Family History

Trimmer is not an established Sussex name and it seems likely it came into the county by way of Hampshire, where it is more numerous. On the IGI apart from the baptism of Doretie Trimer in Trotton 2/5/1606 the name doesn’t appear until 1707 when Arthur Trimmer married Debarah Moor in Rogate on the 30 March of that year.

It is possible these are the parents of the John Trimmer whose family I have recorded here. On 13/1/1723 in Rogate again a John Trimmer married Frances Griffin and a John Trimmer was bured Greatham, Hants 21/4/1730. Possibly his widow remarried Nicholas Bayle 25/4/1731 in Terwick. Throughout the 18th century the name seems to continue to be uncommon, with little evident link between the bearers of the name, apart from the family of our John.

I would like to thank Vincent Tickner who has provided much of this information

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