Cat Tales

Sept. 2010 It was time to get back to Mauston where the family is getting together for the holiday including Corey, who is visiting from Arizona. We haven’t seen him for a while. Neither have Rob and family.




It’s the same old story. Every time this family gets together they have enough food to feed fifty, famished felines, well unless they are round, plump felines like Tasha, then maybe forty... OUCH!




Tasha just nipped me... are you hungry Tasha?

What are you two laughing at? That was not funny!!! We, girls are suppose to stick together! Kathy! Aysha! Aww come on.



Now this is funny….



This year Nevaeh is excited to be going to school in Mauston. She shows off her new back pack. Tasha, do you think there’s enough room in that bag to stow away one small annoying kitty?



Eydon started preschool this year. How exciting. Is daddy getting a little teary-eyed there? Grandma was so proud and as usual…her camera was ready.



Jamie works at Festival Foods. Here she is modeling the latest in cart return vests. She was hired as a bagger. Shortly, she’ll become a cashier and later alternating with customer service.



Rob works 3rd shift at Festival and 1st or 2nd shift at K Mart. These stores are in the same parking lot so it is convenient going to both in one day. They are working hard to save up for rent. They can’t do that fast enough for me. When they move so does Crazy Cat.

With the two older kids in school, Aysha gets to do fun things like stopping to see Auntie Kathy while she’s at work. They are looking at some family pics that amuse the two of them.




Maybe there’s even a good one of me… oh look Mikey there I am!




I don’t get where he sees round and plump. I see sweet and cute.

Corey had to say goodbye to the family, especially the little ones. Uh Corey, you forgot to stop in to say bye to us.



Before he left, Corey helped surprise his mom by bringing up this great swing from Milwaukee. It is a birthday/anniversary gift from Robb to Kathy. Kathy loves to swing. Just ask the kids.



With little more than a month before we head south for the winter. Our humans are getting in their “We want to spoil the kids as much as possible mode”. Here is a restaurant in Wisconsin Dells called Buffalo Phils. (Check this link out)



Being served by a train is cool and stuff but look what you can do at the adjoining Knuckleheads Amusement Park after you eat.




Wow, Tasha is this great or what? Can you just see me prowling through this place? WILD!

Sure Mikey. I also think this is a perfect place to let Bingo loose. Although one day might not be long enough to calm him down. Look out! Here he comes again (tackle, roll, spin, slide on the floor)! Meooooooooow!!!!!! Poor Mikey....





There is an annual Fall Motorcycle Ride / Rally in Tomahawk, WI that our humans along with members of CMA and many other motorcycle riders attend in Sept. It can be cold for riding and camping this time of year but it is always well attended. Last year our humans led CMA’s worship services on Saturday and Sunday. This year it was fellow chapter members, Jim and Barb's turn. SLR President, Sam gave the message both days.



The 2011 Rally is Sept.14-18. Read more: OFFICIAL WEBSITE 2011 TOMAHAWK FALL RIDE!

Two weeks later there was another road trip to a CMA Rally, Apple Run held at Northwestern Elementary School in Poplar, Wisconsin. Robb and Kathy were leading the worship services for the weekend. They took Bingo too because last time they left for a couple days he was a bad kitty. Mikey and I got some much needed rest.




Kathy said the North Central Evangelist, Roger Wilson and his wife, Rayleen gave inspiring messages. She also said it was a very informal, relaxed gathering that she would like to go to again. 




Besides our humans, others offered special music during the event.



Bingo said he really had a swell time with the humans but he really missed Mikey and me. Hey Mikey, if he keeps talking like that we might have to start liking him.



Well Tasha, I just heard that Rob’s family found a nice house to rent in Mauston.



But shhhh, Bingo can’t go. He will move in with Jamie’s mom, near Kenosha. Oh, that’s far away. He came all this way from Florida, spent these many looooong weeks with us just to find out he can’t be in their new house. I think I feel sad for him. Yeah, I know. Someone should tell him.



Bingo didn’t take the news too well. He cried for days.


Life went on after Bingo left. There are many things to do before we leave: oil changes, winterizing all the big boy toys. There’s more time for spoiling kids… you get the picture. Too busy to be sad.



