Family History





Born: 1818 Rottingdean

Father: James Nottingham

Mother: Mary Pope

Baptised: 20/9/1818) Rottingdean (see Note 1)

Died: 1876 brighton

Married: 1839 Brighton

Spouse: Thomas Tulley

Born: 1817 Preston, Sussex

Died: 1896 Brighton

Children: Charles Tulley b 1840 Hove

Maria Tulley b 1841Wisborough Green

Louisa Tulley b 1843 Brighton

Arthur Edward Sparks Tulley b 1846 Brighton

Walter Tulley b 184 8 Brighton

James Tulley b 1854 Brighton

Lucy Tulley b 1858 Broghton

Henry Tulley b 1863 Brighton

1841 census: Elizabeth at Black Bear, Kirdford with son Charles. Thomas not with them

1851: residence 4 Albion St, Brighton. Occupation: fly driver. Alfred Meers lodging with them

1861: residence: 10 Dorset St, Brighton

1871: residence: occupation: fly proprietor, also with them Thomas Divall, lodger

1891 census: Widower Thomas residing 8 William St, Brighton with daughter Lucy, son & daughter-in-law Henry & Elizabeth Tulley and grandchildren Maria Anne aged 10 and Henry Thomas aged 1. occupation: fly proprietor

Note 1: 1851 census givers place of birth as Broadwater

Children of Elizabeth & Thomas Tulley


Born: 1840 7 Brunswick Mews Hove

Father: Thomas Tulley

Mother: Elizabeth Nottingham

Died: Possibly 1853 Brighton

1841 census: With mother at Black Bear, Kirdford


Born: 1841 Wisborough Green

Father: Thomas Tulley

Mother: Elizabeth Nottingham

Married: 1876 Brighton

Spouse: William Cooper

Born: 1844 Lambeth

Children: Frederick T Cooper b 1877 Brighton (see Note 1)

Henry Thomas Cooper b 1878 Brighton (See Note 2)

Elizabeth M Cooper b 1878 Brighton (see Note 3)

William Cooper b 1882 Brighton (see Note 4)

1871 census: Residing 2 Glouster Place. Occupation: Serbant to William Holsworth, civil engineer

1881 census: Residing 73 Coleman Street, Brighton. Occupation: house painter

1891 census: Residing Hanover Street. Occupation: painter

1901 census: Residing 58 Hanover St. occupation: painter

1911 census: Residing 22 Campbell Rd, Brighton. Occupation: house painter

Note 1: Frederick Cooper: possibly married 1910 bedford district Emmeline Mary Keen born 1875 hayhes, Beds.

1891 census residing with parents. Occupation: errand boy

1901 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: van boy

1911 census: Possibly residing 41 Temple Street. Occupation: furniture dealer and salesman. Emmeline an apartment house keeper

Note 2: Henry Cooper married Annie Bicknell b. 1880 Brighton daughter of Emma Bicknell. Children: Henry Arthur George Tulley b 1900 Wadston, Surrey died 1901 Brighton; Frederick W Cooper born 1901 Brighton; Winnie Cooper born 1903 Brighton; Nellie Cooper born 1905 Brighton; Dorothy Cooper born 1908 Brighton, Rose Cooper born 1910 Brighton

.1901 census: Residing 3 Newhaven Street. Occupation: brewers drayman.

1911 census: Residing 65 New England Street Brighton. Occupation; carter

Note 3: Elizabeth M Cooper

1901 census: Residing 71 Beaconsfield Villas, Preston, Sussex. Occupation: domestic nurse

Note 4: William Cooper. possibly married 1909 May mabel Rose Galton born 1882 Ponty Dulas. Children: James Alfred Cooper born 1910 Brighton

