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March 2011 The months just keep ‘March’ing on!  Yes, we are clever cats. You will meet many new people in this month’s update.  There’s one month left in Clermont. Weather’s great!! Tasha and I have been working on our tans. It hasn’t been easy…with the sunscreen, sunglasses and the heat, sometimes it’s too much. We often retreat indoors where the air conditioner and a nice sized box can make all the difference... purrrrfectly refreshing!



Both Robb and Kathy’s guitars needed work. Robb checked around and found the best guitar doctor. Meet Bill at Lyrical Lumber in Maitland, FL. They were impressed with his work. Many others have said he is the best around, a true professional.



Some days our humans get to hear others perform at the Beehive. Here is Micki Kuhn. She and her husband, Rich are from Indiana. They winter in Leesburg, Florida, about 15 minutes north of the Bee’s. See them at:



The very next night The Thurston Family from Michigan performed. They drove from Holt, MI to Clermont in one day, set up at the Bee’s, performed, took off early the next morning to sing for our good friends at Peace River Resort in Wauchula the next night. They did a whirlwind tour; 2,800 miles round trip to perform 6 concerts in 5 1/2 days! Our humans enjoyed them. Visit their website:thethurstonfamily



Saturday after church at Real Life, a group of friends gathered at John and Kathy’s house for another Real meal.



There was a lot of talking going on when the hostess, Kathy suggested they all play a game. At first, nobody really responded with great enthusiasm but she encouraged them, explaining what great fun it was. It turns out, it was just as she said. What was this fun game? Ever heard of Apples to Apples? Buy it, you’ll like it!!!



The weather has been very warm recently. Robb took advantage of it and rode the bike to Daytona Speedway to enjoy a day at Bike Week.



I’m sure many of you don’t see bikes like these very often.



How many Gold Wing riders have ever seen it as a car?



I’m not sure about this one. It could belong to George Jetson.



Then there are the more conservative bikes. Robb had fun with these on demo rides.




He’s always thinking he’d like a new bike, but once he mounts Big Red again, he quickly remembers why he bought it many years ago.



Two days later we got some much needed rain… but of all days! Robb, Kathy and other Bee’s residents drove to The Holy Land Experience in Orlando. Hey Kathy, how’d you like to tell us a couple highlights of your visit to the Holy Land?



I’d be happy to. The Holy Land Experience was an experience. It’s not huge like other attractions but there is too much to see in one visit. We need to go again some day.



There was a play, The Lion of Judah, a charming story with animal characters. Animals befriend a lamb named Judah who was just delivered to the stable. He is a spotless lamb but a bit confused. He thinks he is a brave, strong lion born to set others free.



This lamb was sent to be sacrificed in the Temple, but now cries that he doesn’t want to die. He is spared when the real Lamb of God is sacrificed on Calvary.



There is a children’s film created with the same name. Parents and grandparents, consider buying this for the children in your lives.  See the website and movie trailer: lionofjudahthemovie


Many of you know that I like gardens. There are several places to sit and reflect…



There were many dramas. This Roman soldier was getting ready to perform when he stopped by to talk with Robb and me. He is a Packers fan. He was born in Wisconsin but moved to Florida.



Behold The Lamb was a portrayal of Christ’s suffering, death and resurrection. We saw it first inside an auditorium at 12:00 because of the rain.



At 5pm the drama was outside and wow, what a difference. The actor playing satan was evil looking, stroking a large, live snake around his neck. He lurks in Gethsemene while Jesus prays. An angel is sent to strengthen Jesus as He suffers alone.



Then you witness the abuse.




You really end up disliking the soldiers, Packer fan or not. You hear them mock Jesus, see them beat and punch him, toss him around by his hair, slamming his head into the ground, ripping hair from his beard. It’s awful, till…the resurrection!!!