There was time for a two day visit to say goodbye to family in Milwaukee. Granny Pearl cooked a great Italian meal for us, George, Carol and Vera. The following night we were off to Carrabba’s Italian Grill to meet Gregg, Shelly, Jeff, Julie, Jack and Mary for another great meal. Saying goodbye can be quite tasty. That's Tasha, always thinkin' 'bout food!



Three days left. Our humans sang one last time at Bible Baptist Church.



Two days left: Family time at the new house playing in piles of leaves and games, carving pumpkins and everyone’s favorite activity, eating!



These Grandparents know it’s time to leave Wisconsin but they’re having such a hard time letting go of these kids.



One last group shot.



It is Oct 22, the day we leave. Everything is ready to go. Kathy Jr. made one last visit to say goodbye while her parents were still in Elroy.



Then it was time for one last 'hugs and kisses' session at the grandkids. Rob was at work so there was a surprise visit to K-Mart to give him a special goodbye. Bye WI families, see you in April!



We drove the familiar route to Florida and stopped at a favorite place, Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum for a week. Our humans say it is a great place to volunteer. This time they did some different work and met two new volunteers.



Kathy worked a couple days in the Gardens with Kim Smith. The colder temps this time of year can destroy some plants. They have to be cut back or removed. Some days Kathy and volunteer Sandy worked in the AiG offices sending out receipts and thank you cards to donors.



Robb and volunteer Rudy worked in the warehouse. Merchandise is being transferred to a new, larger facility. The old warehouse will be transformed into a large auditorium for conferences.



Kathy said the Gardens are still beautiful. You may know that she’s a nature girl and can’t resist a good flower or plant picture.



We were introduced to a new creature named Gomer. He is a camel in the Petting Zoo. Recently he was trained to give rides to visitors. He was a sight to see.



Robb says there are many wonderful staff members who have befriended them, making their time as volunteers very special. Charlie and Bonnie left California years ago to join the Museum staff. They love our humans and have been generous to their music ministry, blessing our humans as God has enriched them.



Here are a couple pics Kathy took inside the Museum. She comments on them. "The 1st one says God was there in the beginning and has told us in His Word how He created it and how long it took. He is Supreme."



"The theory of evolution/old earth is the product of human reasoning while creation/young earth is based on the Word of God. Both sides use the same evidence but because of their different starting points they have different views."  



And for more, visit AiG's Website at   



Nov. 1, 2010  We arrive at Sunset King Lake Resort in DeFuniak Springs to stay for one week. Our humans will relax a bit, enjoying the weather and going for walks around the resort.



Along comes Sunday and they are off to play a few songs during the church service and later a 1 hr program during the Ice Cream Social which is after a potluck dinner in the clubhouse.



Monday rolls around, we head east to Lee’s Country Campground for a day. Robb and Kathy like it here.



Kathy says it is one of the prettiest, thanks to Myrna, who runs things here.



Kathy said some things make her smile, seeing the creative ways some people decorate, like the colander used for a lighting fixture on the ceiling of a porch.



Tomorrow we are off to the Atlantic Ocean. 

Nov 9th Here is an interesting place we will stay for a week.



Robb and Kathy have been talking for weeks about camping right on the ocean and the great view there will be out our back window. Here is the first morning’s sunrise that Kathy took from the rear window of our 5th wheel.



There are interesting sites to see and walks to take.




If you are interested in learning more about this park visit:

Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreation Area    


Camping here is very different from any place we’ve camped before. Robb will tell you he’s never had so much fun.



This is his first time surf fishing. He did really well. He seemed to attract a lot of attention. People came down the beach just to watch his technique. The birds came looking for a handout. If they were patient, they sometimes got left over bait as a treat (the birds that is) .



I'm sure you've heard that time flies when you're having fun... our week is over and we are going to the Bee's in Clermont for a couple months.




Nov 16 We arrive at the Bee’s. It’s a beautiful day! First thing on the agenda: washing the saltwater off the rig and truck.




On Thursday there was a delicious pre-Thanksgiving potluck at the Beehive. As usual, there is plenty of good food with lots of yummy desserts.



Tasha, look at the dog in the pool! On one of our leisurely walks we saw our neighbor, Linda playing in a pool with one of her dogs, Holly. How many dogs do you know, that travel with their own pool to keep them cool.