1901 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: railway labourer

1911 census: possibly living 71 Beaconsfield Villas Preston occupation: carman


Born: 1843 Brighton

Father: Thomas Tulley

Mother: Elizabeth Nottingham

Married: 27/6/1874 Brighton

Spouse: Charles Cooper

Born: 1849 Brighton

Died: 1890 Brighton

Father: Thomas Cooper

Married: 1901 Brighton

Spouse: Thomas laycock

Born: 1830 Brighton

Died: 1910 brighton

Children: Thomas Charles Cooper b. 1875 Brighton (see Note 1)

Arthur James Cooper b 1877 Brighton (see Note 2)

Louisa Jane Cooper b 1878 Brighton (see Note 3)

Albert Cooper b 1883 Brighton (see Note 4)

Charles Cooper b 1886 Brighton (see Note 5)

1871 census: Residing 2 Gloucester Place, Brighton. Servant with sister Maria

1881 census: Residing 36 Sussex Street. Occupation: plasterer

1891 census: Widow Residing 6 William Street, Brighton. Occuparion: general charwoman

1901 census: Residing 17 Upper Gardner Street. . Occupation: church cleaner. Thomas Laycock was a widowed fish hawker living 7 William Street

1911 census: As Louisa laycock widow residing 67 Hanover Street, brighton. Licing on own means.

Note 1: Thomas Cooper died 1892 Brighton . 1891 census: residing with mother. Occupation: plumber

Note 2: Arthur James Cooper married 1901 Brighton Emily Hamlin born 1878 Brighton. Children: Dorothy E Cooper born 1901 Brighton; Ethel L Cooper born 1902 St Leonards; Winifred Cooper born 1907 Tunbridge Wells.

1891 census: occupation: butcher. 1901 census: residing with mother. Occupation: shop assistant

1911 census: residing 190 SeaSide, Eastbourne. Occupation: butchers assistant

Note 3: Louisa Jane Cooper

1901 census: Working as a sick nurse in a hospital Brighton

Note 4: Albert Cooper. 1901 census: residing with mother. Occupation: commercial clerk

Note: Charles Cooper

1901 census: Residing with mother. Occupation: carpenter

1911 census: residing Sailors Home, Ramsden Dock Rd, barrow-in-Furness. Occupation: carpenter on HMS Hermione




Born: 1846 Brighton

Father: Thomas Tulley

Mother: Elizabeth Nottingham

Baptised: 16/2/1846 St peters, Brighton

Married: 16/6/1867 St Nicholas, Brighton

Spouse: Elizabeth Sinnock Cottrell

Baptised:: 19/7/1846 St Nicholas, Brighton as Elizabeth Sinnick

Parents: John & Mary Sinnick

Died: 1888 Brighton

Married: 1894 brighton

Spouse; (Mary) Betha Ansell

Born; 1872 Brighton

Children: Elizabeth Tulley b 1869 (see Note 1)

James Tulley b 1878 (see Note 2)

Amelia Tulley b 1880

William Tulley b 1878 (see Note 4)

Albert Tulley b 1882 (see Note 5)

May Tulley b 1895 Brighton

Lillian Tulley b 1898 Brighton

Edith Tulley b 1899 Brighton

1881 census: 35 Sussex St, Brighton occupation: carpenter Lodger Albert Tamkin 21 bicycle engineer with them

1891 census: 26 Lewis St, Brighton. Occupation: carpenter

1901 census: Residing 3 Brewer Street. Occupation: carpenter

1911 census: Residing 27 Wakefield Road Brighton. Occupation: carpenter

Note 1: Elizabeth Tulley baptised 3/4/1870 St Nicholas, Brighton married 1892 Brighton George Arthur H Young b 1871 Brighton. Children: Elizabeth Young b 1892 Brighton; George Young born 1903 Brighton

1901 census: Residing 12 Elder Place, West Brighton. Occupation: house painter

1911 cennsus: Residing 6 Richmond Road, Brighton. Occupation: house painter. Daughter Elizabeth a dressmaker

Note 2: 1911 census: Lodging Volunteer Inn, Market St, Worthing. Occupation: carman general

Note 3: Amelia Florence Tulley married 1899 Brighton George Frederick Young born 1877 Rottingdean; Frederick John Willies Young born 1903 Brighton

