Cat Tales

Hi, Tasha here.  I think we heard enough from Mikey.  I'd like to show you around our new retirement home.  Ahhhh! Retirement! I know it's not all about cat naps but we do our fair share.

This is it!  Our rig! The truck is a 3/4 ton 2007 Dodge Ram 2500 with a powerful 6 cyl. 6.7 litre turbo Cummins Diesel and a 6 speed transmission!  It screams, "give me something to do!" So we gave it a 35' Cedar Creek Silverback 5th wheel with 3 slide outs to haul around on its back.

Our humans like it when the campgrounds have pull-thru sites like this one.  It takes some practice backing one of these trailers up.  It's not as easy as our boat.  Our humans use walkie-talkies to park in spaces where they have to back in.  It doesn't always go well but hopefully with more practice they'll get better at it.  Mikey and I have to wait in our carrier inside the truck until they park and set up.  We finally go in the trailer after the slides come out, that can be a while.  Sometimes the first place I visit is the litter box.

Do you see these comfy chairs?   I love how soft they are.

This is the love seat.  I like sitting on the back, looking out the window when the bear isn't hogging my space!

Our humans spend a lot of time in this area. I like it when one of them sits at the desk and I can curl up on a lap.  Watching TV is good too cause they sometimes share their popcorn with me.  I really like the butter.

This is the dinette, another good spot.  Not only do we have good food here, but look at the size of that window!   We get to watch all kinds of interesting things, the scenery is always changing.

Our kitchen is a busy place.  We store all kinds of good food in the cupboards.  I like the pantry best.  Our kitty treats are kept in there!

This is our nice bedroom. It is smaller than the house we use to live in but we still all fit.

See what I mean.  I like this bed.  It is very comfy and there is room for all four of us.

           Tasha M. Kitty


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