Tuesday mornings in WI Robb spent time with CMA guys at McDonald’s in Adams. They met for fellowship and Robb being editor, would put finishing touches on the Son Light Riders newsletter. He missed this, so on Tuesday, Robb and Kathy went to a nearby McDonald’s for breakfast where Robb called the guys in Adams, chatted and got the info he needed for the newsletter.




They were gone for a while. When they returned home Mikey and I were waiting patiently. It is our time for something special to eat too.




Robb says, “One of the nice things about retirement is that you can make your own schedule as busy as you want…or not.”



Hey Robb, I’m all for that NOT part!




Thanksgiving was not the big family event it was last year. Many fulltime RVer’s spend holidays with each other as was the case today. Here are our two humans with Ray & Kathy and Mary Ann & Ed at a nearby church that offered a free Thanksgiving dinner for anyone in the community.



Meanwhile, in Mauston the families gave thanks at Little Kathy’s house except for Jamie, who was at work.



Kathy took this next picture and told me, “There are just nice surprises sometimes when you step outside!” she asked me to make sure this got published in Cat Tales.



Robb and Kathy have a heart to help other ministries. They have joined arms with New Beginnings, helping the needy in Clermont. Every Saturday morning they provide music in the Winn Dixie parking lot while volunteers from area churches provide tables with food, clothing, blankets and toys for the needy/homeless.

See their website:


Dec 4 Here we are in December already! The first Saturday finds Robb and Kathy out at Helping Hands Outreach playing music while volunteers from Real Life Christian Church provide a great meal, clothes, toys and bagged food items to all who attended.




One Sunday night at the Bee's there was a Christmas parade with a hayride and the residents’ golf carts decorated for the season. Golf carts are popular in retirement communities for quick transportation. The Beehive was the place to go afterwards for cookies, candy, and hot beverages.



One sunny yet chilly morning about fifty Bee’s residents drove to Kissimmee for an afternoon matinee at Arabian Nights Dinner Show.



The report came back to us that the meal was great and the show was very entertaining.



See more, go to:


Thursday night Kathy left me alone with the two guys and joined hundreds of other women at Real Life for ‘Believe’,  a women’s night of fellowship, desserts, praise and powerful testimonies.



Another Saturday, another opportunity to use their talents to bring the joy of the season to the homeless.




Sunday they sang at Clerbrook RV Resort. At a jam session there a few weeks back they were invited to take part in a hymn sing for the next night. After the hymn sing they were asked to play for a church service. We’re glad they get invited to many places. Then Tasha and I don’t have to listen to them in the camper.



Here’s a surprise! The next 3 weeks our humans are training/working at Sea World. They’re in Food Service. They wear these nice, colorful uniforms but aren’t allowed to have their pics taken in them for use on the Internet. One of the perks is, on time off you get to enjoy the park. Robb worked at Shamu Stadium which Kathy loved. On her times off she watched the Killer Whales Show five times.




Sea World helped our humans stay busy during Christmas. It made not having family here less lonely. On Christmas day first, they played Christmas music at Winter Garden RV Park after a fine Christmas Dinner. Afterwards Robb was off to Sea World. 



The family in Wisconsin had snow, ice and wind to deal with but everyone made it to their destinations including Corey, who drove from Phoenix to Milwaukee by himself in two days!



We may not have been there but it is good to see them together.



The end of the year was just as busy. New Years Eve day started with Sea World until 3pm. Then back to The Bee’s to pack the equipment. A service at Gateway Church was scheduled for the evening. Our humans said this is always a great way to close the year. Happy New Year Cat Tales Friends!!!



Happy New Year! Jan 2011 This first month was busy. Besides moving further south at different resorts, our humans had many music opportunities. They saw some old friends and met many new ones.

Jan 4th brought us to Peace River Resort in Wauchula where our humans decided they’d recuperate from all their hours at Sea World. During this visit they heard Mike and Karen of Last Generation Ministries from Somerset, PA. Robb and Kathy think you might like to see that there are others who travel as they do.


After a restful week we’re packing up the trailer and heading to Moore Haven where we’ll stay for three weeks.



This was the start of a super busy time for our two humans. They had time to visit with friends, Bobby and Cindy in Lake Placid.



