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As we travel America's CROSSROADS in our RV we are blessed with opportunities to share the music we like the most:  Christian Music, old and new.

Visit us at  for more ministry details and the opportunity to listen to song clips from our CDs.



To purchase our CDs or for booking information, send an e-mail to

Purchases can be made by personal check or thru PayPal. The cost of the CD is $12.50 ( S&H included).

CD Reviews:


I work with Corey and he shared your new Crossroads CD with me. What a blessing! Days of Elijah, I Lift My Eyes Up, and Power in the Blood are my favorites. Very professional and inspiring... highly recommended!

Looking forward to more posts from your future travels.

Phoenix, AZ


Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2009
Dear Robb and Kathy,

I am sitting here and listening to your CD.  I really enjoy it and am blessed by it.  Thank you for thinking of us and sending Dan, Alice Ann and myself a copy.  Till we see you down the road or in the air.  God Bless.

Jim and Joan Shasteen
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 2009

Hey there
just to let you know I received your cd last week I like it
I have enjoyed listening to it and will make sure I let others know about it
is it ok to give it to a local radio station to see if they will play it?
May God bless you - Henry

May 27,2010

Kathy we received your new CD and I LOVE it. It sounds so professional and anointed.

Sincerely, Bobby


just to let you know I have been here
like your new cd anyone who wants to hear good music should get a copy
God Bless


Thanks Dear Friends for the invite! We love the CD and looking forward to the next one.

God is good all the time! Blessed be His name!

Cindy Lila Hornbrook


 I Play your CD in my car whenever I drive anyplace. Being hard of hearing I couldn't

appreciate the sound of the music on a CD player, however, in the car it works

great for me, in all ways.   Love, Mum


Here is an article written about us on The Answers in Genesis website:

It’s always nice to present a special musical treat for our staff on Tuesdays and Thursdays during our chapel sessions. Recently, Robb and Kathy Blanchette played some songs from their CD Crossroads, and they helped the staff get off on a great footing to start the work day.

Robb and Kathy, now that they are retired educators, use their RV to travel around the country to volunteer at ministries such as the Creation Museum—and also to perform their uplifting and God-honoring music whenever possible. To find out more about this talented duo, go to their website—when you open the following link, scroll to the bottom to view some Creation Museum photos:

They often travel between Wisconsin and Florida, states where they have family—please consider having them come to your church or group if you are in-between (and even if you live in the West, they have family there, too, and so are looking for a reason to head West from time to time). Some of our staff members have listened to their Crossroads CD and have been greatly blessed by it. For information about their CD, send Robb an email at

We thank them, and many hundreds of people each year, who volunteer at the museum and AiG.

SECOND CROSSING now available:

Hi Kathy,

Just a quick email to let you and Robb know that I have been listening to your most recent CD over and over again and it has been such a blessing as I worship along with you, to and from work. I especially like Celebrate, Rejoice, and Step by Step! The songs mean even more because we have heard you live and have gotten to know you and your heart for the Lord. I can tell you put a lot of heart and hard work into your CD. Thank you so much for giving Mark the CD when you were here last; sorry I missed you.

Thanks again and may God bless you abundantly!


Hi Robb and Kathy,
Got your CD last week. I like it.
Your message is pretty clear and your music is great so keep up the good work. Stay well and God Bless. Henry


How fun to see how full your lives are!  Thanks for sharing!  Hope all is well with you guys!!!



Hi Kathy,

I love your music!  I have been listening to your CD every chance I get. 

You have so many of my favorites on your CD. I love so many of your songs!

I am so excited that you will be coming to our church.

To God Be The Glory!  Twila

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