Family History




BORN: 1779 Harting

Father: Francis Shier

Mother: Elizabeth Jackson

Baptised; 4/9/1779 Harting

Died: 15/7/1857 (note 2)

Buried: 18/7/07 West Dean

Married: 15/12/1802 Harting (see Note 1)

Spouse; Hannah Munden

Born; 1782 Wickham (Witcham) Hants

Father: James Munden

Mother: Hannah Fisher

Died: 1864 Westbourne district

Children: Ann Shier b 1804 Harting

George Shier b 1805 Harting

Henry Shier b. 1808 West Dean

Martha Shier b. 1811 West Dean

James Shier b. 1813 West Dean

Emily Shier b. 1817 West Dean

Francis Shier b. 1821 West Dean

Hannah SHier b. 1824-West Dean

William Shier b. 1825 West Dean

1841 census: Residing West Dean

1851 census; Residing West Dean. Occupation; agricultural labourer on the parish living with son William, his wife Sarah and their son Philip

1861 census: Hannah living West Dean with grandchild Henry and Martha Caplin . Henry b 1831 West Dean & Martha 1839 Chichester, and their children Thomas Caplin b 1858 West Dean and William Caplin b 1860 West Dean

Note 1; Marriage witnessed by Lucy Nash and Thomas Blackmore

Note 2: Died aged 77 of old age chronic bronchitis, informant Hannah Ellis.



Born: 1804 Harting

Father: Francis Shier

Mother: Hannah Munden

Baptised: 15/7/1804 Harting

Married: 16/8/1828 West Dean

Spouse James Steel

Born: 1802 Midhurst (see Note 1)

Died: 1870 Chichester

Children: Matthew Whittington b 27/2/1825

Sarah Steel b 1828 West Dean

Charlotte Steel b 1835

Mary Steel b 1836

Hannah Steel b 1838

Ann Steel b 1840 Chichester

James Steel b 1841 Chichester (see note 2)

1841 census: Residing Priory Street, Chichester. Occupation: labourer

1861 census: Residing St Pancras St, Chichester. Occupation: malster (journeyman). George Smith child of ? living with them

1871 census: Widow Ann residing St Pancras St. Occupation laundress. Son james, plumber living with her, also George Arnitt lodger aged 18 and Mary and John Cosmore (aged 30, shipwright born Bosham). Maryís age means she may have been Annís daughter but I can find no marriage.

Note 1: Census return gives place of birth Midhurst but there are James Steels bapt 6/3/1903 Westbourne son of William & Ann or 18/7/1803 Westbourne son of James & Elizabeth

Note 2: James Steel. 1841 census: aged 2 months. 1861 census: occupation: painter 1871 census: reisiding with mother. Occupation: plumber


Born: 7/7/1805 harting

Father: Francis Shier

Mother: Hannah Munden

Baptised: 7/7/1805 Harting

Died: 11/10/1881 Chichester

Married: 8/6/1829 St peter the Less, Chichester

Spouse: Sarah Riddell

Died; 3/1/1849 Chichester

Married: 1851 Chichester

Spouse: Martha Blackmore (born Nash) (see Note 1)

Baptised: 14/7/1822 Funtington

Parents: Thomas & Lucy Nash

Died: 1890 Chichester

Children: William Shier b 1830 West Dean? bapt 4/4/1830 St Peter L (see Note 6)

Mary Shier b 1831 Chichester bapt 11/12/1831 St peter L

Jane Shier b 1834 Chichester bapt 18/1/1834 St Peter L

Lucy Shier b 1836 Singleton bapt 1/1/1837 Singleton (see Note 2)

Sophia Shier b 1839 Singleton (bapt 29/3/1839 Singleton) (see Note 3)

George Shier b 29/9/1841 Chichester (see further on)

Agnes Shier b 1845 Chichester (bapt 22/6/1845 St Peter G)

Alfred J Shier b 1856 Chichester (see Note 4)

Sarah Shier b 1858 Chichester

Francis Shier b 1860 Chichester (see Note 5)

1841: Residing Chichester. Occupation: labourer

1851 census: Residing West Gate, Chichester. Widower. Occupation: Jobbing

Martha Blackmore widow is pauper in Easebourne workhouse. Occupation farm labourer. With her is Thomas Blackmore blacksmith and George Blackmore 9.