Once RVer’s themselves, Bobby and Cindy found a place to call home on Lake Clay. The visit lasted eight hours! Robb said besides having a lot to catch up on, Cindy made a great lunch. Of course, Kathy was camera-happy. She said lake views are always interesting and Cindy loves to feed birds, squirrels, etc… Cindy and Kathy have much in common!



Robb and Kathy made a great connection in Clewiston. They said, “This church is not very big but it gets a lot done. Pastor Jackie and his wife, Patty are wonderful!”



It seems that this pastor is not only a fisher of men but he also loves to spend hours on the lake reeling in crappie, bass and the like. He freezes these fish, then once a year he invites the community to a fish fry. Kathy thinks she remembers hearing that almost 300 people were served.



The day following the Fish Fry our twosome shared music with this congregation in the Sunday morning worship service and then returned in the evening to perform for over an hour.



Robb and Kathy said the evening was a lot of fun and even though the show was long, this little guy, James never fussed. He smiled and clapped the entire night!



It’s now Wednesday. It’s time for a 1 hr show at M RV Resort’s Community Center. For two old people, our humans have pretty much energy. The crowd was all smiles as Kathy took their picture.



We don’t know about you but…yaaawwwn, all this talk of work has worn us out. It’s time for a cozy cat nap. Excuse us… ah Kathy, put the camera down, please.



Holy Cats!!!! What is that???? Wow! This is some storm. It woke us up and I believe this is where we find secure hiding places. What? Who are you calling a scaredy cat?



Storms can be very scary for sensitive ears like ours, all that pounding, booming and shaking. That is all very scary. But Mikey, that loud noise wasn’t the storm. It was Robb recording again!



The 2nd Sunday was spent at The Glades RV Resort. Park manager, Artie is related to Pastor Jackie in Clewiston.



Our two wandering minstrels led worship for the morning service as well as the Glades choir.



They returned in the evening to play, right after the Packers beat da Bears!  In case you’re wondering Robb and Kathy did not, I repeat, did not sing “The Bears Still Suck”. The attendance was down due to the NFL playoffs, but our humans sang as if there were hundreds present.  

The very next day we had a visitor. Joyce came by to record two songs she had written. She is married to Larry, who is pastoring at M RV Resort. Joyce told Kathy that she hoped they liked the songs enough to use them. After listening, our talented duo assured her they would be able to work out something special for her songs.



One afternoon Kathy had been sitting at the computer when she looked out the window. To her delight there was a large, beautiful rainbow spanning the sky. She ran out of the camper with her camera in hand, mumbling something about almost missing a Kodak moment because of sitting indoors oblivious to her surroundings.



A couple days later back in Lake Placid, Robb relaxed a while on the water doing a little fishing. He didn’t catch a thing but just liked being out there trying. Kathy enjoyed the ride and scenery.



Back home in Wisconsin, Kathy Jr. is the Public Relations Director at Mile Bluff Medical Center in Mauston. She and Eydon spent a morning posing as patients of the newest medical staff members at the clinic in Necedah. The pictures will be used along with articles Kathy Jr. will write introducing these two new doctors to the community. BTW, Kathy Jr. is not really pregnant. It’s just part of the pose.



This is the big weekend Robb and Kathy have been waiting for.

“Waiting for what?” you may ask. For the 7th annual Hallelujah Hoedown, of course! Never having been here, our humans weren’t sure what to expect. The next three nights the church turned into what seemed to be mini Gaither Homecoming Concerts. We’ll introduce the new talented friends we met.



Top L: Founder, Pastor Jackie dressed just right for the occasion. Top R: His son, JD is a song writer/music producer from Lexington, KY, playing piano. Bottom L: Each night had a large crowd from all over the area and…what Tasha. Really? Seriously? Bottom R: Tasha wants to be sure I tell you of all the yummy food that was served to the singers each night after they sang. OK. I just did.



Top L: The Messengers are here with JD from KY. Bob from the group is the tallest performer at the Hoedown. Top R: For a ‘little’ laugh he poses with Lowell, who is the shortest singer this weekend. Bottom L: Patty is a local bass player. She’s had that guitar since 1976, and does a fine job. Bottom R: The Homestead Singers are sisters from Homestead, Fl.



