(N)Nordskjaerets Natasha SIB n 22

Gr. 3

(N) Nordskjaerets Natasha Maxim, Natasha is now transferred to Mona Eggen

EMS; SIB n 22
Born; 03.06.2014
Father; (N)Carillocat Maxim O`Nirvana SIB n 22
Mother; GIC (N)Nordskjaerets Dinah SIB ny 22
Oppdretter og eier; Synnove S Settemsdal

HCM; 14.07.15 normal 
Blood group;
Cs.genet; gen test C/C not carrier of cs gen (15.06.2015)

x 3    x 5 

Mother; GIC (N)Nordskj?rets Dinah DVM SIB ny 22 

Pappaen (N)CarilloCat Maxim O`Nirvana SIB n 22 


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