Family History


Harriet Stenning who married James Voice was the sister of my great great grandmother Sarah Stenning. This may not be complete or completley accurate. If you can help with comments, additions or corrections please e-mail me



Born;                       1829 Wisborough Green

Father:                     Stephen Stenning

Mother:                    Leah Botting

Baptised;                 17/5/1829 Wisborough Green

Died:                        Probably 1911 Steyning district. Age given as 78

Married;                   1/11/1856 Wisborough Green

Spouse:                    James Voice

Baptised:                  21/4/1833 Wisborough Green

Parents:                     Peter & Sarah Voice

Died;                        1876 Wisborough Green

Children:                  George Voice b 1858 Wisborough Green

                                Alfred Voice  b 1857 Wisborough Green

                                 Annie Susannah Voice b 1870 Wisborough Green


1851 census: Residing with parents. No occupation

1861 census: Residing Wisborough Green. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1871 census: occupation: James a sawyer. Mother-in-law Sarah Mann  living with them aged 76

1881: Harriett a widow living 21 Ellen St, Hove. Living with Alfred & his wife, George, Susan and Edward Bookeham aged 22, lodger

1891 census: Residing 10 Ellen St, Hove. Occupation: monthly nurse. Henry Vinson 20 groom residing with her and daughter.

1891 living with Alfred Mutton, engineer working for him as monthly nurse, 72 Goldstone Villa, Shoreham

1901 census: Residing 10 Ellen Street, Hove occupation: monthly nurse. Daughter Annie (Susannah) and granddaughter Lilian with her




Born:        1857 Wisborough Green

Father;      James Voice

Mother;     Harriet Stenning

Died:          1904 Steyning districe 

Married:     1880  Steyning district

Spouse:     Annie (Ann) Davey

Born:         1859 Henfield.

Parents:     John & Sarah Davey

 Died:         1930 Steyning district

Children:    Rose Voice b 1886 b Hove

                   Laura May Voice b 1888 Hove

                   Alfred Voice b 1891 Hove

                    Ernest Voice b 1894 Hove

                   Harold Voice b 1895 Hove (see Note 3)

                    Percy Voice b 1897 Hove

                   Winifred Voice b 1899 Hove                 


1881 census: Residing 21 Ellen Street with mother. Occupation: labourer

1891 census: Residing 12 Ellen Street Hove. Occupation: general labourer

1901 residence 12 Ellen St, Brighton. Occupation: carpenter. Viiting them Elizabeth Neal, widow 54 from Stevenage, a cook

1911 census: Annie widow residing 12 Ellen Street, Hove. Occupation: laundress.


Rose Voice 1901census: Residing with parents. occupation servant


Laura May Voice 1901 census: Residing with parents. Scholar

1911 census: Residing 22 Palmeira Avenue Hove. Occupation: parlour maid


    Alfred Voice 1911 census: residing with mother. Occupation: Green grocer


 Harold Voice  1911 census: Residing with mother. Occupation: shop porter hosier





Born:          1858/1859  Wisborough Green

Father:       James Voice

Mother:      Harriet Stenning

Died:           1923 Steyning district

Married:      Harriet Davey b 1861 Henfield,

Died;            1887 Steyning district

Parents:          John & Sarah Davey

Married:        1890 Steyning district

Spouse:          SarahDavey

Born:            1868  Henfield

Parents:         John & Sarah Davey

Died;            1930 Stenning district

Children:       George Voice b 1885 Hove (see Note 1)

                      Harriet Voice b & d 1887 Hove

                      Alfred Voice b 1891 Hove (see Note 2)

                       Albert Voice b 1893 Hove (see Note 3)

                      Ada Voice b 1894 Hove (see Note 4)

                        Frederick J Voice b 1896 Hove

                      Stanley Voice b 1900 Hove

                        Alice Voice b 1903 Hove


1891 census: Residing 7 Ellen Street. Occupation: carter

1901 census: Residing 20 Ellen St, Hove. Occupation: gravedigger

1911 census: Residing 10 Ellen Street. Occupation: gravedigger


George Voice married 1909 Rye district Theresa Grace Trotter b 1883 Beckley, Sussex. Children: Edith G Voice b 1912 Stenning district; Charles G Voice b 1914 Stenning district; Olive M Voice b 1919 Rye district.

1911 census: Residing 20 Farm Road, Hove. Occupation: vanman


Harriet Voice died 1887 Hove district


Alfred Voice 1911 census: residing with parents. Occupation: groom domestic


Albert Voice 1911 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: cellar man brewery


Ada Voice 1911 census residing Myrton Lodge, New Church Rd, Hove.. Parlourmaid to Ada Quaritch


Frederick Voice 1911 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: house painter



Born:          1870 Wisborough Green

Father:         James Voice

Mother:       Harriet Stenning

Children:      Lilian Edith B  Voice b 1897 Brighton


1891 census: Residing with mother. Occupation: general domestic servant

1901 census: Residing with mother. Occupation; laundress


Lilian Edith B Voice married 1916 Steyning district Ernest Coakes. Children all registered Steyning district: Elsie L 1918, Ernest L 1921; Violwt N 1925; Sheila