Family History

I love the Wild line. It is the one line of both mine and miy husband's families where the members were of a higher status than ag labs or maunual workers, in this case yeoman farmers. Not that I'm a snob, just that the higher a person's position in society in the past the more information there is. For the Wilds there are wills, inventories, records of land transactions etc. There is also the reporduction of a sketch of Sarah Wild (nee Hall) drawn about 1882 and I have a photo of Bessie Wild, my great-grandmother from around 1880. In the future I haope to add a lot of this information to this site. The Wilds are recorded in Harting from the start of the registers. I hope in the future to be able to prove a link between this line and those early Wilds.


John & Mary Wild - East Marden - 17th century

John & Julia Wild - harting - early 18th century