Family History

Mary Steer who married Peter Voice was a relative of mine. This might not be complete or 100% accurate. If you have comments, additions, amendments please e-mail me at 



Born:               1833 Wisborough Green

Father:            William Steer

Mother:          Mary Puttick

Buried:           18/3/1872 Wisborough Green

Married:         19/4/1851 Wisborough Green

Spouse:          Peter Voice

Born:             1828 Wisborough Green

Parents:          Peter Voice and Sarah Madgwick

Died:              1899 Westhampnett district

Children:        Mary Ann Voice born 1850 Wisborough Green

                       Ellen Voice born 1852 Wisborough Green

                       William Voice born 1855 Wisborough Green

                        James Voice born 1859 Wisborough Green

                       Rhoda Voice born 1861 Wisborough Green

                        Peter Voice born 1863 Wisborough Green

                        Eliza Voice born 1865 Wisborough Green

                        Esau Voice born 1868 Wisborough Green

                        Sarah Voice born 1870 Wisborough Green


1851 census: Residing with her parents Fletchling, Wisborough Green. No occupation.Peter an agricultural labourer servant at Hurst Farm Loxwood

1861 census: Residing Wisborough Green. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1871 census: Residing Cottage, Wisborough Green. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1881 census: Residing: Plough House, Wisborough Green

1891 census: Residing widower, living Plough House Durban Grove Wisborough Greenwith Esau and housekeeper Jane Fielder aged 65


Children of Mary and Peter Voice



Born:         1851  Wisborough Green

Father:       Peter Voice

Mother:     Mary Steer

Baptised:   13/7/1851 Wisborough Green

Buried:      23/5/1878 Wisborough Green


1871 census:  servant to George Stevens, Grover, High St, Haslemere


ELLEN VOICE1861 lived at Wisborough Green/ Age 10. Name entered as Maryann
1871 a servant at High st. Haslemere, Surrey. Age 19. Single. Name Mary A Voice


Born;          1852 Wisborough Green

Father:        Peter Voice

Mother:      Mary Steer

Died:          possibly 1920 Godstone district

Baptised:    5/2/1854 Wisborough Green

Married:     1876 Guildford district

Spouse:      Frederick Chapman

Born:             1853 Saunders Lane Woking

Died:         possibly 1933 Guildford dsitrict

Children:       Frederick Chapman born 1876 Woking

                      Annie Chapman born 1878 Woking

                      Alice Chapman born 1880 Pirbright

                      Ethel Chapman born 1883 Pirbright

                      Amy Chapman born 1887 Pirbright

                      Albert Chapman born 1888 Pirbright

                      Mary Chapman born 1894 Pirbright

1911 census records 9 children born, two deceased

1871 census:  servant gocerís shop, Kirdford, to Robert Gardner grocer & draper
1881 census: Residing Boro Hill Cottage, Pirbright, Surrrey, Occupation:  railway labourer
1891 census: ResidingTerry Cottage, Pirbright, Occupation: farm carter
1901 census:Residing Terry Cottage Pirbright,Occupation:  farm carter. Son Frederick a railway plateman
1911 census:  Residing Terry Cottage, West Heath Pirbright. Occupation: farm carter
Daughters Mary and Alice with them

or married 1878 Petworth district William Richards 1854-1942 however on census returns this Ellenís place of birth is given as Petworth




Born:        1856 Wisborough Green

Father:      Peter Voice

Mother:    Mary Steer

Died:        1915 Havant district

Baptised:   13/1/1856 Wisborough Green

Married:   1877 Steyning district

Spouse:     Mary Ann Bentley

Born:       1854 Hambledon

Children:  Mary Voice born 1878 Shermanbury

                 Ellen Voice born 1880 Blendworth Hants

                 William Christopher Voice born 1882  Waterlooville or Bedhampton

                 George Voice born 1874         

                  Albert Voice b 1886 Emsworth

             Lily Voice b 1888 Emsworth

            Frank Voice b 1889 Emsworth

            Rose Voice b 1891 Emsworth

            Maud Voice b 1884 Emsworth

           Dorothy Kate Voice b 1895 Emsworth


1871 census: servant to George Hammond, farmer, Amblehurst, Wisborough Green

1881 census: Residing Brickyard Cottages, Catherington, Hants. Occupation: Agricultural labourer