1871 census: Residing 3 New Boyl Street, Chichester

1881 census: residing 3 New Boyl St, Chichester.

Note 1: Martha Nash married James Blackmore in Harting 4/10/1839. he may have been baptised Harting as James Chitty Blackmore son of Mary Blackmore 5/12/1813. He died 1841 (Dec q). Son George was baptised 18/10/1840. He may have been the George Blackmore living in Chichester on census returns.

Note 2: Lucy Shier m 27/3/1864 South Bersted William Hill

Note 3: Sophia Shier m 14/2/1857 South bersted, Joseph Edwin Ragless b 1837 son of Joseph & Mary Ann Ragless (bapt 26/3/1837 South Bersted)

Note 4: Alfred J Shier. Died 1931. married in Chichester Ann, born 1857

Note 5: Francis Shier. Died 1915. Married 1882 Chichester (Louisa) Caroline Green b. 1856, bapt 19/10/1856 Pagham daughter of James & Emily

1881 census: residing with parents. Occupation: labourer

Note 6: Married Eliza Parsons born abt 1834 Chichester.

1881 census residing Campbells Cottage, South pallant. Occupation: dardener domestic. Niece Eliza E parsons, 18, born Chichester, dressmaker, living with them


Born: 1808 Harting

Father: Francis Shier

Mother: Hannah Munden

Baptised: 6/8/18108 Harting

Died: 1865 Harting

Married: 3/4/1831

Spouse: Ann Howard

Children: Frances Maria Shier b 1833 West Dean (see Note 1)

Alfred Thomas Shier b 1835 West Dean (see Note 2)

Henry Shier b 1836

Elizabeth Shier b 1837

Emma Shier b 1841

Jane Shier b 1850

1841 census: Residing New Boyle St, Chichester. Daughter Emma aged 6 months

1861 census: Henry and daughter Jane residing in Chichester with James Jiman aged 58 and daughter Jemima aged 15 (census unreadable)

Note 1: Frances Maria Shier. Died 12/3/1892 Canterbury. Married 21/3/1855 Woolwich William Richardson 1830-1855

Note 2: Alfred Thomas Shier. Married 1876 Chichester (Mary) Ann Collins b. 1833


Born: 1811 West Dean

Father: Francis Shier

Mother: hannah Munden

Baptised: 22/4/1811 West Dean

Married: 1831 Portsea

Spouse: William Cheetham (see Note 3)

Born: 1793 Northamptonshire or Nottingham

Died: 1882 Chichester

Children: Charlotte Cheetham b 1827 Chichester (bapt 21/3/1827 St Batholomew)

Henry Valentine Cheetham b 1834 Chichester (bapt 30/11/1834 St Bartholomew) (see Note 1)

Sarah Jane Cheetham b 1836 Chichester (bapt 27/3/1836 St Bartholomew). Bur 3/2/1839

Martha Cheetham b 1838 Chichester (bapt 16/9/1838 St Bartholomew) (see Note 2)

Eliza Cheetham b 1840 Chichester (bapt 23/8/1840 St Bartholomew)

Anne Cheetham b 1843 Chichester (bapt 14/5/1843 St Bartholomew)

Charlotte Cheetham b 1847 Chichester

1841 census: Residing West Gate, Chichester.

1851 census: Residing West Gate, Chichester. Occupation: jobbing labourer

1861 census: Residing Southgate (north side) Chichester. Occupation: painter, and Martha charwoman.

1871 census: Martha possibly housemaid Chilgrove House

1881 census: Residing Franklin Place, Chichester. Occupation: Greenwich pensioner.

