Sylvester Aviaries



Our address is 192   Schoolhouse Road,  RR 2 Maidstone On.  N0R 1K0.    Our phone number is 519 727 -3766  and our E-mail address is

Welcome to the Sylvester Aviaries webpage!

Sylvester Aviaries is located in Lakeshore (formerly Maidstone township), about a half hour drive away from Windsor, Ontario.

We are members of the Essex-Kent Cage Birds Society

2010 success at the Essex-Kent bird show in Windsor


Trophies won by Sylvester Aviaries at the annual Essex-Kent Cage bird society bird show in Windsor 2013

- Of the ten best hookbills in the show we won 3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 10th,

-We won all five trophies for Lovebirds

- We had 2nd  Best Cockatiel, 3rd best Cockatiel

- Best  young small parrot and 3rd best parrot.

At the London and District Cage Bird Show(Oct 12 & 13 2013) we won

-All 3 trophies give for Lovebirds

-Best Cockatiel

- Best  adult  Cockatiel

-Best White face Cockatiel

- Best small parrot

-Best young small parrot

-Best young overall parrot



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