Cat Tales

Monday, April 12th We left Florida and headed for Kentucky to spend a week at The Creation Museum. This will be good medicine for our humans as they already greatly miss Rob, Jamie and the scary ones. They told us that they are looking forward to seeing all the good people they met this past October.

Arriving at the Museum on the 14th we set up our trailer outside The Deck Lane house which is where volunteers and visiting Museum Speakers stay.




Robb and Kathy were met by volunteer coordinators, Steve and Ruth Carter. Last time we were here Ruth cooked a great meal for our humans. They’re leaving tomorrow for Wauchula, FL on a fossil expedition. They should enjoy the weather. It was just getting nice when we left.



Our humans were disappointed that the Carter’s would not be here. They said there are many people staying in the Deck Lane House this time to keep us all company. Around the table with our humans were volunteers, Dan and Judy McLarty and Museum speaker, Dr. Snelling and his wife, Kym from Australia.



Kathy worked with these 3 sisters from Minnesota a few days. They reminded her of daughter, Kathy because of their love of God, beautiful faces and bright smiles. They are Laurel, Nadia and Noren.



While our two volunteers were busy during the day Tasha and I had a pretty cool view of the yard from the back window. This reminds us a little of our yard in Elroy. We sat peacefully in our chairs watching birds, squirrels and even a slithery snake.



After the silence was broken and our two Museum workers returned they continued to press on recording guitar parts for their CD. Here is Kathy listening to something she just recorded. Mikey and I were thankful she wore the headphones.



Volunteer, Dan McLarty is a pretty talented guy. He built this model of Noah’s Ark. He said it took him three years.



Kathy announced to us one day that they were going for a walk in the Gardens. Tasha just about broke her neck trying to escape to hide in the closet. She’s still freaked out from October when Kathy made her go to the Gardens and then the Petting Zoo.



Our two talented humans were honored to play music at one of the morning staff devotions at the Museum.



It started out with Kathy being secretly placed on stage, her back towards the audience, in place of Wendy the animatronic figure in that theater. Kathy was the newest, updated Wendy. The staff was tricked until Robb walked over to help “Wendy” up from her seat! Then she stood up and faced the audience!! They saw it was Kathy and everyone laughed and applauded.



The very next morning it was time to leave for Wisconsin. We said a fond farewell to Kentucky and returned to Wisconsin on April 23rd. As you can see from this picture the trees are still pretty bare.



Wouldn’t you know, as soon as the trailer was set up in the driveway our humans were off and running…they had things to do and people to see. That’s okay, they told us we were going to be hanging around Elroy for about 5 months, and no scary ones…

Here  Jeff and Kathy cheer Justin on.



Justin is in track, normally pole vaulting but a sore back prevented him from competing so he had to do a 400 meter race, something he is not used to… someone get the oxygen!



May 2010   After being home for a week, it was CMA’s annual Run For The Son ride. I heard Robb say he and Kathy were riding in a ‘cage’ not on the motorcycle. I asked Tasha if she’d seen them borrow our pet cage but she said no and then they left in the truck. ?? Sometimes humans confuse me.




The following weekend was Mother’s Day. Robb and Kathy drove to Milwaukee to spend the day with Granny Pearl. They all went to East Troy by George and Carol, who prepared a tasty meal for the occasion. Even though it was still a bit chilly, they had a leisurely cruise around the lake.





Although we were left behind in Elroy, little Kathy stopped over to check on us. We asked her if she knew when Cat’s Day was. She told us there isn’t a national Cat’s Day but as far as she could see with us, everyday was Cat’s Day. Very funny Kathy. She then proceeded to clean our litter box, cuddle and scratch our furry bodies, give us fresh food, water and some treats…ahhh it is a cat’s life!



On their way home, our humans said the night sky looked very pretty, so Kathy brought this picture for us to see.



When I asked, “Is that all; did you maybe bring some food back from the dinner? She just sighed. What !?! I just thought some lamb or vegetables OR cake would be nice, that's all…you don’t have to get mad!



Another week passes and it’s time for Son Light Riders' first Brat Fry of the year. They had a great turn out with the wonderful weather, delicious brats and fun fellowship.




There doesn’t seem to be a day that goes by without some kind of excitement going on outside. Today, our cousin, Buddy came for a visit. He loves to play ball.



He’s an okay dog…a bit smelly sometimes, oh, did you know? Last week he got too curious with a skunk and…you guessed it, he got bombed! Ooooo, doggies.

Tasha’s right, we have many things to keep us entertained as we lounge in our easy chairs and look out the windows. Here’s a fawn that stopped by one morning. I think he’s hoping for some BBQ snacks.



The school year is almost done. Josh and Justin are in Band. Justin plays bass drum. Josh is tenor sax. There was one more concert for the year. The night started off with a loud drum extravaganza, all the drummers playing in front. WOW! I could barely hear myself meow. Afterward they joined the rest of the band on stage and performed a very cool concert.