The last event was held in Temple Plaza. Jesus returns in a glorious procession, the train of his robe trailing behind him, reminding me of Isa.6:1. Angels danced and reverenced while the song, “We Shall Behold Him” by Sandy Patti played. The bottom pics; a centurion comes to offer praise, satan prowls, making his last evil attempts to interfere. Satan in his black gown runs toward Jesus up the stairs, Jesus raises his hand, as if to shoo a fly and satan falls flat, crashing on the steps near Jesus’ feet, totally powerless. Angels bow low in awestruck wonder…



Thanks Kathy for that exciting review.

You may recall that our humans take part in Helping Hands Outreach every Saturday, ministering to the homeless with New Beginnings and a variety of area churches. Here they are along with Clermont 1st Baptist Church volunteers.




They look forward to Saturday nights at Real Life Christian Church and then with friends for a Real meal, this time at Todd’s.



Tonight Tasha and I met a new friend, Martin. He showed us around his and Todd’s house. It surprised us that he only had a male human. We could hardly imagine that! We told him all about our girl human. He was very intrigued.



Sunday, after The Bee’s church service our two hungry humans drove Big Red to The Villages for a bite to eat. They ate at Cody’s. Notice all the golf carts. Robb said if you want to find out about this unique retirement community go to their website:



Did you see Cody’s door handles are gas pump nozzles? Ouch! That's a sore subject these days.



In February the WI family celebrated Nevaeh’s 7th birthday. Our humans mailed presents and joined in singing over the phone. Little Kathy’s gift for Nevaeh was to take her out to eat and shop, recalling as a child, her Grandma Tina doing that with her. The big day came in March. Kathy took Nevaeh to a store where she could build her own horse. Nevaeh spotted this colorful shirt and shreaked, “A grandma and grandpa shirt!” She just had to have it!!



Hey, meet John. When Rob and Jamie moved from FL back to WI they left their motorcycle behind with him. John drove it to the Bee’s. Robb and Kathy will take it home for their son. I have one question. How do you get two bikes back to WI in a trailer that holds one bike?



With less than two weeks left, our humans are spending time with friends from the Bee’s. Meet Dick and Shirley. They invited Robb and Kathy to dinner one night. Then on St. Pat’s Day they had dinner with Norm and Margo.



Did you hear about the Supermoon? Saturday, March 19th was the largest full moon, 10,000 miles closer to earth in almost 20 years. We heard about it on the news, not thinking much of it until we saw it. WOW!  Mikey and I almost started howling… really, it was that big. Our humans saw it too. Kathy said it was a huge orange glowing ball in the night sky.



From supermoons to super moans…ohhhh, Sunday morning our humans are up early. They are singing at the 1st Baptist Church of Minneola. Twila works at New Beginnings. She knows them from Helping Hands Outreach. She couldn’t wait for them to sing at her church. She certainly ‘made things happen’. Robb describes her as “a force of nature”, in a good way!  



Robb and Kathy say thanks Twila for your exuberant support and to Pastor Tim for this opportunity.



The next week at the Bee’s two more gospel acts performed. Meet Sandy Glass. She and her husband recently sold their home in PA then built in Pensacola. They have a website at



Mark and Andrea are from Flint, MI. They travel with their two young sons. While they sang, the kids sat in the audience, absorbed in their handheld electronics. Their 6 year old had a personal DVD player and headphones watching a movie but a couple times got ‘The Look’ from his mom when he wandered from his seat. The 2 year old sat in his booster playing a game boy.



Read about this couple, their ministry and the miracle of their first born son, Tyler at:


The last weekend arrived. It was busy. Preparing the trailer for a move always takes time. Saturday started with Helping Hands. Meet Ricky with Plaza Security. He said he’ll miss our humans and their music.



Gateway Church volunteers showed up in full force. Here are Pastor Ed and wife, Brenda. Their daughter, Pastor Lyndsy ran Kids Zone.



The last night at Real Life was filled with goodbyes after the service, making our humans a bit late for their final ‘Real’ meal. As always, a ‘Real’ good time was had. Good bye, ‘Real’ friends!



Sunday’s here. It is time for their last Bee’s church service… more goodbyes. Kathy received a prayer shawl that Gail made. Look Tasha, girls like that kind of stuff. Oh yes Mikey, very pretty. I hope Kathy let’s me wrap up in it with her.  Only if you’re gonna pray.  I can do that!   Yeah, okay St. Tasha.   AMEN!



