Today the cat of the year list came out in Norway and SC (N)CarilloCat Filos made the SECOND ADULT MALE ( Nr 2) of the year 2016 in cat 2 among both females and males! And the BEST ADULT MALE in Norway <3 And he has only been to 10/19 Norwegian shows!! ️️️I am so proud of this fantastic boy <3 <3 <3
Thank you for this amazing male Kari G Hansen and Jan Kolpus

I am a proud and touched breeder today, when I got the message that IC (N) Nordskjærets Quatro Sivert with Royal Canin launch of new Siberian fodder in Russia :-)
Thank you to the owner Sören Kedert and Susan Kedert because they do this possible <3
And thank you Ekaterina Khudoshina who sendt us the picture from Royal Canin and Quatro :-)

Denne jenta vil bli (N) Nordskjærets nye avlskatt, (N) Nordskjærets Quinny SIB ny 22

Basko Bulat Viavalavita * RU, the winner of the photo competition of Royal Canin 2014!


IC PL*Aryskotracja Lady Makbet on show in Adelkattens Christmas show, 29-30.11.14  :-)

(N) Nordskjærets Natasha Maxim on Adelkattens Christmas show 29-30.11.14 
2 x EX 1, 2 x BIV, 2 x NOM ( 2 votes in panel Sunday)


Berak 16 - 17.02.2013 

GIC (N)Nordskjaeret`s Dinah 

2 x BIS 



2 x BIS 



(N) Nordskjaeret`s Dinah ble ?rets ungdyr i den svenske Sibirklubben S?sk i 2011. Dinah ble nr 2 i ?rets ungdyr i Sibirkattens venner 2011!     

    Jeg er s? stolt av henne!


 Jeg trenger forvert til en nydelig gutt/jente, er du interessert s? ring for en katteprat uten forpliktelser, 

                                                                                            tlf 95 21 51 82.


(N)Nordskjaeret`s Dinah SIB ny 22, EX1+BIV-U+NOM+


In Sundsvall on Siberian show in September-11 (6-10 months)

Har du lyst til ? v?re forvert, ring meg for en uforpliktende katteprat. Du b?r helst v?re fra Nordm?re eller S?r-Tr?ndelag, men ingen betingelser!

Kontakt meg:  [email protected] Please send e.mail from your mail, because I dont get the e.mail from my webside:-((

Ring gjerne for en katteprat tlf. 95215182

(N)Nordskj?ret`s Duke SIB n 22, brother to my Dinah!


 IC Santa Cruz Azalea*DE ble i Borl?nge l?rdag Internasjonal Champion + BIV T + NOM og


STORSJ?KATTEN I MAI: DE * SANTA CRUZ Azalea ble l?rdag 1.5.10 EX1 + BIV + NOM og s?ndag 2.5.10 ble hun EX1 + BIV + NOM og



                              Ved Kontakt, mail meg til min mail adresse;  [email protected] . tlf Eller 0047 95215182

 R.I.P 27.03.12 my beautifully IC DE*Santa Cruz Azalea SIB fy 22, I miss you so much, and I will never forget you!


R.I.P my beautifully CH S*Gorabellas Gorislava SIB n 23.

CH S * GORABELLAS GORISLAVA SIB n 23                                                                                  


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