The end of May brings Memorial Day, more outdoor grillin’ and family time at the Behnke’s.



After dinner it’s very relaxing sitting on the front porch taking in all the beautiful scenery from the hill top. Mikey and I couldn’t keep our eyes off all the yummy, oh, I mean pretty birds eating at the feeders.

UM-UM, look at all those birds.






We received a message from Corey in Phoenix. This weekend he was at a serious si-fi geek convention where he met some of his long time, favorite characters such as Voltron, Dr. Who and R2D2.




We never mentioned this but before we lived with Robb and Kathy our home was with Corey and his cats, Rascal and Puff…what do you mean that explains a few things?!



June arrived, the weather is warm but rainy. The wildlife abounds and we are sure enjoying another one of our 9 lives! Look who came to breakfast today.



And then these three came for supper. Whoa boy!



Jeff’s birthday is in early June. Our humans made supper and Justin baked a birthday cake. Happy Birthday, Jeff!



Jeff has a busy job that is time consuming. A one hour massage is certainly a thoughtful gift. Kathy says he needs it. He seems to agree. The only problem… finding the TIME to go. Hey Jeff, I know two old retired folks, who have extra time on their hands.



Awww, look Mikey! We sympathize with Buddy. We know that pitiful feeling of being left out from all the celebrating, the fun and the  food.



Little Kathy stopped over and saw big Kathy mowing the grass. She told her mom, “Nobody dresses like that to cut the grass.” She really liked the inside out sweatshirt and tucked in pants legs. She laughed a bit then took a picture to share with all of our Cat Tales friends.



If you’ve read Cat Tales for any length of time you know that this family sings. Our humans serenade us quite often (to our dismay). We’ve shared pictures of Rob Jr. singing and his kids also getting into the act. Today, we were treated with the vocal talents of Kathy Jr. who is recording a song for her step-son Josh’s graduation. It brought tears to everyone of us… in a good way. It was very touching. 



Speaking of Josh’s graduation…Congratulations Josh.



Jeff and Kathy get high grades when it comes to hosting parties. A+ for food, fun, friends and family. Preparation is intense but so is clean up.



Kathy says, “A place for everything and everything in its place”. She can’t wait to get this cupboard organized…stay out of her way!




Don’t forget after all the excitement of birthdays, graduations and holidays there’s the quietness of country to return to.



Kathy rescued this hummingbird. It was dying of exhaustion trying to find its way out of our pole shed. When it collapsed she picked it up, fed it some nectar and let it rest inside this box. When it seemed revived she held it in the palm of her hand and he flew up and away to freedom…PRICELESS!



Nothing says peace and quiet like an awesome evening sunset.



Our humans are so busy that some days there are too many events and not enough time.

The same weekend as Josh’s grad party the WI State CMA Rally was being held in Fond du Lac. Our humans attended the rally Friday and Sat. till 1:00 pm. They took their music gear to perform songs during worship Fri. night and Sat. morning. They left around 1:00 Sat. afternoon but got to shoot some good pictures to share with all of you.





The following Saturday our two singing seniors took a road trip to Neillsville. They packed the truck camper and met fellow CMAer’s Jim and Barb Miller in town. Together they drove up to listen to friends, Bob and Sherry Koehn from Friendship, WI perform at a very cool Gospel Fest.



The Garms family is from Braham, MN. This mom and dad perform with their kids, ages 6-19. Kathy said she was impressed with their multiple talents and noticed the love and respect they had for each other. She hopes you’ll visit them at their website:



The Alzen Family is from Roberts, WI. We heard they were very inspiring. Robb said the two girls can play circles around many fiddle players that he’s heard. Kathy told me she had to go home and practice her guitar after seeing them. You can read more about them at



The Herrlinger Family comes from Boyceville, WI. They also were an inspiration. Sometimes you just don’t hear about these talented families any way than by accident. They have a website: .There may be groups like these in your area. Our humans were so happy to have had this experience.



The following day was Sunday, a good resting day. Little Kathy stopped by to chat with her mom and dad. They were so interesting that… she fell asleep! That’s okay Kathy. Tasha and I do the same thing.



My female human is such a photo enthusiast, sometimes I think the camera has been surgically attached to her hand. She especially likes taking pictures out in our yard. She makes Tasha and me promise to post some of them on Cat Tales!




Our humans are not the only family members who like a little ride adventure. Mikey can get pretty boisterous at times. He carries on so, MEOOOOOWing very loudly. Robb took him for a ride around the yard on the four-wheeler to quiet him down.




Thanks Robb, I think Mikey had enough excitement for awhile. He’s sound asleep with his favorite mousy friend. Now I might be able to get a little rest myself!



