Family History

This is the family line of Mary Usher who married Robert Jackson. Their daughter Annie was my father-in-law's grandmother. The information has been gathered from census returns, the  IGI and the National Burials Index. I have not been able to consult the parish registers (yet anyway) so I can't vouch yet for the accuracy of a lot of the Line. I hope to be able to do so in the future.

Two family tragedies have struck me compiling this. In 1783 Joseph and Sarah lost four of their recorded 9 surviving children.(one had already died); February Mary aged 5, March John aged under two and Joseph 13, and April Sarah 11. What disease could have carried them all away? In 1840 another tragedy; John Usher aged 35 dies in the July, hos wife Sarah also 35 a month later and in the September their six year old Harriet. The surviving four children go into the workhouse. 

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Usher index

Thomas Usher    - Blunham early 18th century

Joseph Usher - Blunham mid 18th century

Joseph & Sarah Usher - Cople late 18th century

James & Mary Usher -  Cople early 19th century

John & Sarah Usher - Sandy, London and elsewhere 19th century