony for inviting me on your wonderful show. It was a great experience and was so relaxing. it did not feel like an interview at all, wishing you continued success

Claire of Angels Charity in Wokingham

Humble yet so powerful and effective - big up Tony and Africa4U Radio Show

Mish Da Fyah Sista - Reading based Artist and Songwriter

A great presenter, able to keep guests relaxed while interviewing (sometimes without script), more grease to your elbow

Obiora Egere- Social Entrepreneur 

I was interviewed by Tony a littlle while ago and I really enjoyed the experience. He was very professional and made me feel comfortable. thank you Tony and may God keep on supporting 

Bridgette Chalau- CEO - Miss West Africa UK

He is a very warm person to chat with, a friendly and sincere fellow who makes it his own project to assist and promote real talent, I really emjoyed my interview with Mr Tony

Tiddyman Agbai - Nigerian Artist

Being on your show was very enjoyable and relaxing and one of the rare times I have sung live on Radio. Tony makes his guests feel very relaxed and special. Thank you

Julia Titus- Singer, Songwriter and Actress

Africa4u is a wonderful programme and i do recommend it

Zino Zillaman- Austrian based Nigerian Artist

Tony is an awesome man, and so is his show

Femi Jubal- Nigerian Artist 

Tony Fernamdez - top presenter of the year. He deserves it

Don Zubi of Don Zubi Entertainment

It was elevating knowing someone out there appreciates what you are doing and is ready to assist you as best as he can. He gave me a strong drive to pursue my dream. Thanks

Suziette Ukey - Creative Executioner- EDZ Entertainment 

It was refreshing to connect with the community and to have the platform to talk to the people directly, I was honoured

Mr Mathew daniels- - Pastor, Social Entrepreneur, Author of several books and Businessman - Stonechurch, England

It was an interesting and unique experience as my first Radio interview, I had friends listening who were very impressed with the show, and I and my fellow guest were made to feel quite welcome and there was a good rapport between all of us. I am hoping the exposure will further grow my business

Mr Chidi-  Owner of Proud to be African Clothing- London, UK

Fantastic and uplifting shows and Tony is creating something exciting in Reading which I will fully support

Mr Des O Connor - Dating and Relationship Coach         London England

I was treated with dignity and the opportunity offered to my group was appreciated. We look forward to another session where most members will like to showcase what the group stands for in the form of a group discussion

Mr James Mommoh- President of The Legloma Association of Reading (For Sierra Leonians)

My experience of being a guest was very positive. I found the combination of music and conversation interesting and Tony made an effort to put me at ease. I can be quiet so its nice to have stimulating questions and topics of interest to respond to.  I also found the directions of how to get to the studio very useful.

Mr Ebele Obumselu- Community Engagement manager and vivid folower of African Music- London, Engand


1. Israel Onorode - Highlife Muscian, Comedian and Actor - Reading, UK

2. David Ajisafe- Professional Photographer and Entrepreneur - London , UK

3. Ebele Obumselu - Community Engagement Consultant - London, UK

4. Raphael Obrike- Musician, Entrepreneur and Director of Cru-Network- Reading, UK

5. James Pyle- Youth Worker- Reading, UK

6. John Salisman- Arts Director of Unity Arts, Reading, UK

7. Jass- Female Singer- Reading, UK

8. Beth Wright, Female Singer, Reading, UK

9. Izandra- Female Performance Poet, Philosopher and Teacher- Reading, UK

10. Mathew Daniels- Businessman and Author of 5 Books, Stokenchurch, UK

11. Jacqueline Wabara- CEO of Miss Nubian Foundation- London, UK

12. Peter Orji, Solicitor- Reading, UK

13. Chidi, Owner of Proud to be African Clothing - London, UK

14. Elnette Parsons- Reading, UK

15. Amantha- Director of Kuumba Nia Arts, Oxford, UK

16. Frehiwot, Female Dance Teacher- Oxford, UK

17. Lesley Elias- Exhibition Organiser- Reading, UK

18. Obiora Egere- Businessman- London, UK

19. Malcolm Effiong- Musician and Sales Coordinator for OHTV- London, Uk

20. Reto- Guitarist - London, UK

21. Lorraine, (The Phatt Lady) Singer and Songwriter - Kingston, Surrey, UK

22. Julia Titus- Singer, Songwriter- Reading, UK

23. Phil Gregory- Brainchild of Black Presnce- Stoke, England 

24. Des O Connor- Director of Des O and Life Dating and Relationship Coach

25. Ben-  Trainee Radio Presenter

26. Mish da Fyah Sistah - Singer and Songwriter

27. Frank Eyembe- Urban Pulse

28. Natasha Jacobus -- Seap Advocate

29. Chairman of Tanzanian Association, UK-  Mr John Lusingi

30. Winston Ellis- Black British Filmstar, Producer and 3 time martial arts world champion. Winston also starred in "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Batman"

31. Jo Bettlestone- Jo is a talented singer who made it to X Factor Bootcamp in 2010

32. Mr Ronald Perkins- Chairperson of Greneda Association of Reading

33. Mr James Mommoh- Chairperson of Legloma Association of Berkshire

34. Mr Robert Ntefon- Relationship Coach and Marraige Mentor, Author, Motivatinal and Inspirational Speaker

35. The Mayor of Reading - Chancellor Debs Edwards

36. Joshua Olaleye- Young person of th year, Pride of Reading Awards

37. Jonathan Hubbard-  - Music Promoter

38. Carol Jiani- - Nigerian Musician

39. Mrs wnomfon Ntefon - Relationship Coach, Motivational Speaker and Pastor

40. Shirley Anstis- Reading based Writer and Counsellor

41. Mrs Jocelyn Melton- Grey- Jamaican Society of Reading

42. Annette Levy- Jamaican Society of reading- 

43. Mr Russell Maddicks- Seniour Journalist and Travel Writer

44. Jesse Jagz

45. Christine

46. Simply Michael

47. AdeBantu

48. Adesiji

49. Femi Jubal

50. Tiddyman

51. Jenny O

52. Ugo of Capital Hill Music

53. Ill Bliss

54. Chidinma

55. Suspect- David Udoh

56. Chakka Da Soulja

57. Psalm Ebube

58. Divine

59. Suzette

60. Ng Onyeakwu

61. Don Zubi

62. Ebisan

63. Infinity

64. DJ Gosporella

65. Amina Ibrahim

66. Patricia Smith

67. Yemi Akinsiwaju

68. Angela of Nubia Magazine

69. Bridgette Chalau- Founder Miss West Africa UK

70. Claire of Angels Charity

71. Ethel Gondiwe - Singer, Songwriter and Model

72. Ruth- Reading based teenager

73. Tahirah Andrews- Reading based teenager

74. Steven Missah - Reading based teenager

75. Norma Dube - Reading based teenager

76. Dennis Ampontuah - Reading based teenager

77. Beatrice byakika- Ugandan Singer

78 Rob Garriet- Mentor

79. Tony Charles - Reading based Entrepreneur

80 - Neveahs Angels - Gospel Artist

81. Joy Igbelabo-  Gospel Artist

82. Mr Sunny

83. Austine Karibo

84. Pauline long

85. Jacqueline Wabara

86. Mr Akin Salami 

87. Mr Derek Dziva

88. Prince Yugos

89.Brian Odiari

90. Dr Taiwo Ajayi

91. Mosi Conde

92. Ms Hart

93. Paul lazarus

94. Zachary Adebanjo

95. Donald Ogbemudia

96. Aimee- New Presenter- reading4U

97 Ngozi Fakeye