Sarah Leggett monthly nurse lodging with them


Note 1: Henry Valentine Cheetham. Died 1908 Chichester. Married 1862 Portsea Jane Wakeford b 1835. 1851 residing with parents. Occupation: shoemaker

Note 2: Martha Cheetham married ist Henry Caplin 1830-1881 son of James Caplin and Harriet Shrubb. Married 2nd 1885 Midhurst George Harper b 1855

Note 3: 1841 census shows Caroline Cheetham aged 20 and Maria Cheetham aged 15 as living with Martha & William. These could be Caroline baptised 21/1/1821 daughter of William & Sarah Cheetham and Maria baptised 23/5/1824 daughter of William & Sarah Cheetham

1861 census gives place of birth Northamptonshire, 1881 census Nottingham


Born: 1813 West Dean

Father: Francis Shier

Mother: Hannah Munden

Married: 1846

Spouse: Keziah Holder

Born: 1814 Easebourne

Children: William Shier b 1843 Easebourne

Charles Shier b 1847 East Lavant

Arthur Shier b 1851 Singleton

1851: residing Singleton. Occupation: labourer


Born: 1817 West dean

Father: Francis Shier

Mother: Hannah Munden

Married: 20/8/1837 West Dean

Spouse: Alfred Longlands

Born: 1813

Children: Possibly Emily Longlands born 1839 Westhampnett district


Born: 1821 West Dean

Father: Francis Shier

Mother: Hannah Munden

Married: 13/12/1840 West Dean

Spouse: Martha Ellis

Baptised: 18/5/1817 West Dean

Parents: Robert & Martha Ellis

Died: 1867

Children: Harriett Shier b 1841 West Dean

Henry Shier b 1844 West Dean

Thomas Shier b 1847 West Dean died 1853 West Dean

Robert Shier b 1851 West Dean

Mercy Shier b 1854 West Dean

1841 census: Residing New Boyl Street Chichester (in same building as brother Henry)

1851 census: Residing West Dean. Occupation: labourer. Niece Frances Shier aged 19 with family


Born: 1824 West Dean

Father: Francis Shier

Mother: Hannah Munden

Died: 1902 Chichester

Married: 27/11/1842 West Dean

Spouse: Edward Ellis

Born: 1812

Parents: Nk & Mary Ellis (see note 1)

Died: 1865

Married: 1867 Westbourne

Spouse: William Stevens

Born: 1841

Children: Eliza Ellis b 1843 West Dean

Leah Ellis b 1847 West Dean

Samuel Ellis b 1850 West Dean

Frederick Ellis b 1853 West Dean (see Note 2)

Joseph Henry Ellis b 1853 West Dean

Sarah Maria Ellis b 1859 West Dean

Hannah Jane Ellis b 1860 West Dean

Arthur Ellis b 1863 West Dean

Arthur James Ellis b 1864 West Dean

Thomas William Stevens b 1878 Cocking

1851 census: Residing West Dean. Occupation: labourer. Nephew William Shier 20 residing with them and they had visitors Mary Shier 18 and Charlotte Steel.

1861 census: Residing West Dean. Occupation: labourer

Note 1: An Edward Ellis was baptised 27/9/1812 Slindon son of Robert & Mercy Ellis. Possibly brother or half brother to Martha Ellis who married Francis Shier?

Note 2: Frederick Ellis married Mary Bishop b. 25/10/1856 Littlehampton. Children: Frederick Ellis b 1880 Littlehampton; William Ellis b 1882 Littlehampton; Stephen Ellis b 1883 Littlehampton; Herbert Ellis b 1885 Littlehampton; George Ellis b 1886 Littlehampton; Minnie Ellis b 1887 Littlehampton; Margaret Ellis b 1991 Littlehampton; John Ellis b 1994 Littlehampton


Born: 1825 West Dean

Father: Francis Shier

Mother: Hannah Munden

Married: 10/9/1848 St Pauls, Chichester

Spouse: Sarah Ann Carpenter

Baptised: 18/1/1829 Eastergate

Parents: William & Charlotte Carpenter

Children: Philip Shier b 1848 West dean (bapt 20/3/1849) (see Note 1)

William John Shier b 1856 Hornetts Rumboldswhyke (bapt 21/12/1856 Rumboldswhyke)

Edward Shier b 1859 Hornett Rumboldswhycke (bapt 13/2/1859 Rumboldswhycke)

Thomas Shier b 1862 Rumboldswhycke (bapt 6/2/1862 Rumboldswhycke) (see Note 2)