Monday arrives and we’re ready! We have a long, 6hr drive. Rain storms are expected... Kathy is driving the rig... WHAT? Since when? Is this safe? Robb?? Hey Robb, buddy, what are you thinkin’? What do mean “it will be fine.” Mikey! So this is a first but Kathy can do this. We used her prayer shawl this morning. She said everything will be ok.  AMEN! Well, in that case… silly me. Still, I am a bit concerned. Robb is driving his bike all the way and it’s suppose to rain ‘cats and dogs’ later… gimme that shawl (Dear Lord, protect my man human…….) We had a few tense moments but everything was ok.  Amen! Yeah, I don’t know what she was so worried about. Hey, look at our new camp.



We have an interesting neighbor, Silky. She is a Spotted Bengal Tabby, a relatively new hybrid breed, a cross between domestic felines and an Asian Leopard Cat. Isn’t she purrty?



These are Silky’s humans, Peter and Ivy, from Vermont. Peter likes to surf fish. While he’s fishing Ivy walks the beaches shelling. Later he sorts shells and creates pieces of art. He gave this combo bird and turtle, a birtle, to Kathy.



Peter also collects driftwood from the beaches and makes flowers completely from sea shells. A little bartering took place, our humans got two flowers. Peter and Ivy got Robb and Kathy's two CD's.



Robb chose this campground because he could surf fish again. Even though we had some rain, clouds and wind he was able to whet (or should I say wet)  his appetite.



Sometimes along with the clouds and winds come flashing lightening and booming thunder. Wow, a few times it sounded like a bomb went off! We are cool cats in many ways but when it comes to storms we are hot off to our hiding places. Tasha has a new box and I go ‘under cover’. I’m invincible there.



We have one last picture to share. No beach stay is complete without a beautiful sunset…



That was our March Madness, a bit different than others you may have seen on TV.

Bye everyone. See you next time!



April is here, I can hardly believe it. We have a lot of traveling to do in the next couple of weeks. After our vacation week on the ocean we headed for DeFuniak Springs to Holley-King Resort.

What a nice place…

with some very different residents like this goose. There were also chickens and one noisy rooster that made himself known a little too early in the morning for me.

The resort is between two lakes, Holley and King, hence the name. We were told that the sun rises over Holley and sets over King. The weather was a little cloudy and stormy during our stay here but we were able to get some nice pictures.

Mikey mentioned we had some stormy weather. The night before we left there was a bad storm with high winds causing considerable damage in DeFuniak Springs. The next morning Robb was going to be riding Rob Jr.’s bike to our next destination while Kathy drove the rig. We were delayed when we learned the storm had blown Rob’s bike over causing some minor damaged. I knew we needed help so I found the prayer shawl and got down to serious business!

Before long, we were headed just over the Alabama border to Styx River Resort in Robertsdale where we’ll stay three days.

While we were here our humans were scheduled to sing for the residents after a potluck dinner. The crowd was small but appreciative.

Mikey and I met the neighbor’s cat, Lady. We were surprised to hear that her humans always let her roam free in the resorts they visit. Mikey and I told her that she was very brave.

Just down the road from camp there was a diner called Derailed Diner.

Yes this man is eating on the tailgate of a pick up.

This is what it looks like from behind.

You could also sit here.

Back in Wisconsin it was Aysha’s 4th birthday party. She was happy to open some presents Robb and Kathy had sent to her.

Here’s another place we stayed in Robert, Louisiana called Passport to Leisure which is actually part of a Jellystone Park…it is “Better than the av-er-age Park!”

Kathy is excited about the beautiful weather we are having so she put on her washing clothes, grabbed a bucket, brush and cleaners to get all the dirt and bugs off the trailer and truck. It was a BIG job. I got tired just watching her. But look at that shine!

We spent one night in Mississippi at George Payne Cossar State Park.