I’ve heard that children may imitate their parents. That can be a good or not so good thing. Little Kathy did a ‘good something’ that truly is her mom. She was inspired by all the wildflowers in her yard, (sound familiar?). She picked a lot of them and put together three colorful vases and took pictures of her handiwork. These Kathys are definitely alike!




The fourth Sunday of each month is set aside for Son Light Riders’ monthly meeting.



This time I was told they are doing a ‘Chicken Run’… a what?

Mikey, it’s not what it sounds like. The Rockton Bar is famous for its chicken dinners.



Bikers from all over take a scenic drive to Rockton so they call it The Chicken Run.



Can you believe it? The Chicken Run wasn’t enough. Now they pulled into the Hillsboro Drive In. They can’t seem to finish a ride without stopping for ice cream. It looks as though Tasha and I aren’t the only ones, who like their treats!


July 2010 Speaking of food… Friday, July 2nd was SLR second Brat Fry of the summer. Even though some had their doubts that a Friday would work as well as the typical Saturday Fry, it was well attended and the weather was great too.




The men were quite helpful setting up the chapter banner then later when it was getting too hot, they set up a canopy for lots of needed shade. It was just what the Millers needed as they arrived off the road from Canada. Both riders were hot and tired. Barb decided a cold bottle of water was what she wanted…over her head! She dumped the bottle of refreshing liquid and said, “I better not find a picture of this in the newsletter.” So in response to her wish, we didn’t … we just put it on the Internet!




With the Brat Fry over, Saturday was free from CMA activities but then came Sunday, July 4th! Our humans were up early and they were wearing the strangest red, white and blue pants and shirts. They said, “We’re proud to be Americans”! It turns out they are riding in a parade today and wanted to dress up…they weren’t alone.




This was CMA’s lead car for the parade. Bill rode with his wife Sandy. He just traded in his old water cooled Honda for a newer Harley…he decided to pull his bike on a trailer behind their car. That way it wouldn’t overheat.



Parades aren’t usually Harley-friendly. Sam had a 12 volt fan he plugged into his lighter jack to keep his bike from overheating. He finished the parade without a problem.



After having water cooled bikes for most of their lives, the Millers recently bought a Harley. They feared riding it in the parade so they hitched a ride with Doug and Jan Peckham, in their Honda/Fiero bike-mobile.



Everyone said the parade was fun. The streets were crowded with citizens waving flags. Many children stood, waiting for the next piece of candy to be thrown in their direction. But the day was not over till…you guessed it, a food ride had been taken. They went to a nearby restaurant and had a fine finish to the event. Our little group adapted a Harley slogan that seems to fit them perfectly, “Eat to ride, ride to Eat.” Hey, Mikey, what do you think of that? Can we come up with something catchy so we can eat more treats?



July is nearly over. You may ask, “What have you been doing”? Actually, alot but we were unable to report much since the camera stopped working. The family drove to Milwaukee on July 23 to visit Granny and the guys went salmon fishing. Our humans arrived early to shop for a new camera. They bought one and this is the first picture taken at Granny Pearl’s, (sometimes known as The Kitty Spa), where Mikey and I sometimes go.




Kathy said excitedly, “This camera has sound in the movie mode and has a greater zoom!” Mikey, we thought she was bad before…can you imagine? No one will be safe from her lens… not even the dog across the street. She’s playing with her new ZOOM, (bottom left).



After eating supper at Stonefly where Serena worked, the night was completed with a visit to… you guessed it, dessert at Milwaukee’s famous Leon’s Custard stand. It was packed but it was worth the wait.



Kathy, armed with her new camera took a picture of the city’s night sky. She said the moon looked so lovely above the houses. It was calling to her, “Come, take my picture.” Oh Mikey, I knew this would happen…



The guys had to get up early for fishing so they made an assembly line for lunches.



It was a wet trip for part of the morning but it cleared up and they had a great time, bringing home some nice fish. When they returned to Granny’s house there was a meal to celebrate birthdays for George and Justin.



On the drive home Kathy took pictures of the sky. If you’ve been reading Cat Tales for sometime, you know that she loves snapping these types of photos. Whether it’s day or night, clear or cloudy, rain or shine, she does them all. Here are some more!



Tasha and I are always happy when our humans return from a short trip away from home BUT… we have to go back to sharing OUR nice bed with them…and they take up so much room!



What can I say? I get to feeling a little cramped sharing MY bed… this is more like it!!!!



One thing Mikey and I have learned about humans is they find many reasons to celebrate so they can eat big meals and delicious desserts!

Yesterday at Granny Pearl’s it was to celebrate George and Justin’s birthdays. Today they are saying the same thing at Little Kathy’s house for Jerry and Justin. I think they need to share some of their party food with the cats too! Maybe we can get some of you to write in our guestbook requesting that they share the love with the cats.




