Cat Tales

Aug.18, 2009  We arrived in Milwaukee late afternoon on the 18th. Before picking up the cats at Pearl’s (The Kitty Spa) we stopped in town to pick up a few things. Returning to the truck…it didn’t start. Surely this is a joke! 6 weeks out West driving thousands of miles and now it won’t start?! Turns out, the chip in the key wasn’t being recognized. I know, I know, it’s good that it happened here and not on the trip.



Thankfully, Pearl and Sister-in-law, Carol came to the rescue and we spent the night over at Pearl’s. In the picture you see the truck getting towed away on a flatbed. Seemed like a good idea at the time… the driver called us saying, “There’s been an incident”. He drove under a bridge…the truck camper cleared but he didn’t know there was an air conditioner on the roof…well actually there isn’t anymore. Welcome back!


Now that our trip is over and we have the cats back at the trailer in Elroy it’s time for me to hang up the keyboard. The cats will once again be the editors of Cat Tales.


Hi everyone, I sure hope Kathy wasn't boring you during our vacation time at the Spa...ahhhh, yes the Spa!... Oh, sorry, where was I? Well, sometimes good things come to an end and that also goes for our extended stay at the Kitty Spa with Granny Pearl in her nice big house. We rode home in that dreaded pet carrier for two hours then we were told that our writing assignments would start again this weekend. So, here I go... Saturday,Aug. 22 our humans suited up for a motorcycle ride.



We were left to fend for ourselves all day while they drove off with their CMA buddies.



I know that our humans just came back from seeing some incredible mountains but just look at Wisconsin's countryside and farmlands.




Sunday, Aug. 23 was a new day. We were surprised when the afternoon came. Our driveway got very busy with cars, vans and bikes coming in. People were bringing food, chairs and music stuff. Mikey and I thought maybe there was a party for us since we’d been gone for over 6 weeks but it turned out to be Barn Praise 2. I remember that from last year…time to go hide. See you!



Ya know Tasha, you don’t have to hide in the closet. It’s not so bad here on the bed. I know it’s not quiet like at the Kitty Spa but this pillow is much softer than that hard floor you’re laying on.





Anyone, who knows our humans can tell you that one of their favorite activities is eating. Kathy, their daughter accommodates them quite often. Here is the last big meal of the summer at the Behnke’s. 



Well that’s it for the summer of 2009. It sure was a busy one for Cat Tales! Please stick around to see what our fall and winter will look like. That will be on a new page in the book, Fall/Winter 2009.    Hope to see you there.



Sept. 2009  Our humans are so busy going places. One of their trips was to an RV dealer to get the truck camper repaired. Kathy told Robb, “It’s always something.” I’m not sure what her something is but I noticed something since our return… things outside look different. Tasha said it’s ‘cause we were gone for so long. Kathy says it’s because it is autumn.

Sept.7,2009 Our humans said, “Bye, see you later we’ll be gone part of the day on a ride.” They told us it was a special Labor Day ride. We wondered how special it could be when we weren’t going. Later, we heard that they drove winding roads, rode on a ferry and ended up at one of their usual stops… Culvers. Robb says it’s not a good ride if it doesn’t include ice cream.


The next two days Kathy was gone. She drove down to Milwaukee to participate in the 25th anniversary celebration for Praise Fellowship Church in Muskego. She met with many friends who she hadn’t seen in a long time. Pastor Greg received a motorcycle from the congregation.




After the Wednesday night service there was a fellowship meal in the Believer’s Room. Everyone seems to be in a festive mood…until, that is, you run out of steam as Pastors’ grand daughter, Bella did.




Early on Sunday I was awakened from a sound sleep by our crazy humans. What are they doing? Don’t they know I need my beauty sleep? It’s still dark out and they are up. Not only are they up but they’re dressed and ready to leave. Hey!  Where are you going?



They drove off before the sun was up. In fact they got a good picture of the sunrise while they drove through the fog to meet Jim and Barb Miller, who were playing for a CMA church service at a BMW rally in Wisconsin Dells.


The next weekend we were left alone in the trailer while Robb and Kathy went in the truck camper to yet another Bike Rally. This time it was in Tomahawk. They took all their music gear to sing at a couple CMA services. It will be pretty quiet around here this weekend!



Robb says that at rallies you get to see some of the newest bike ideas and accessories. Kathy said this is one of the most original ideas she’s seen for protecting your leather from theft! What do you think?




Robb likes visiting the venders. They stopped at this booth to get some patches sewn on.




