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Tantra And Tantric Massage With Roxana In Center Barcelona

I have been trained in the best schools of tantric massage and tantra in India and Spain by large schools and internationally recognized teachers, real and verifiable schools as the great temple Hindu Sai India in Barcelona, the Ashram Kathmandu Tantric in Barcelona, the Tantric Shiva Indian Ashram in Mumbai and Ashram Tantric Shiva Indian in Barcelona Center, as well as the native Nataraj Ayurvedic Institute in Barcelona city. Native schools of the India and Nepal that give faith and certify my quantification and training.

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The Tantric massage is a conscious experience that explores body libido, the path of well-being and intense pleasure through maneuvers Tantric traditional of the India, made with gentleness and respect, delicacy and sensitivity.


Tantric massage increases the capacity of the pleasure in several States, both bodily and psychic, favoring the consciousness of the body and observing and controlling the pleasure for that not you check to ti. Allowing the release of energies and to expand your mind, as well as the balancing of emotions and feelings and controlling in a way more effective in your loving encounters.



Sessions from an hour, hour and a half, two hours and three hours depending on how driving your itinerary and sexuality.

I am a young girl a Roxana of 28 years, you welcome to my site of tantric relaxation. I do not offer sex services or services of naked mutual intimate promiscuous since we all know very well that if someone offers such services, is not massage or tantra sites or philosophies, we do not offer naked mutual intimate promiscuous and not improvisations of bodies to bodies with anyone because it is not prostitution services and only Eastern Tantric massage is the real original learned from real and verifiable teachers who we mentioned in our web site and don't pass a service that is not anything else, bone does not deceive anyone passing a promiscuous erotic service cheap common, as if a bone tantra massage not teasing not deception

It is important to mention that to differentiate an erotic service promiscuous risk is that service offering a plus of "massage" with nude sessions mutual intimate with strangers, bodies to bodies, which can interact with that person that undresses him at first sight and saved a letter if you offer him a little money for their services bone would be you attending a promiscuous risks website activities prior pay disguised as a Tantric massage escort site. It's a perfect way to differentiate an erotic service which is not tantra massage.

A tantra massage is of personal respect, where the only Honoree is who this free living dress and your Tantric Guide, never this naked, does naked mutual intimate or bodies to bodies, because it is not a simple erotic improviser because then it would be a service promiscuous escort of bed, disguised as a Tantric massage which is not real Tantric massage. the difference a Tantric massage of erotic service which is not the same.

Well, differentiate service erotic improvised promiscuous nudes intimate mutual risk with strangers to live an authentic Tantric massage where there is the possibility that the masseuse undress with you because then it would not be a real, if not an escort to Wiles clamuflaje genuine Tantric massage to people who are unaware of the real tantra massage.

  Prolongs, Power And Stimulates The Authentic Tantric Massage. 

Learn how to enrich your sacred sexuality and expands your knowledge controlling more and more with the Hindu Lingam massage. Seven different techniques depending on your control and knowledge, None is aqual

All Hindu & Nepalese Space…..Candles, Incense, Scents, Sounds Magical And Mystical Indian Music For The Senses, Pure Oils Ayurvedic Of India  And Nepalese. 

Tantric lingam hindu Massage 

Seven (7) Different Tantric Lingam Massage.

Ten (10) Different Tantric Masage.

To visit me, you have to make an appointment, always with an hour earlier.

(+0034) 648 633 313 Roxana

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If you're a / professional
in Tantric Oriental disciplines and you want to enter in our links of serious professionals send your website to check where you have studied, if it is correct you will be linked on my web site.

Does not support pages of promiscuous erotic services nude mutual intimate or body body of prostitution and anything that relates to you since these services as we all well know it is not tantra or alternative therapies all announcement that not this this page link are not serious sites due to lack of accreditation and lack of conr that if you're a real real real therapist entitled and you can prove it this way would be in my recommended links, if it doesn't not want to link your website or blog spot...

Tantric Ritual Golden Massage An Hour And a Half.


Tantric Mahituna To Couples

Tantra Four Hands Massage Shiva And Shakty..One Our, An Hour And a Half, Two Our.

 Sambala Massage..One our

Ayurvedic Massage..One Our

Tantric Indian Sensitive Massage..One Our.

Candles, incense, scents, natural oils of Ayurveda and Indian music for the senses.


 Roxana 28 years, professional technical Eastern Tantric qualified in two large ashrams internationally recognized, Ashram Kathmandú Tántrico of Barcelona and by the Ashram Tantric Shiva Indian Barcelona.

Disciples of two great and distinguished guides and masters of Tantrism upper Nasser Hadi and Rajeev Nassib Krishna Mahan native of the India, disciple of the teacher of yoga tantra Shaalu Khunda native of India.We are in the Center of Barcelona. Privileged area.With all the amenities within our facilities, heating and air conditioning centrallizada you for your complete comfort.

 With all the amenities within our facilities, heating and air conditioning centrallizada you for your complete comfort.In our facilities fully discrete you can walk naked if so what you want and you won't find absolutely anyone. That is why we work only with appointments always agreed with one hour before.

Call : +0034 648 633 313 Roxana

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