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About Me

Hi, I go by the name of Wanda Bea, or W.B., on this website. I have played The Sims 2 game since 2006. I have had my share of ups and downs with the game, but regardless of what I've gone though, I am quite surprised that I am still playing this somewhat old game to this day. The name "Wanda Bea" is not my real, legal name, because there is no way I want to use my real, legal name for Sim-related activities. The reason why I choose this pen name is that I like the way it sounds; it sounds like "Wanna Be". Get it? I crack myself up sometimes. Ha-ha. Me and my bad jokes.

The purpose of this website is to host my own creations. I've created numerous things in the past, but I have never really had my own website with my own rules. So, I can pretty much do whatever I want here, and everything I say goes. Why? Because this is my territory, and I am the Queen of the realm SweetieSims.

Feel free to relax, download, and sign my guestbook. If you feel that you must address some concerns or issues with my custom content, please send me an e-mail about the problematic custom content. 



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