Sept. 24 These next pictures are some of my favorites. They are silly but taken at a very serious time. Our Granny from the Kitty Spa is going to the hospital to have some breast cancer removed. Our humans and Kathy Jr. left for Milwaukee on the 23rd to stay by Granny. On the way they stopped at a gas station where Kathy Jr. found these glasses. The eyebrows and mustache wiggle when you blow into the mouthpiece! Everyone had to take part in the fun and get their picture taken.



Kathy Jr. loves her Granny a lot and didn’t let her job interfere with supporting Granny today. She was able to get some work done in the waiting room. Many people got a good laugh… the glasses did their job!



BTW Granny Pearl is fine. Everything went well and she is free of cancer. We know that many friends of our humans were praying for our Granny. We are glad to report that she never had any pain from surgery or from the radiation she received. She is one blessed Granny!


Sun. Sept 27 Today they left to go to church on the bike. They seldom do that Tasha said she heard them say they were driving up to Warrens, WI to Cranfest where Josh and Justin are marching in the parade. We told you they are busy going places.




What started out as a nice day turned out to be cloudy and rainy. The ride home for our two bikers was not all that warm. We’ve had many cloudy, rainy days. Some days we’ve been waiting for the furnace to come on so we can warm up. We each found our own vent to lie in front of. We love laying in the warm sunshine. When it came out one day we found it fast.





Look how dedicated these soccer parents are braving the cold weather, all bundled up and hoping the game is over before the rain hits. Josh is now a senior in high school. He has had a great soccer season. From these pictures you may see why this year he received the “Mr. Hustle” award.



With the autumn days comes winter preparation for the pole barn. It seems our humans are running out of room in the shed and decided to build a lofted 12’x14’ room to store more of their stuff. It was a big job. Robb enlisted Kathy’s help and without Jeff the stairs wouldn’t have been built. Kathy Jr. tried to help but it seems she had the saw backwards…nice try though!



I don’t know of anyone who likes to clean more than our human, Kathy, but even this mess was a challenge for her. She did finish and in the end there was a place for everything. The pole barn was ready for its winter hibernation.



Kathy likes autumn. She took many pictures around our yard. Her grand daughter, Nevaeh is now in school in Florida. Kathy sent her colorful leaves, acorns and pictures of their autumn scenery for show and tell at school. Maybe you’d like to see what we see here in Elroy in the fall. Kathy says…beeeeeautiful!



The time is drawing near to leave Wisconsin. The Son Light Riders wanted to get together for farewells. One night Robb and Kathy met John and Donna Hadin for dinner at the only Italian restaurant in Mauston. Then Sunday afternoon a group gathered at the Country Kitchen and finally they said bye to Vicki in Tomah.



Oct. 13, 2009 The countdown begins! Temps have been in the low 20’s overnight. Robb had to winterize the water system for the pole barn. Now we have to use the trailer’s water tank and pump because there’s no running water. And that’s not all; we woke up to a dusting of snow.




Oct 14, 2009 There was a quick drive to the Milwaukee area to say goodbye to some of the family. First there was goodbye to Granny Pearl then off to Mukwonago to see Kathy’s brother, Gregg and his wife Shelly, where these pictures were taken.



Oct.15,2009 There was still plenty of work to do before leaving. Robb dressed warmly in his Carharts to finish up. All that hard work can make you hungry. When Robb took a short break we served him some pizza then supervised him while he ate… well… OK, so we were begging.



Hey, it worked, didn’t it?



Oct. 16, 2009 Kathy Jr. stopped by to see her mom and dad and give her mom a floral arrangement that she made last night. After long hugs, tears and a time of prayer together, she left…it was as sad as any movie we had ever seen. Goodbyes are so… oh Mikey, just give me the box of tissues please!



It’s dark out and we haven’t left yet. Tasha and I have been ready since Kathy left. We’re not excited about going in the pet carrier but we are looking forward to warmer weather. We’ll soon be in Florida!




Here we are on the road once more…unfortunately that means riding in a plastic cage for part of the time but the good part is we see things most cats can only dream about. Shortly before leaving Wisconsin, a trip to Milwaukee produced a new motorcycle trailer. See our new haul? It’s a traveling garage for the bike.



We are at Indian Lakes in Batesville, Indiana. Kathy went out this morning to take pictures because, “the autumn colors here are good and the morning air is invigorating!” Robb is nursing a sore back since he strained it trying to move the new (much heavier) cycle trailer on gravel.



From the many scenic shots taken by Kathy, she likes this one best. She got snippy with me when I asked her what was so special about a pile of leaves that fell off a tree.  Maybe if there’d been a squirrel to chase or a mouse to scare up the tree… Eventually she did find a way to convince me that it is very special…now where is she with that treat?




