Family History

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Born:          12/5/1814 Twyford with Didling

Father:        James Bowles

Mother:       Elizabeth Hill

Baptised:     12/5/1814 Twyford with Didling

Died:            1898 Westhampnett district

Married:      30/11/1840 Singleton (see Note 1)

Spouse:       John Wells

Born;           6/2/1815  Didling

Died:           1878 Westbourne district

Parents:      Richard & Rhoda Wells

Baptised:     12/2/1815 Didling

Children:     John Wells b 1841 Singleton                   

                     Thomas Wells b 1847 Singleton

                    Fanny Wells b 1849 Singleton

                   Mary Ann Wells b 1855 Singleton

                  William  Edwards Wells b 1857 Singleton (bapt 25/1/1857 Singleton)


1841 census: residing :Charlton, Singleton  occupation: wood-cutter.

1851 census:  residing Charlton, Singleton. Occupation: wood-cutter

1861 census:  residing Charlton Singleton. Occupation: wood-cutter

1871 cenusus  residing Charlton Singleton. Occupation: woodcutterJohn & William also described as woodcutters

1881 census: Martha a widower living with John, Fanny and William


Note 1: marriage witnessed by  Ann Mitchell & James Wells (brother)


Children of Martha & John Wells



Born;                1841 Singleton

Father:              John Wells

Mother:             Martha Bowles

Baptised:          21/3/1841 Singleton  agricultural labourer


1861 census: residing Charlton. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1871 census: residing  Charlton. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1881 census:  residing Charlton with widowed mother. . Occupation: agricultural labourer



Born:                1847 Singleton

Father:              John Wells

Mother:             Martha Bowles

Baptised:           14/3/1847 Singleton

Married:            1875 St George Hanover  Square district

Spouse:              Sophia  Hollis

Born:                 1858 St George in the East, London

Children            Sophia Wells b 1875

                          Florence Wells b 1882 (1901 apprentice dressmaker)

                          Hollis Wells b 1886



1861 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: shepherd boy

1881 7 Peabody Buildings, Westminster. Occupation: police constable

1891 Chelsea  occupation: police constable

1901 residence: Chelsea occupation: police constable



Born:                  1849 Singleton

Father:                John Wells

Mother:               Martha Bowles

Baptised:            30/12/1849 Singleton


1871census:  cook for Charles Halsted, banker, North Street, Chichester



Born:                 1855 Singleton

Father:               John Wells

Mother:             Martha Bowles

Baptised:            8/4/1855 Singleton


1881 census: Residing Bersted Lodge, South Bersted. Under housemaid to Sarah Fletcher



Born:                       1857 Singleton

Father:                      John Wells

Mother:                    Martha Bowles

Baptised;                    25/1/1857 Singleton

Married:                   1882 Westhampnett district

Spouse:                     Jane Whitney

Born:                        1859 Chesham? Bucks. (dee Note 1)

Children:                   Harold Wells b 1882 Singleton

                                 Phillis Wells b 1886 Singleton

                                  Charles Wells b 1896 Singleton (see Note 2)



1881 census: Residing Charlton with widowed mother. Occupation: farm labourer

1891 census:  Residing Singleton. Occupation: farm labourer

1901 census: Residing Cottage, Singleton. Occupation: ?


Note: 1891 census Chesham, Bucks 1901 census B? Herts


Note 2: Charles Wells b 1896 Singleton Charlie Wells was a familiar figure round the village of Singleton when I was a child. He had lost an arm (in the 14-18 war?) and went to feed his poultry with the bucket held in the hook of his artificial arm. He always wore a brown overall. There was also a Pansy Wells - his daughter or daughter of his brother harold?? who lived in the village and worked in Chichester. (from Caroline on website guestbook) Note: I have found a Pamsy E Wells born 1918 Hendon district the daughter of Sydney F Wells and Daisy Putman, who married 1915. However I cannot link Sydney to the Wells of Singleton.