Family History




Born: 1841 Harting

Father: John Wild

Mother: Rose Chitty

Died: 1917 Petworth district

Married: 1/1/1870 Kennington

Spouse: Harriett Luff

Born: 1846 in Wisborough Green

Parents: James and Harriett Luff

Died: 1903 petworth district

Children: Charles James Wild born 1871 Stedham

Gertrude harriett Wild born 1875 Stedham

Sydney Wild born 1876 Harting

Henry Herbert Wild born 1879 Harting

Philip Wild born 1881 Harting

William Leonard Wild born 1883 Harting

Nelson John Wild born 1886 harting

1861 census: Reciding Stedham living with brother George and sister Lucy. Occupation: baker & grocer

1871 Stedham, baker and grocer. Brother William shopman living with him and Harriet

1881 census: living East harting Street, Harting. Also servant Sarah Combs, aged 16, born Harting. Occupation: farm manager

1891 census: Residing Hucksholt, South Harting Street, South Harting. Occupation: farmer

1901 census: residing Douglas lake, Fittlewoeth. Occupation: farmer. Sons Sydney and William farmerís sons. Lilian Wild motherís help aged 19 with them and Agnes Carter servant.(from Harting)

1911 census: Residing Douglas Lake, Fittleworth (8 ROOMS). Occupation: farmer. Sons Sydney, William and Nelson helping on farm. Son Philip grocerís assistant staing with them and housekeeperMmary Ann Duke.


Born: 1871 Stedham. Educated Midhurst grammar school.

Father: Charles Wild

Mother: Harriett Luff

Married: 25/6/1897 Clapham parish Church (see Note 1)

Spouse: Miriam Louisa Jenkins

Born; 1870 Clapham

Parents: Thomas Jenkins and Naomi Smith

Children: Winifred Wild born 1899 in Stedham

Dorothy Ivy Wild b 1902 Midhurst district

Nesta Jessie Wild b 1908 Midhurst district

1891 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: farmerís son

1901 census; Grocer, shopkeeper in Stedham. Had servant Annie Lambert 17, born West Dean, brother Philip working with him as assistant.

1911 census: Residing Stedham. Occupation: grocer manager. One servant Edith groves with them

Note 1: Charles a grocer from Stedham. Father Charles given as a farmer and Miriamís father William Jenkins as a builder. He was living Stedham, she 25 FitzWilliam Rd Clapham. Witnessed by Harriett, Sydney and Gertrude Wild and Thomas Jenkins.


Born: 1874

Father: Charles Wild

Mother: Harriett Luff

Died: 14 Feb 1957.

Married: 1900

Spouse: Frederick Horner

Born: 1867 North Mundham.

Died; 9 Nov 1957

Children: Mervyn G F Horner born 1902 Bury

Gwendoline H Horner born 1907 Bury.

1901 census: living Mundham Villa Bury. Occupation: farmer

1911 census: Residing Wiggonshot Farm, Pulborough. (11 rooms) Occupation: farmer. Brother-in-law Henry Herbert Wild was assistant on farm.

. From c1940 tenent farmers of Baron Leconfield of Petworth at Douglas Lake Farm nr Fittleworth after the death of Jack Wild..

St Mary the Virgin Church, Fittleworth Sussex. In/beloved memory of my wife/GERTRUDE HARRIETT HORNER/(of DOUGLAS LAKE)/TAKEN FROM US/14 February 1946/aged 71 years/her children rise up and call her blessed. Proverbs/And of her husband/FREDERICK HORNER/who died Nov 9th 1957 aged 90

Note: 1901 living Bury. Frederick was a farmer. IN about 1940 they took over Douglas lake farm after the death of Jack Wild.


Born: 1876 East Harting

Father: Charles Wild

Mother: Harriett Luff

Died; 1924

1901 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: farmerís son

1911 census: Residing with father. Occupation: farmerís son working on farm

Will: probate given 17/2/1925. Sidney Wild of Douglas lake, Fittleworth. Executors Fred Horner of Wiggenholt Farm, Pulborough, farmer and Thorp Oliver of Swan Hotel, Fittleworth. His estate to be sold. To nieces Winifred Wild, Dorothy Wild & Nesta Wild (daughters of brother Charles James Wild) £50, to executors £5 each. Rest to be shared between brothers Henry Herbert, Philip, William Leonard and Nelson John and sister Gertrude Harriet Wild if living.


Born: 1879 Harting

Father: Charles Wild

Mother: Harriett Luff

Died: 1930 Chichester district

Married: 1925 Horsham district

Spouse: Bertha Lee

1911 census: Living with sister Gertrude Horner. Occupation: assistant on farm

Bertha I have been told remarried, to Nelson (Jack) Wild but I havenít found the marriage


Born: 1881 Harting

Father: Charles Wild

Mother: harriett Luff

1901 census: living with brother Charles in Stedham. Occupation: grocerís assistant

1911 census: Staying with father. Occupation; grocerís assistant


Born: 1883 Harting

Father: Charles Steer

Mother: Harriett Luff

1901 census: Living with parents. Occupation: farmerís son

1911 census: Living with farmer. Occupation: assisting on farm


Born: 1886 in Harting

Father; Charles Wild

Mother: Harriett Luff

1901 census: Pupil at Belvedere School, Bolnore Rd, haywards Heath

1911 census: Residing with father. Occupation: farmerís son assisting on farm

Will of Charles Wild. Charles Wild of Fittleworth farmer, appointed executors Charles James W (son) and Sidney (son) on obtaining 21 and friend George carter of Stedham, farner

Leaves all domestic articles to Harriet until her death or remarriage + £50 for her immediate use. &30 to George Carter. All left to wife for her life or until she remarries then equally divided between children. Eexcutors can carry on his business cultivate drain & improve manage farm and sell & dispose of the live and dead stock for the time being theron and purchase such as they think fir and for as long as they think fit