I am also beginning to realize how very wonderful the flower arrangement is that Kathy Jr. made for her…yes, it is very special! It is center stage in the trailer… Yes indeed.



We are packing up and going to Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum. We will stay on the grounds in our trailer. Robb and Kathy are volunteers there for 2 weeks. Both of them are very excited about it.



Robb was assigned to carpentry, building sets until his back gave out. He was laid up for three days. We had to share the comfy bed with him all day long. Days later he returned to light duty work. Kathy was given two jobs; housekeeping, a perfect job for her and on the line in the cafe.They even had time to meet Ken Ham, founder of AIG and the Museum.




Robb and Kathy said this Museum is awesome, both inside and out. Kathy took me for a walk in the Gardens one day when Robb was nursing his back. The autumn season made for some nice pictures. She assured me that I would be just fine when we walked through the zoo. I wasn’t convinced so when we got up close, I hid my head inside her jacket.




Mikey had a good laugh at my cowardice but he got his turn when he toured the Museum inside. He came back a few shades lighter brown!




Our humans said they had such a wonderful time that they will return in April to volunteer again. They also would like you to visit AIG’s website where you can visit the Creation Museum and learn many more interesting facts about God and His Creation.     



Nov.3, 2009  After leaving the Museum we drove south for two days arriving at the Bee’s in Clermont, Florida on Nov. 3. It wasn’t long before our humans were out the door to see Rob, Jamie and the kids. Kathy says it has been six months since they’ve seen them. The reunion was fun. Big smiles were plentiful!



The next day Rob stopped in with the kids after Nevaeh was done with school. We got our welcome back from them but we weren’t smiling. We hid. Our humans were happy about the visit.



Friday, our humans went to Real Life Christian Church to see son, Rob sing for worship. This family likes to sing!



The scary ones like coming for overnight stays. They get special attention from our humans. They wasted no time. The first Saturday at the Bee’s the oldest, Nevaeh stayed. She likes helping Kathy make carrot juice and seems to like the taste. She also was determined to go swimming even though the pool water was cold.



Next was Eydon’s turn. He was soooo ready with his bags packed. He, on the other hand likes to help Robb. Here he was just the right counter weight Robb needed to stretch the awning for tightening.



It seems that these kids have fun with our humans. I don’t know… they are useful for Tasha and me like getting us treats and stuff, but fun?  Now chasing your tail around in circles…that’s fun!




I think most of you know that before our humans retired they worked as educators. Kathy sometimes misses her work with little kids and sits these three down for reading, writing and coloring.




Our humans are very thankful for many things. On Thanksgiving Day, besides giving thanks, Kathy and Jamie made a big, delicious turkey meal with all the trimmings. Robb and Rob said there’s an unwritten law that while the ladies are cooking the big meal, the guys have to watch football... so, they did.



As much as Tasha and I like turkey, stuffing and all those yummy veggies, along with pumpkin pie for dessert, we decided to stay home. We heard it was going to be crowded at the table.



Yeah, that’s right Mikey, so we asked Kathy to bring home a couple of kitty–bags of our favorite foods. It’s a good thing we put in our order early. Jordan looks hungry! He had a great time because his mom, Denise visited for a few days. He happily ate his meal while sitting on her lap? See, the table was full. No room for cats!



We were sorry that we missed being part of the family photo.




Dec. 12, 2009 Two weeks later there was another visitor. Little Kathy landed at Orlando Airport. Our humans drove to pick her up and take her to Rob and Jamie’s house, where she will try to absorb all the love and fun that she can in just five days. She spoils the kids something terrible and they LOVE IT… you’ll see.




Looks like she didn’t waste any time. It was late but they all had to get their hugs in and fun time with her…then it was off to bed.



Kathy slept on a big air mattress in the girl’s room. She said she loved it. Waking up and going to sleep with these three, brought her great joy. I heard that they went for walks and bike rides. They played, ate and slept together for five full days. Mikey and I only got to see Kathy one night, the night before she flew back to Wisconsin and she didn’t hug us like that or read to us.



On Wed. Dec. 16 it was Eydon’s 4th birthday. There was a party. Even Jordan came to celebrate. They started again with food…Tasha! We should have gone. Look they had one of our favorites…Spaghetti Pie.



Not only did they eat one of our favorite meals, Tasha is mew-oaning about the delicious chocolate cake. Hey Tasha, you can do without the cake. Believe me, I say this in the most loving, sincere way… you’re just squeezing thru the cat door to the litter box!