August is here. This is the time we usually go to Whippoorwill Resort in Park Rapids, MN. The owners, Al and Marty retired, sold the resort and are traveling in their 5th wheel…sounds familiar! Instead of the family going this year Robb and Justin took a week to fish there. Kathy stayed behind doing a variety of things.




During this week Kathy got a call from Rob and Jamie. They will be moving back to Wisconsin this month. Nevaeh was now visiting with her biological dad in the Milwaukee area. Jamie came to Milwaukee where she and Kathy picked up Nevaeh and waited for the rest of the family to return.



Nevaeh also got to hang out at Great Granny Pearl’s house for a while.




The next week was filled with activity. Robb and Justin got home from MN then Robb left to help Rob pack the rest of their things. Rob and Jamie's church made a Real Help Project of the move. 30 people volunteered to pack boxes and load the rental truck, clean and paint the apartment. Some donated money! They were a great help. Three days later the family was all together in Mauston. They have job opportunities and like the schools as well as the community so they decided to settle here.

Jamie and Nevaeh’s first weekend in Mauston was interesting. Here they are in The Dells at a Christian Concert along with fun slides, bounce houses, mini golf, crafts and good food.




The following day brought an opportunity to feed some needy, homeless people. It turns out that the concert from the previous day had a bunch of food left over. CMA members heated it and delivered it to the homeless nearby. Jamie and Nevaeh were able to participate in this ministry opportunity.




Driving back to Mauston, Little Kathy called Jamie to help out at a baseball tournament for their coed church league. They needed more girls on the team. Jamie was out of practice but thought she could do it…and she did!



Since she came, Nevaeh got some special attention from all the family. She even got to spend time in Auntie Kathy’s office at Mile Bluff Medical Center, where Jamie has applied for a job opening.



It’s been awhile since the entire family had been together but late one August night Rob and the other two scary ones arrived in our Elroy driveway along with Robb and their household items in a truck.



Kathy welcomed her son back home. It is late and time to get the family all settled in at Jeff and Kathy’s house. We heard that it was a happy reunion. In the days ahead Kathy said Nevaeh kept telling all of them over and over again, “I love you, I love you!” It is good to all be together again!

To our surprise, there is another member of this family that Tasha and I were not informed about. Bingo, alias Crazy Cat!

Have you heard us refer to the Scary Ones? They are mild compared to this kamikaze kitty!!!!!! He’ll stay with us till they move from Jeff and Kathy’s house. We just have one question. Do we have to keep him?



He gets into and onto everything.



He climbs on the TV, the table, the valances, yes the valances…crazy…I know! He sleeps on our bed…



He tackles me (ouch) and runs after Tasha, (although she could use the exercise.) He eats all our food, uses our litter box... PHEW!



He sits on our chairs… WITH US…



and hugs with our humans…




he even likes the scary ones!



He purrs too loud and causes Kathy to pick him up to cuddle him because she thinks he’s SOOOO CUTE. Then he makes her play non-stop with him because she thinks he’s SOOOO FUN !



He has her fooled by pretending to read her Bible…he can’t read yet…he’s just a kitten!



Fooled, fooled, fooled, you don’t have me fooled Bingo. I’m watching you… HUMPH… what are YOU lookin’ at Crazy Cat?


“It’s time for Barn Praise 3”! Kathy informed us.



Oh joy! Not only have we endured the return of the scary ones and their crazy cat, now we get to feel the rumble of motorcycles shaking our home, loud music and singing for hours and the smell of delicious food that we won’t be invited to eat.

Mikey, in our last Cat Tales entry we asked friends to write in our guestbook suggesting to our humans that they share some of the love (of party food) with the cats. Have we heard anything on that yet?




This is a little of what happened at Barn Praise 3.



One day I heard Robb say that CMA has a motto, “Here if you need us.” After Barn Praise Rob and Jamie needed some help getting the moving truck unloaded. CMA was there to lend a hand. Before they knew it, the task was finished. Rob and Jamie celebrated with a victory pose.



Not long afterwards this Florida family settled right back into life in Wisconsin.



The next week our humans left us alone with the crazy cat in the trailer while they escaped to Lena, WI where they stayed with John and Mary Sellen, who they met in Florida this past winter. They enjoyed some relaxation in this country setting.




The Sellen’s worship at Oconto Gospel Chapel. They arranged for Robb and Kathy to sing for Sunday morning service and for a youth event in the evening.




Tuesday they were off to Lake Lundgren Bible Camp in Pembine, WI. John Sellen had  also arranged for them to sing here. This was Kathy’s first camp experience.




They led worship for 5 services during the Labor Day Family Camp in the Chapel, ate delicious meals in the Dining Hall and enjoyed walking around acres of wooded land. Before they left they posed with Mary and John Sellen.



Kathy said this was an experience she will always remember.



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