Cat Tales

The last time we were together on Cat Tales we told you about our trip to the Milwaukee area. It is May 1st and we are celebrating an early Mother’s day with Granny Pearl, George and Carol at Olive Garden. Italian food is one of my favorites! Really Tasha? I thought ALL food was your favorite.




Early Sunday morning Robb and Kathy worshipped at Fox River Christian Church so they’d have plenty of time to get to the restaurant before lunch time.



This is Gregory. He belongs to Serena. They are living with Granny for a while and feeling settled in. Gregory is sitting in my special sunny spot in the front room.



Back in Mauston, it was “Pizza Time”. Wednesday night Pizza Hut has a pizza buffet and salad bar. It’s a great deal when treating the little ones to a meal. Jeff, Kathy and Justin joined us.



Of course everyone knows Pizza Hut has the tastiest napkins. Robb had told his kids this when they were little and now he’s making sure the grandkids know too.



Robb and Kathy decided it was time to sell the enclosed cycle trailer. Robb put it on Craig’s list and it was gone. It was tough to say goodbye after all those miles together… Oh Mikey, it was just a trailer. Just a trailer?! It was a good trailer… girls don’t get it. Well, I guess not. Sorry Mikey.



One night, Nevaeh stayed over night. She loves to watch movies and eat popcorn just like her grandpa. She enjoys playing with Kathy’s old dolls and helping Kathy make carrot juice. Oh gross! Maybe so, but be still and let me finish. She is showing what a fine job she did of peeling the carrots.



Ready or not the first Saturday of May is always Run For The Son. It is the only fund raiser for CMA for the entire year. This year was cold again. Some braved the elements on two wheels while others stayed warm and drove in 4 wheeled vehicles.



The ride again this year was to The High Ground in Neillsville where over 80 CMA members gathered for prayer. This is an international function. CMAer’s across the world are lifting up the needs of CMA simultaneously on this day. Later, the groups took a lunch break.



Fellow CMA member Vicki Baldwin was married on Mother’s Day. She married Russ Widger two years after her husband, Ken passed away. The church was packed. Many who attended were from CMA, including John and Donna, who stood up and sang a song during the service.



Staying on the subject, Son Light Riders have their own chapter fund raisers using a brat fry in various spots in the area. One very cold, rainy day they went to the flee market in Adams. It was slow selling but they sure had a great time just being together.



Springtime in Wisconsin seems to be slow in coming in recent years. Once in a while we get a pleasant surprise, sunshine, warm air, beautiful birds and colorful flowers!



Occasionally, it is even nice enough for bare feet and basketball!



Our humans will tell you that for them the best thing about Wisconsin is being with family. Times for hugs…






And fun…



If your spring has sprung and you’re looking for some action, these three will accommodate you.



Robb and Kathy are keeping very busy spending much time with their family. They have arranged a couple ministry events during the summer but for the most part, it’s family time.



May your spring days be filled with goodness and expectations of a great summer!



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