The next night we were in Sikeston, Missouri catching “Throwed Rolls.” See what I mean:

Sikeston was not far from our next stop in Carterville, Illinois where we are visiting the Shasteen family. Jim, Danny and Alice Ann sing southern gospel music along with operating their own church, Fellowship In Christ. Our humans were happy to be part of the Sunday Worship Service where they ministered for about an hour.

We tell you all the time how our humans like food. Tasha and I have discovered that most all humans are food-a-holics. This visit was more of the same…eat, eat, eat! Saturday night they were treated to supper at Grumpy’s Smokehouse by Jim, Joan, Alice Ann and Don.

Sunday after church they all went over to Jim and Joan’s for a big family meal. After spending the afternoon talking, Jim and Joan treated our two eating machines to pizza at Italian Village in Carbondale, where the hosts had their very first date. Part of the decor here is graffiti that students and others leave behind on the woodwork, chairs, walls. Check it out,

Our hosts have been very generous this weekend so on Monday Robb showed his thanks by helping Jim, who does the computer music for their trio, understand how he uses the computer’s software to create what he and Kathy record for their sets and CD’s. Meanwhile Kathy secretly cleaned in the church since she overheard that the cleaning lady had not been around yet.

Tuesday morning before our departure Danny and Rona took our humans to a small yet famous, local café for breakfast. Mary Lou’s café walls are covered with photos of celebrities who have eaten there. You can’t leave Mary Lou’s without eating her famous Biscuits and Gravy, mm-mmm good!

Read more about this landmark Carbondale café: Mary Lou's

While our humans were out, Tasha and I rested in the comfort of our air conditioned trailer discussing the drive north for today. We heard it was much colder and snow was predicted. Oh, I don’t believe that. The weatherman must be mistaken…

Unfortunately, the forecast was correct. Wednesday’s arrival in Elroy was cold and 3-5 inches of snow made it difficult to park. We just slid in the best we could, ending up on the wrong side of the driveway …but we were in, for now!

This is the first time we’ve returned to snow. Robb’s face says it all…

That mood changed when they surprised the grandkids with an earlier than expected arrival at their house in town. FUN!!

Jamie was off to work, Rob made his famous “Yummy Noodle Thingy” for dinner then Jeff and Kathy came to join everyone. Despite the cold weather, this family get-together warmed up our thawing couple in record time.

The next day the sun was shining and things looked pretty outside. Kathy got bundled up and snapped some pictures.

She walked around the property to find there were a few visitors early this morning. Look at the footprints in the snow.

The small prints were very interesting but when she came across the large ones in this picture on the right she felt a bit concerned. They started from the road crossing the yard and trailed into the woods and down the steep hill. Could it be a small bear?

Saturday morning Son Light Riders gathered for their April meeting at McDonald’s before heading out for the 2011 biker blessing/ride and pig roast at the local Harley dealer. Was it too cold for riding? Yes, but some braved the elements on two wheels while others drove in the warmth of cars and trucks.

Sunday was Easter with the family. First there was breakfast at church followed by the service. Celebrated at St. Paul’s, Mauston.

Our humans are rejoicing that they are a part of this Easter family picture in Wisconsin.

Corey was not in attendance but he visited by phone from Phoenix.

At the month’s end our humans drove to the Milwaukee area and visited with some of the clan in Mukwonago. They met at Gregg and Shelly’s house. Here the two of them are along with daughter Jessie and her hubby, Jim.

...and don’t forget the children, (chances are they won’t let you forget them) J. Jessie and Shelly hold Libby, Logan and Luke.

Julie poses with almost 9 yr old Katarina and Jeff with their very lively, almost 3 yr old, Sammy. Tasha and I would classify him as a ‘scary one’. If you’re not sure what that is…you’ll just have to take our word for it, definitely scary!

So there you have it! April has come and gone. We are safely parked on our Elroy property for the summer season (if it ever gets here!) There are very few trees budding or bushes sprouting, just a few dandelions popping up. We are patiently awaiting springs arrival. See you in May for Mother's Day, warmer weather and greener trees.



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