Family History


Born: 1633 Rogate

Father: Henry Upfold

Baptised: 29/5/1633 Rogate

Married: 19/6/1662 Rogate

Spouse: Mary Pinke

Children: Peter Upfold b 1662 Rogate

Mary Upfold bapt 6/8/1665 Rogate

Richard Upfold bapt 7/2/1667 Rogate

Rose Upfold bapt 9/6/1671 Rogate

Anthony Upfold bapt 2/4/1673 Rogate buried 9/1/1775

Elizabeth Upfold bapt 10/10/1675 Rogate


Born: 1662 Rogate

Father: Peter Upfold

Mother: Mary Pinke

Baptised; 22/3/1662 Rogate

Married: 27/4/1701 Rogate (See note 1)

Spouse: Mary Downer (See Note 2)

Children: Peter Upfold bapt 31/10/1703 Upfold

Thomas Upfold b 1705 Rogate

[Mary Upfold]

[Rose Upfold]

Note 1: On parish register given as John. In BT Peter

Note 2: Baptised either 29/7/1677 Trotton, daughter of John or 26/2/1681 Elsted daughter of Henry


Children of Peter and Mary Upfold


Born: Abt 1710 Rogate

Father: Peter Upfold

Mother: Mary Downer

Children: r Mary Upfold baptised Rogate 12/2/1731


Born: abt 1700

Father: Peter Upfold

Mother: Mary Pinke

Married: 6/10/1721 Rogate

Spouse: james Abrham


Born: 1705 Rogate

Father: peter Upfold

Mother: Mary Downer

Baptised: 26/8/1705 Rogate

Married: 26/5/1730 Terwick

Spouse: Elizabeth Woodridge

Baptised: 22/2/1712 Rogate

Parents: William Woolridge

Children: Rose Upfold bapt 3/1733 Rogate

Thomas Upfold bapt 9/11/1735 Rogate

Sarah Upfold bapt 17/12/1738 Rogate

Rose Upfold bapt 21/3/1741 Rogate

William Upfold bapt 25/11/1744 Rogate

Richard Upfold bapt 22/5/1757 Rogate

Ann Upfold bapt 1/5/1747 Rogate

Hannah Upfold bapt 21/7/1754 Rogate


Children of Thomas & Elizabeth Upfold


Born: 1744 Rogate

Father: Thomas Upfold

Mother: Elizabeth Woodridge

Married: 4/5/1774 petersfield (see Note 1)

Spouse: Mary Wells

Note 1: From harting on marriage lidcence


Born: 1749 Rogate

Father: Thomas Upfold

Mother: Elizabeth Woodridge

Baptised: 24/9/1749 Rogate

Children: Thomas Upfold bapt 11/12/1868 Rogate

Martha Challen b. 1770 Terwick

Henry Challen b 1773 Terwick

John Challen b 1778 Terwick

Stephen Challen b 1780 Terwick

Robert Challen b 1782 Terwick

Elizabeth Challen b 1784 terwick

George Challen b 1787 Terwick

Peter Challen b 1790 Terwick

Mary Challen b 1795 Terwick

Note: three possible births for Henry - Henry Challen 25/6/1737 Stedham Henry & Mary, 3/5/1740 Stedham John & Mary, 19/6/1741 Easebourne Eli}