Family History




Born: 1711 Wisborough Green

Married: 1738 Wisborough Green Ann Carpenter

Married: before 1756 Sarah

Died: 1803 Wisborough Green

The occurrence of the unusual name Bray suggest that William Williams may have been the son of or related to Bray Williams bapt 11/12/1681 Wisborough Green son of Henry and Margaret Williams

He married 19 October 1738 Ann Carpenter. I have only been able to find a baptism entry for their daughter Mary, though it seems very probable that they were also the parents of William Williams Jr.

When William was buried 17/1/1803 in Wisborough Green he had reached the grand age of 91. His second wife Sarah was buried 16/10/1806 aged 82

Williamís son Bray Williams passed the name onto his son Bray 1787-1851 and this Bray became the master of Wisborough Green workhouse with his wife Elizabeth as matron. On the 1841 census the staff listed was a schoolmistress and a cordwainer. Presumably female inmates helped with the domestic work. There were 71 inmates. In 1851 the paid staff only appear to have consisted of the same schoolmistress as 1841 and a 68 year old labourer. There were now 74 inmates, and all but six were under 16. It would seem that this workhouse specialised in children? The 6 adults were youngish women, one a needlewoman, another a laundress so I imagine they would have worked there using their occupations. The Wisborough Green workhouse was an L-shaped building, its west wing contained (starting at the west) a wash-house, the Master's room, and a hall. The south wing contained (starting at the north) a board-room, and two school rooms. There was a small single-storey cottage at the north-east corner. The area enclosed by the two main wings was the boys' exercise yard. A small building at the east of The Old Workhouse's garden may have been a mortuary.

Richard Williams who was buried in 1803 aged 77 could possibly have been his brother to William.

Children: Mary Williams born 1739

William Williams born about 1740 married 1772 Ann Luff

Bray Williams born 1756 died 1816 married 1784 Lydia Matthews married 1804 Mary Burchell

Benedicta Williams born 1758 died 1803 married 1779 James Kingett

John Williams born 1760 died 1816 married 1787 Elizabeth Bridger

Ann Williams born1765 died1783