Top L: Deanna and Mike Walker attend First Christian Church of Clewiston. Top R: Meet the Diggles Family from Lexington, KY. The girls are 11 and 15. Each has been performing since they were 4 years old! Bottom L: Dora and Artie are from The Glades RV Resort. Her dad is Pastor Jackie. Bottom R: Aaron Roberts is a sheriff from Centerville, IN



Left: Bill Burns from Oklahoma hit the road right after the end of Sunday’s Hoedown, trying to beat the ice and snow headed toward his home. Right: You met Lowell a couple of pics before. He may be short in stature but he’s tall on talent.



Top L: The Cornwell Twins are from Joplin, MO. Top R: I think you know Robb and Kathy. Bottom: Some folks just couldn’t get enough. After Sunday’s Hoedown and dinner they gathered in the church again for an encore of good music and conversation.



That was our Jolly January. Stay tuned for our next report!


February has arrived and we are packing up the trailer for a move. Tasha is already whining. She’s not a fan of the pet carrier. The tight quarters (due to someone's  "fluffy" body) and truck movement make her a bit cranky. Now, me on the other paw…I think it’s a howling good time! (Shhh… not really, but it bugs Tasha to think so.)  We are returning to Peace River Resort in Wauchula.



We like it here. The park is large with big parking spots for our rig…



and great walking trails too.



Tasha and I are very cautious when we go for cat walks, always watching for hungry gators and those birds that constantly soar over head are huge! They could grab and carry one of us off (well maybe not Tasha) to who knows where.



When we get back from a walk we usually put our paws up and rest a while but not today. No, today our girl human felt bad that they’ve been spending more time with friends than with us so she bought these catnip toys. She was pleased with her purchase thinking we’d go crazy over them. All we can say is, “Oh really? Is this the best you can do?”



Every day Robb awakens, puts on a robe and heads to the computer. Shortly after, he’s in the galley making tea, getting something sweet to eat then returns to the computer to play endless games of Free Cell, check emails and then waits… deciding what, if anything hurts today… neck, shoulders, back? Then he’s off to see a man about a dog. I never quite get that part. What dog?! Tasha, have you ever seen the dog? Sometimes humans confuse me.



Oh, Mikey you are truly confused! But then, we all know that, don’t we?  Let me share some reasons our humans enjoy staying here at Peace River. Besides the park’s amenities, they like the friends they have made. One night our humans did a special music program and many friends came. They also join friends on Sunday morning singing in the choir and their good friend Pastor Ed always blesses them.



The night before we left, Ed and Janie drove our humans to Bartow for dinner at Mike’s Fine Food. Our humans always welcome the chance to eat a good meal. Kathy said, “It’s even better when you share it with good friends.”



Our week in Wauchula is finished. It’s time to return to the Bee’s in Clermont. We’ll stay there until the end of March then start heading north. Before you know it we’ll be saying, “We’re on our way to Wisconsin!”

Hold on there Tasha! Don’t get too ahead of yourself. It’s still mighty cold there. See the picture little Kathy just sent from her house in Mauston? It looks like the scary ones may have adapted to the winter weather. Just think, last year they were here wearing shorts and flip-flops!



Once we returned to the Bee’s we kept hearing how much we were missed by everyone. Wow, that’s nice! We had a pretty relaxing week so by the time the weekend came we were ready to do something, well not we…our humans joined friends at a jam session at Clerbrook RV Resort on Saturday afternoon. Led worship at The Bee’s church service Sunday morning then performed over an hour of Christian music Sunday night in the Beehive to a full house. I guess the people really did miss us!




Besides getting back in the swing of things at the Bee’s, Robb and Kathy are glad to get back to Real Life on Saturday nights. Besides the inspirational service, they meet with friends afterwards for fellowship and a 'Real' meal (I'm told that is an inside joke, only Real Lifer's would get) sometimes at restaurants other times at people’s homes.





We liked going to Scott and Kats house. They have two cool cats, who are pretty nice. We had an a-mew-zing visit, sharing and comparing crazy human stories.



The following day we were tired from our visit with our new feline friends. Mikey was having himself, a little snooooooze. Isn’t he just too cute? Very flexible, too. 



This just about rounds up our February except for this: Kathy wants to show you a few things she received. Many people enjoy our humans’ music. They show their appreciation by buying their CD’s, giving them gifts of money or home made items. Here are a few things she got. Thanks Margo and Susan.




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