Children: George Young born 1899 Brighton

1901 census: Residing 3 Brewer Street Brighton. Occupation: postman

1911 census: Residing 27 Wakefield Rd, Brighton. Occupation: town postman

Note 4: William Tulley married 1905 Hastings Florence Emma Kent born 1877 Brighton. Children: Elsie Florence born 1903 Brighton.Tulley born 1907 Brighton; Doris Evelyn Violet Tulley born 1911 Brighton;

1901 census: residing with father. Occupation: railway labourer

1911 census: Residing 2 Belton Rd, brighton. Occupation: tramway motorman

Note 5: Albert Edward Tulley (Tully) married 1904 Brighton Winifred Edith Weale born 1883 Godalming. Children: Ivy Nelly Winifred Tully born 1905 Brighton; Doris Holly Louisa Tully born 1907 Brighton.

1901 census: residing with father. Occupation: shop errand boy

1911 census: Residing 17 Chester Terrace Brighton. Occupation: general labourer



Born: 1848 Brighton

Baptised: 8/10/1848 St Peters, Brighton

Died: 1916 Brighton

Father: Thomas Tulley

Mother: Elizabeth Nottingham

Married: 1875 Croydon district

Spouse; Eliza Sharpe

Born: 1839 Eastbourne

Children: Walter J Tulley b 1876 Brighton

Harry George Tulley b 1888 Brighton (see Note 1)

1871 census: occupation carpenter

1881 census: Residing 9 Franklin Rd, Brighton. Occupation: carpenter

1891 census: Residing 14 Brunswick Road, Brighton. Occupation: carpenter

1901 census: Eliza (recorded as wife) residing 15 Pevenesey Rd, with son Harry, Walter not with them

1911 census: Residing 19 Edinburgh Road. Occupation: carpenter builder

Note 1: Harry George Tulley. 1901 census: residing with mother. Occupation: coach painter


Born: 1854 Brighton

Father: Thomas Tulley

Mother: Elizabeth Nottingham

Married; Mary Blyth

Born: 1870 Brighton

Died: 1900 Brighton

Children: William Thomas Tulley b 1888 Brighton (see Note 1)

1891 census: Residing 168 Upper Low Street, Brighton. Occupation: railway clerk. Sister-in-law Elizabeth Blythe, mantlemaker, residing with them

1901 census: Widower James residing with son 26 Edward St, Brighton. Occupation: beer retailer

1911 census: Residing 31 Gloucester Street. Occupation: fishmongerís clerk

Note 1: William Tulley m Edith Wiltshire b 1892 children: Theodore Tulley b 1918 m Alice Mercer b 1918

1911 census: Residing with father. Occupation: fishmonger



Born: 1858 Brighton

Father: Thomas Tulley

Mother: Elizabeth Nottingham

Children: Ruth Tulley b 1898 West Hoathly

1891 census: Residing with father

1901 census: Residing 4 Station Rd, West Hoathly. Housekeeper to William Cottingham 45 brickmakersís forema

1911 census: Lucy Cottingham widow residing Regent House, South Road haywards Heath with son Frederick born 1893 (motor cleaner) and daughter Ruth Cottingham.

William Cottingham died 1909.


Born: 1863 Brighton

Father: Thomas Tulley

Mother: Elizabeth Nottingham

Married: 1888 Westhampnett district

Spouse: Elizabeth Ede

Born: 1865 North Bersted, Bognor

Baptised: 16/4/1865 South Bersted

Parents: Charles & Emily Ede

Children: Henry Thomas Tulley b. 1889 Brighton (see Note 1)

1891 census: residing with father. Occupation: fly driver

1901 census: Residing 45 Gloucester Road, Brighton. Occupation: lamplighter

1911 census: Residing Leslie Cottage, South Bersted. Occupation: lamplighter. Wife Elizabeth a cook

Note 1: Henry Thomas Tulley 1911 census: Living Naval Military Club, 94 Piccadilly London. Occupation: waiter