Family History


Born: b abt 1770

Died: 1853 Kingston district

Married: 25/3/1797 St George’s Hanover

Spouse: Ann Humpheris

Born: 1762

Buried: Petersham 20/2/1818.aged 55

Children; William Warr b 1798 Ham

Charles Warr b 1799 Ham

Ann Warr b 1801 Ham

George Warr: b 1804 ham

1841 census: gatekeeper, Ham Gate for Richmond New Park. Living with him were son George, also Elizabeth Petthers b abt 1801 occupation servant, James and Charlotte Petthers aged 6

1851 census: Gatekeeper, Ham Gate. Charlotte given name Warr



Born: 1798 Han

Father: James Warr

Mother: Ann Humphreys

Baptised: 7/3/1798 Kingston-upon-Thames

Died: 1866, Richmond district


Spouse: Phoebe

Born: 1800 Chiswick

Died: possibly 1864 Poplar district

1851 census: Residing Ham Rd, Ham. Occupation: gardener.


Born: 1799 Ham

Father: James Warr

Mother: Ann Humphires

Baptised:; 7/7/1799 Ham



Born: 1801 Ham

Father: James Warr

Mother: Ann Humphreys

Baptised: 23/8/1801 Kingston-upon-Thames

Died: 1862 Mile End district

Married; 25/12/1822 Mortlake

Spouse; John Rothenburg

Born: abt 1800 Middlesex (see Note 1)

Father: Daniel Rothenburg

Mother: Hannah

Died: 1851 Stepney district

Married; 25/12/1822 Mortlake

Died: 1862 Mile End district

Children: Frederick Rothenburg b 823 Mortlake

Charles Rothenburg b abt 1828

Ann Rothenburg b 1834 Newport Isle of Wight

Henry Rothenburg b 1837 Isle of Wight

Emma Rothenburg b 1839 Stepney

William Rothenburg b 1841 Bromley

James Rothenburg b 1845 Croydon

Jane Rothenburg b 1846 Croydon


1851 census: Residing 7 Swan Court Occupation: clay pipe maker. Wife Ann and son Henry also clay pipe makers.

1860 census: Ann widow residing with daughter Ann Hayward at 10 Beaumont Road, Stepney.



Born: 2/1/1804 Ham

Father: James Warr

Mother: Amm Humphries

Baptised: 26/2/1804 Kingston-upon-Thames

Died: 1870 Kingston district

Married: see Note 1

Spouse: Mary A

Born: 1819 Oxford

Died: 1891 Kingston district

Children: Charles Warr b 1860 Ham

1841 census: Living with father. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1851 census: Living with father. No occupation given

1861census: St Andrews Place, Ham. Beer house keeper

1871 census: Mary Ann widow living with son Charles, Kingston Rd, needlewoman

1881 census : widow Mary living Kingston Rd, Ham with son Charles. Occupation dressmaker.

1891 census : widow Mary living Kingston Rd, Ham with son Charles. Occupation dressmaker

Note 1: possibly married 1855 Mary Ann Burge in Bedford; 1855 Mary Ann Walker in Buckinghan; 1858 Mary Ann Walkley in Bristol