Frederick Henry Shier b 1867 Rumboldswhycke (bapt 27/1/1867 Rumboldswhycke) (see Note 3)

1851 census; Residing West Dean with Williamís parents Francis & Hannah. Occupation: agricultural labourer

Note 1: Philip Shier m 1st Hannah b 1858 m 2nd 1873 NK

Note 2: Thomas Shier married 1890 Chichester Eleanor Louisa Parke b 1864 Southamptonr. Children: Frederick Shierb 1893 Chichester, James Shier b 1896 Chichester, Nellie Shier b 1899 Chichester

Note 3: Frederick Shier married Fanny. Children: Henry Shier b Rumboldswyke 1896, Arthur Shier b Rumboldswyke 1899





Born: 1841 Chichester

Father: George Shier

Mother: Sarah Riddell

Died: 29/9/1913 26 Imperial Cottages Chichester

Married: 29/12/1866 South Bersted

Spouse: Susannah Louisa Boyling

Born: 1847

Died; 1895 26 Imperial Cottages, Fulham

Father: Philip Boyling

Mother: Ann Gardner

Children: George Henry Shier b 1869 South Bersted (see Note 1)

William John Shier b 1870 South Bersted (see Note 2)

Amy Rose Shier b 1872 South Bersted (see Note 3)

Charlotte Eliza Shier b 1875 Fulham (see Note 4)

Susanna Louisa Shier b 1877 Fulham (see Note 5)

Annie Shier b 1878 Fulham (see Note 6)

[Louie Shier b 1879 Fulham] see Note 7

[Jane Elizabeth Shier b 1880 Fulham] see Note 8

Ellen Sophia Shier b 1882 Fulham

1871 census: Residing Steyne Street, South Bersted. Occupation: labourer

1881 census: residing 23 Bullow Road Fulham. Occupation: gas stoker. Visitor John Williamson 36 fron Swindon, stoker in gas works

1891 residing 26 Imperial Cottages, Fulham. Occupation gas stockers. Two boarders@ Michael Morrisey gas stoker and Henry Marn? Gas fireman

Note 1: George Henry Shier baptised 7/3/1869 South Bersted. Married 1890 Fulham Ada Wallace b 1869 Norwood daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Wallace.1881 residing with parents: occupations: general labourer. 1891 census: Residing Stanley Road, Fulham. Occupation gas stoker. Ada a laundress

Note 2: William John Shire b 18/5/1870, baptised 12/6/1870 South Bersted was father of Mary Lizzie Shire grandmother of Jan Dawes (

Note 3: Amy Rose Shier baptised 14/4/1872 South Bersted m 1890 Fulham Alfred George Martin b 1871 Chelsea son of George & Jane Martin. Children: Amy Shier b 1891 Fulham (married Albert Hathaway b 1983. Children Albert Hathaway b 1913 Fulham died 1984, Alfred Hathaway b 1913 Fulham died 1997, Muriel Hathaway b 1922 Fulham); Alfred Martin b 1892 Fulham married Ellen b 1892; children Alfred b 1910, Ellen b 1915, Dennis b 1921); Ellen Martin b 1895 Fulham (married Edward Knivett b 1895 Fulham died Slough0: Lily Martin b 1898 Fulham died 1968 (married Thomas Foster born 189 Chelsea died 1956 ealing. 1 son, one daughter); George Martin b 1901 Fulham.

1891 census: residing 43 Britannia Rd, Occuaption: wallpaper hanger

1901 census: Residing Marinefield Rd, Fulham. Occupation: wallpaper hanger

Note 4: Charlotte Eliza Shier died 1882 Fulham (June q)

Note 5: Susanna Shier 1891 census: residing with parents

Note 6: Annie Shier did 1882 Fulham (June q)

Note 7: A Louise Shire is recorded on 1891 census, aged 12, however unable yo find any other evidence of this daughter

Note 8: jane Shier is recorded aged 1 on 1881 census but not other recording

Note: Misc Fulham Shiers

George Charles H Shier b & d 1898

Mary Lizzie Shier b 1899

Mildred Shier died 1889 aged 1