Eydon is crazy about Curious George. His Pretty Auntie Kathy made sure he had new George PJ’s. Here’s a note to Kathy Jr. from Tasha, “ I love Hello Kitty and I wear a size medium.” (Kathy, this is Mikey, you better make that a size LARGE!)


The night did not end with Eydon’s celebration. Tomorrow Kathy Jr. leaves for Wi. She and Jeff bought gifts for all three kid’s birthdays.  Nevaeh’s in Feb. and Aysha’s in Apr. Then they opened presents for Christmas, which is a little over a week away. Did we mention that Jeff and Kathy spoil these kids?




Before all the craziness of birthdays and Christmas presents, many portrait shots were taken by Kathy Jr. Tasha and I like this one of our family. It’s pretty cool but it would have been much better with a couple of friendly felines in the center of it all.



One last Christmas activity to top the night off. Cookies! I hope they save some for us. Yes Mikey, I know… cat door!



This is the hard part…saying goodbye! Ok Tasha, I’m getting the tissues!




Christmas arrived with all the presents, singing and merriment that goes with it.




It was a busy day. Over an hour was spent opening gifts.



Then a time of craziness that is typical with our humans but even more so when you add in these three!



Later in the afternoon everyone headed out for a potluck dinner at Winter Garden RV Park where we are staying for a week. Our humans ate with their family then manned their guitars as they provided an hour of Christmas music for all who attended.



Rob, Jamie and family left to attend their weekly CR Worship service. It was Friday and CR operates for anyone who is hurting…even on Christmas. 

 2010! The New Year brought us back to the Bee’s Resort for two weeks. Our humans spent many days over by the little humans again.



On Sundays Robb and Kathy play music for the church services in the Bee Hive. This is Brother Ken and his wife Gail. Ken preaches on Sundays and seems to really love our humans and their music.



There is a song writer, Ray at the Bees who has befriended our humans too. These three musicians lead worship together. One Sunday, after the congregation left, Ray recorded a part from one of his songs, “He’s The One” that Robb and Kathy are recording on their next CD.



The middle of January came and we were on the road again to stay in Wauchula and Zephyrhills for a week each. Our humans performed at both locations. Along the way they took time to meet with some friends.


 The Kowalski’s are long time friends and Donna Bergmann’s parents. Some of you may remember Bob and Donna Bergmann from our 2007 travels.


Robb and Kathy met Mabel, a 97 year old retired teacher, when they played at her assisted living community in Mauston this past fall. She bought one of their CD’s and said they should visit her and daughter, Carol in Florida this winter…so here we are.


We often meet interesting people. In Zephyrhills we parked next to Gisele an 87 year old, retired school teacher from France. She had interesting stories to tell and I liked hearing her French accent. She was very nice to all of us.



At the end of January we returned to the Bee’s for 4 weeks. But instead of parking in A- Row with the roar of Hwy. 27 traffic next to us we set up on the other side of the park across from the back lake. It was very nice…the traffic was a whisper and the sounds of nature were abundant. Kathy would step outside just to listen to the birds.



No sooner had we settled in when our humans were on stage again performing for the residents at the Bee’s. They sold lots of CD’s. Tasha and I are amazed how much people like our human’s music! You know Mikey experts say, cats have much sharper hearing than humans. Yeah Tasha…that explains it!



This winter is rather cold and rainy but that doesn’t dampen the fun our humans have with their grandkids. Mikey and I wanted to go to Steak & Shake but we were told we had to wear these silly hats. I wouldn’t have anything to do with it, not even for a hot fudge sundae with cashews, whipped cream and a cherry on top… did I really say that?!



Curious George is watching himself on TV. Leave it to Eydon…. Kathy had to take a picture of it to share with all of you.



Kids do funny things. Eydon and Aysha said they were decorating the trailer like when they helped daddy decorate the Christmas tree. Nevaeh had a special day. She missed school to stay by our humans after having a wart removed from under her eye.



Despite the very unseasonably cold, wet weather this family was determined to have fun anyway. They threw their coats on and headed out for the yard where football was on the minds of some.



You may have heard this is the coldest winter Florida has ever had. Robb does his best to warm up this tribe.



The warm sunshine showed up on Sat. the 20th. It is Nevaeh’s 6th birthday tomorrow. Rob and Jamie invited her friends from school and church to attend. What a good day for Tasha and I to stay home! Oh my, Mikey, can you even begin to imagine….15 scary ones, all at one time. I think I’m getting dizzy. Take it easy Tasha. Just breathe and don’t look at the picture.



