Family History


Emma Prior was a cousin of my great-grandfather Henry Hill. I have been researching her family as they lived in Yapton at the same as my grandfather's. I hope to have more to add about World War I and the Stubbs soon. Please send me any comments, corrections, additions -


Born:        1844 Harting

Father:       George Prior

Mother:     Mary Todman

Baptised:  30/6/1844.

Married:     17/11/1866 Harting)


Spouse:   George Stubbs

Baptised:   19/10/1834 West Dean

Parents:      William & Sarah Stubbs

Buried:      7/7/1897 Yapton        

Children:   Emma Stubbs b. 1870 Barnham

       Ada Stubbs b. 1872. Barnham

      George Stubbs b 1873. Barnham

       William Stubbs b 1876 Barnham

         James Stubbs b 1878 Barnham

        Henry Stubbs b 1880 Yapton(see Note 5)

        Edward Thomas Stubbs b 1883 (see Note 6)Yapton bapt 18/2/1883

       Albert Stubbs b.1885 Yapton (see Note 7).

        John Stubbs b. 1887. Yapton (see Note 8)

1911 census 9 children, one deceased


1851 census: Emma residing with parents East Harting Street, Harting. George with parents Canada, West Dean, occupation agricultural labourer

1861 census:   Emma a servant living with parents East Harting Street, Harting. George living West Dean Gardens with parents, occupation agricultural labourer

1866: 17/11/1866 marriage certificate. George Stubbs was living in Sidlesham. Witnessed by William Stubbs and Bertha Prior. William Stubbs was a carter. All signed

1871 census: living  Barnham, Occupation: carter, agricultural labourer

1881 census: Residing  Drove lane, Yapton. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1891 census: Residing Drove Lane, Yapton. Occupation: farm labourer

1901 census: Emma widow residing Barnham Rd, Yapton. Sons Henry & John & grandson Ernest Stubbs aged 5 with her

1911 census: Residing Victoria Terrace Yapton with sons Henry and John. Five rooms (including kitchen)


Children of Emma and George Stubbs


Born:       28/6/1870 Barnham

Father:     George Stubbs

Mother:    Emma Prior

Baptised: 24/7/1870 Barnham

Married:  1900 Westhampnett district

Spouse:   William George Carpenter.

Born:        1869 Havant

Died:        8/8/1929 5 Station Rd, Whitchurch, Hants

Children: Ernest Stubbs born 1896 Yapton


1871 census:  William Carpenter living as nephew with George & Maria Primmer, Warblington, Hants

26/10/1879 – 1/4/1881 at Yapton school

1881 census: William Carpenter residing Finch Dean Cottage, Idsworth, Hants with aunt and uncle James & Maria (nee Carpenter)  Primmer

1891 census: Residing Marden House, Harting. Housemaid to Robert Lawrence, retired Major

William Carpenter residing Dean Lane End, Stoughton, Walderton Sussex with aunt and uncle Primmer. Occupation: farm labourer

1911 census: Residing 5 Station Road, Whitchurch, Hants. Occupation: signalman, London & SW Railway. Son Ernest a chemist’s errand boy. Boarder Arthur Danson, 23, railway clerk L & SW Railway. No children

1929: probate record for William George Carpenter. Estate of £142.16s.5d,administration to widow Emma


Ernest Stubbs  baptised 9/2/1896 Yapton (mother recorded as Emily)Absent voters list Yapton 1919  Ernest Stubbs 355211 Pte 1/9th Hants





Born:           18/12/1871 Barnham

Father:         George Stubbs

Mother:        Emma Stubbs

Baptised:  4/2/1872 Barnham

Died:          1952 Chichester district

Married:     1902 Westhampnett district

Spouse:      Edward Trussler

Baptised:     22/1/1871 Boxgrove from Crockerhill, Boxgrove

Died:          1934 Westhampnett district

Children:    Edward George Trussler born 1903 Tangmere

                   Elsie Mary Trussler born 1906 Yapton.

                   Possibly Percy G Trussler born 1911 Westhampnett district


3/4/1876 – 2/3/1877 at Yapton school

1901 census: housemaid in Westbourne, living ‘Norman House’ North Street. Only cook, parlourmaid and another housemaid in residence

1911 census: Residing Drove Lane, Yapton. Occupation: farm labourer.