1891 census: Residing Cottage, Houndean Road Warblington. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1901 census: Residing Cold Harbour Cottage, Warblington, Hants. Occupation: Cowman. Son George Voice  stable boy to Alec Coles, coachman, Shakeshill? Rd, Farlington, Hants. Daughter  Mary Voice  servant to Maria Shepherd (living on own means) Cambridge House Warblington; daughter  Ellen Voice  housemaid to Thomas Lacorn, naval & military builder Hordean Rd, Warblington. as; son William Voice an agricultural labourer and son Albert Voice a cowboy

1911 census: residing 2 Cold Harbour Cottages, Horndean Rd, Emsworth. Occupation: carter on farm; Frank a poultryman and William a dairyman. Grandaughter Maud Weston aged 6 with them.



Born:         1859 Wisborough Green

Father:       Peter Voice

Mother:     Mary Steer

Baptised:   9/10/1859 Wisborough Green

Buried:      3/2/1860 Wisborough Green



Born:      1860 Wisborough Green

Father:    Peter Voice

Mother:   Mary Steer

Baptised:  17/3/1861

Died:       1933 Horsham district

Married:  1896

Spouse:   George Riches

Born:      1860 Brighton


1881 census: With grandmother Mary Puttick visiting Ellen Mitchell Common Rd, Wisborough Green. Occupation: dressmaker

1891 census: Residing 66 Western Road Brighton. Occupation: cook domestic

1901 living 100 Westbourne St, Aldrington. Occupation dairyman. Living with widowed father-in-law George Riches who was living off own means



Born;          1863 Wisborough Green

Father:        Peter Voice

Mother:      Mary Steer

Baptised:    13/9/1863

Buried:       5/7/1867 Wisborough Green aged 3



Born:       1865 Wisborough Green

Father:     Peter Voice

Mother:   Mary Steer

Baptised:  25/12/1865 Wisborough Green

Buried:     1931 Horsham

Married:    1898 Horsham district

Spouse:    Nelson Rowland

Born:        1876 Nuthurst

Died:        1946 Horsham

Parents:    Charles & Alice Rowland

Children:  Nelson Rowland born 1899 Horsham

                 William Rowland born 1901 Horsham

                  Reginald Rowland born 1904 Horsham

                  Harold Rowland born 1906 Horsham

                  Henry Rowland born 1908 Horsham



1881 census: Residing 2 Belgrave Terrace (lodging house). Occupation: servant

1891 census: residing 23 Gloucester Place, Brighton. Occupation: cook domestic servant

1901 census: residing 41 North Street Horsham. Occupation: hoopmaker. Elizaís age given as 31



Born:      1868 Wisborough Green

Father:    Peter Voice

Mother:  Mary Steer

Baptised:   22/7/1868 Wisborough Green

Buried:     1934 Chichester district

Married:  1892 Petworth district

Spouse:   Susan Altree

Born:       1869 Cowfold

Died:       1940 Portsmouth district

Children:   Rhoda Voice b 1892 Wisborough green

                  Ethel M Voice b 1894 Wisborough Green

                  Edith E Voice b 1896 Oving


1881 cenus: Residing Skiffs Farmhouse, Wisborough Green. Occupation: indoor farm servant

1891 census: Residing Plough House, Durban Grove, Wisborough green with his father. Occupation:  agricultural labourer

1901 census: Residing Oving Rd, Oving  occupation: cowman

1911 census: Residing Stone Wall Cottage, Bosham. Occupation: cowman on farm. Daughter Edith with them



Born:      1870 Wisborough Green

Father:    Peter Voice

Mother:   Mary Steer

Baptised:  25/12/1870 Wisborough Green

Died:        1882 Wisborough Green



1881 census: Residing: Plough House, Wisborough Green

1891 census: Residing widower, living Plough House Durban Grove Wisborough Greenwith Esau and housekeeper Jane Fielder aged 65