Back at the Bee's, Ray is well loved by the residents. They showed up by the dozens to see him perform at the Bee Hive, where there was standing room only. Robb recorded Ray live and made a CD for him to sell. Ray’s songs touch the hearts of many including our humans who are recording two of his songs on their next CD.





February is a busy month for the Music Ministry. Our humans played many times and were happy with the number of CD’s that were sold.



It’s no secret that Robb and Kathy enjoy eating out. They also like a good potluck dinner. They’ll eat at one any chance they get. Robb has a saying that he learned from Bob Bergmann, “if it’s free, make a pig of yourself.” This may help you to understand why Tasha talks so much about food. It’s a learned behavior.



Our month at the Bee’s is up but before we leave the area, Robb made plans with the family to gather around the table again! This time it’s at Flipper’s Pizza in Clermont.



Robb and Kathy said they are going to miss all this family fun…they will have to amuse each other for 2 weeks!




March 2,2010  Have you ever made a mistake so bad that all you could do was laugh?  Our two very experienced RVer’s drove 3 hours south to our next destination, Wauchula only to find out we were a week early. We were supposed to drive 45 minutes north of Clermont to Wildwood. Hey, mistakes happen. When we arrived in Wildwood the office was closed. We found a site to set up for the week.

Can you believe it? Saturday they drove down to Clermont for church ‘cause Rob was singing, afterwards they hung out at McDonald’s. We thought there was a 2 week period where we were supposed to have Robb and Kathy to ourselves…



The week went by fast. The next thing we knew, we were on the turnpike headed for Wauchula…again. Robb and Kathy like walking the trails in this park but didn’t get many chances. Florida has been cold and wet this year. It rained a bunch. You think I’m joking?




Our hose and power cord were under water. Camp streets were flooded too. Some campers were stuck and had to get pulled out of their sites because the ground was so wet, they sunk down, unable to move.



But…we got to spend more time with Robb and Kathy inside. I love cuddling on Kathy’s warm, comfy lap. Ahhh, …

Hey Tasha! Snap out of it! You forget they are also working on their new CD. Do you remember --- their singing?!  I wonder if someone makes ear plugs for cats?



Not only did this week turn out not to be the quiet, relaxing time we had anticipated. But on Saturday, Jamie packed the kids up in the mini van and drove down to visit us. Well, what kind of a 2 week reprieve from the scary ones is this?



Golf carts are a popular mode of transportation in resorts. Here in this picture you can see the scary ones got a ride around the park from Janie Jenkins. Not that I’m jealous but… why do they have all the fun?



You’re right Mikey. They sure know how to wrap people around their little claws. Look here! They got treated to ICE CREAM!!!! UMMMM, I like butter pecan. And yes Mikey, I know….the cat door!



The resort has a Chapel where Sunday services are held. People from the park and even from 30 miles away come to listen to the music and Pastor Ed preach. Kathy and Robb always help out with music.



This is Pastor Ed and wife, Janie. Tomorrow Ed is having back surgery. The church prayed for both Ed and Janie.



It turns out these two weeks have been good for the music ministry and for selling CD’s. Kathy always has her camera when they perform. She seldom remembers, but finally did and took an audience picture at Peace River.



Tuesday was moving day. Now it’s back to the Bee’s for 4 weeks. We left Peace River Resort with good news that pastor Ed’s surgery was a great success!



Back at the Bee’s we settled in and were actually able to work on our tans. The sun began staying out for more than one or two days. Tasha and I both felt this was a good spot. Either this chair is shrinking or Tasha is getting…well, I won’t say it. I’m sure the chair is shrinking!


Our humans have a friend, Vicki who is the activities director at the Bee’s. She was surprised one Sunday after church to find that there was a birthday party secretly awaiting her in the Beehive. We all went and had a good time. Tasha was glad to see all the food and desserts people brought!



Robb and Kathy worshipped every Sunday when they were in Clermont with Ray, Brother Ken and the whole Bee’s church family. They have many good memories.



Along with the last days there is crunch time to get more recording done but still have plenty of time to spend with family and friends. They take a Friday evening to share one last night at CR where Rob leads worship.



This is a difficult time for our humans. Time in Florida is drawing to a close. They are doing many things with Rob, Jamie and the kids. They are taking lots of pictures of everyday life and special occasions.



April 2010



The day comes when it is their last night together. After dinner more pictures are taken including the family portrait entitled Farewell to Montverde.



Of course no farewell photo session would be complete without the ever-famous, crazy shot. We couldn’t decide which one is sillier, you choose!




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