Born:            24/8/1973 Barnham

Father:          George Stubbs

Mother:        Emma Prior

Baptised:   21/9/1873 Barnham

Died:           1956 Worthing district

Married:       1909 Brighton

Spouse:       Emma Elizabeth Frost

Born:           1867 Isfield

Parents:       Charles & Mary Frost

Died:           1940 Worthing district


2/10/1876 – 11/2/1877 at Yapton school

1901 census: a railway goods guard. At time of census visitor to George Frost, another goods guard, 37 North St, Lewes. Emma Elizabeth was living with her brother as housekeeper

1911 census: Residing 12 Rochdale Rd, Preston. Occupation: Goods guard London, Brighton & South Coast Railway



Born:           1/2/1876 Barnham

Father:         George Stubbs

Mother:        Emma Prior

Baptised:     19/3/1876 Barnham

Married:       30/6/1906 Yapton

Spouse:       Elizabeth Hermitage

Born:          1882 Fulham,

Parents:      William & Elizabeth Hermitage

Children:     William Henry Stubbs baptised 26/7/1908 Yapton.


22/3/1880 – 14/7/1886 at Yapton school (got standard 1)

1901 census: Residing Police Station, Bow Street, Covent Garden. Occupation: police constable

1906: 30/6/1906 marriage certificate

1908: from baptism register. Residing 7 Barrett Chambers London. Father’s occupation: police constable

1911 census: Residing 17 Sterling Gardens, Drury Lane. Occupation: police constable



Born:           13/5/1878 Barnham

Father:         George Stubbs

Mother:        Emma Prior

Baptised:     30/6/1878 Barnham



18/4/1882-3/5/1889 at Yapton school

1891 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: farm labourer

1911 census: Residing Military Hospital, Citadel, Cairo. Private 1st Scots Guards

1st Scots Guards 3442. Enlisted 18/6/1900 discharged 3/4/1919 for gastiritis. Awardrd a silver badge. Went to France 13/8/1914



Born:    18/7/1880 Yapton

Father:  George Stubbs

Mother: Emma Prior

Died:      5/3/1953 of 74 Chichester Rd, Bognor


6/4/1885 – 10/7/1891 at Yapton school. Registered as Harry

1901 census: living with mother Barnham: occupation: carpenter

1911 census: living with mother Barnham. Occupation: carpenter

1953: Probate given to brother William Stubbs, retired policeman £2656 16s 2d



Born:           1883 Yapton

Father:         George Stubbs

Mother:       Emma Prior

Baptised:    18/2/1883 Yapton

Died:          Buried 30/7/1884 aged one year 6 months



Born:         9/4/1885 Yapton

Father:      George Stubbs

Mother:     Emma Prior

Baptised:  20/5/1885 Yapton

Died:        1971 Hitchin district, Herts

Buried:       Birdham

Married: 11/10/1919 Stoughton

Spouse:   Annette Russell

Born:     1891 Westbourne

Died:  1966 Chichester district

Parents:  James Russell and Caroline Wilson. Yapton.

Children: William Albert Stubbs born 1920

               Winifred Stubbs born 1923

               Violet Stubbs born 1925        ;

               Eileen Stubbs born 1929


1890: 2/6/1890 admitted Yapton school

1901 census:  a messenger living Eastbourne (The Colonnade) with aunt Lucy Oliver

1911 census: possibly the Albert Stubbs lodger in Walderton,, Emsworth, Occupation: carrter. Annette residing Walderton with her family

1919: A soldier when he married, later a carter.


William Albert Stubbs born 31/7/1920-2002 married 1959 Chichester district Eileen Carver 

Winifred Stubbs 1923-1998 married 1st 1/1/1944 Siddlesham Thomas Bestford married 2nd 1958 Chichester district Leslie Peskett    

Violet Stubbs 1925-1967 m 1st 1949 Chichester Richard O’Sullivan married 2nd 1961 Portsmouth David Crossley;

 Eileen Stubbs b 1929 married 1947 Surrey Mid Eastern district William Phillips




Born:        1888 Yapton

Father:     George Stubbs

Mother:    Emma Prior

Baptised: 24/12/1888 Yapton.

Died:      20/3/1917 of disease in military hospital in Cairo.

 Private TF/201071, 1st/4th Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment, 53rd Division. Enlisted Bognor. Buried in Cairo war memorial Cemetery


1901 census: Residing with mother. Occupation: market gardener

1911 census: Residing with mother. Occupation: house painter & decorator, working for a builder