Vintage Swiss Postcards

GrŁezi mitenand !

Postcard Album on CD-ROM

Now available:  a self-running CD-ROM that operates like a virtual postcard album, allowing you to view the 700+ vintage Swiss postcards from 1898 to 1959 on your PC (or Mac) at your leisure!

For USA shipments    : 

  Only US$ 16.00 postpaid

For Foreign shipments: 

  Only US$ 19.00 postpaid


Swiss Postcards DVD


Now view the 700+ Swiss postcards from 1898 - 1959 on your TV.   The same cards are shown as in the CD-ROM, but this will run on your TV through DVD-player (works with standard or BluRay players).





For USA shipments    :  

  ($16 postpaid)

For Foreign shipments:  

  ($19 postpaid)


Note: The DVD is in the "NTSC" (standard USA) TV format.  If you want a version in "PAL" (the TV standard used in Europe and some other parts of the world), please let me know and I will create a PAL-compatible version for you. 

   (PAL version - $22 postpaid)


BluRay Disks options:

The same as the DVD, but in BluRay format (USA TV format only).  This is the best possible format for viewing and the same postcards look much sharper than on the DVD.

For USA shipments:  

 ($22.00 postpaid)



An even better deal:   Get both the CD-ROM and the DVD for one low price!


For USA Shipments:     

  (only $26, a $5 discount!)

For USA Shipments:     

  (only $29, a $5 discount!)

Note: The above is for a CD & BluRay disk combination! 


For Foreign Shipments: 

  (only $31, a $7 discount) NOTE: DVD is NTSC version

For Foreign Shipments:  

  (only $34, a $7 discount) NOTE: DVD is PAL version




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