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What is the Tacky Treasure Gift Competition?  It’s a celebration of all things tacky and it takes place every year around the holidays between two best friends in Des Moines, Iowa.  Check out our History page to learn how the competition was born and what treasures the previous years of competition have garnered.


How does it work??  Every year a category is chosen and both competitors scrounge thrift stores, flea markets, ebay and other auction sites for the most fabulously tacky item within that category.  The “treasures” are then exchanged and voted upon by unbiased peers and family members in order to determine a winner.  It’s become a hallowed tradition that families and friends look forward to every year. And now you, the internet masses, can get in on the fun as well!


Check out the Rules page for more specific information on the details of the exchange and voting procedures.



Tacky Treasure Competition 2014

The time has come at last. The starting bell has chimed. Yes - it's time to commence voting for the 2014 Tacky Treasure Competition! 

In case you need a reminder, this year's category is clocks.

Our first entry is a staple in the field of tacky lawn ornaments but now she's stepping into the limelight as a clock too.

It's Lola the Flamingo! Sure she doesn't have any legs, and it's hard to really tell what time it is (half past a flamingo's #ss?), but she is classy! A must have for any self respecting tacky connoisseur!

Our second entry is an alarm clock that's just bursting to wish you a good mooning!

This happy fellow (he seems like a 'Frank' to me - 'Frank-farter') can't wait to fart your day off right with a butt trumpet version of the reveille.

Choose wisely my friends. 

How do you vote???  Well, we're now on Facebook! Come visit our Tacky Treasure Facebook page to cast your vote, see updates, trash talk, and of course, tacky photos. http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Tacky-Treasure-Competition/291466597544534

Not on Facebook?  You can also send your vote to tackytreasurecompetition@yahoo.com.  Please vote only once.

Happy Voting

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