Hope For Sydney

Living on Faith.....Looking for a Miracle

Minnie Mouse and Sydney

Our Make a wish trip was simply AMAZING!! I can not put into words how special we were treated at Give Kids the World, Disney, Sea World, and several other Florida attractions....Thank you Make-A-Wish!

Sydney got the "Royal Treatment" from the entire Pooh crew!!

Nose to Nose!

It just couldn't get any better!

Not every kid gets a kiss from Snow White!!!

Bear in the Big Blue House gave Sydney a totally private 15 min. show with all of his friends!

This is Sydney's clip in the Make-A-Wish newsletter.

Her smile says it all!

Most kids never get to see more than one character at a time....for Sydney, this was quite common.

The entire Dr. Suess crew took Sydney "back stage" for an up close and personal meeting!

Barney made us all feel like personal friends during his "after the show" photo shoot!

It wasn't all make believe! Sydney loved the petting zoo!

They were still giving instructions on how to catch a chicken when Sydney already had hers!

No Fear!! Gatorland was fun!

She wanted to bring Rafikki home, he was so sweet to her!

There was a BEAUTIFUL Merry-go-round at "Give Kids the World", the village where we stayed. Sydney rode EVERY day at least 3 times.....before breakfast! A child's dream come true! A parents delight to watch them smile!

Did I mention that we took over 700 photographs....! It was an incredible week! Thank you Make-A-Wish!!