Family History

Mary Tickner was the half sister of my ancestor. This is her family. I would like to fill in the gaps. If you have any additions, corrections or comments please e-mail me



Born:            1795 (Possible births: bapt 22/2/1795 son of William & Avice; bapt 27/9/1795 son of Henry & Hannah; bapt 23/11/1795 son of Robert & Elizabeth)

Buried:          10/12/1843 Wisborough Green (from Loxwood)

Married:        possibly 18/10/1819 Wonersh Surrey

Spouse:         Ann Garton

Baptised:       8/5/1791 Horsham

Parents:         Ann Garton

Married:        13/5/1828 Wisborough Green (witnessed by Mary Pensfold?) and Sarah Hart. He signed his names as Steers)

Spouse:        Mary Tickner  (see Note 2)

Born:            28/11/1801 Wisborough Green

Baptised:       17/1/1802 Wisborough Green

Father:         John Tickner

Mother:        Mary Steer, widow of George Steer (born Mary Pellett)

Buried:         19/9/1990 from Union House, Wisborough Green aged 89 as Mary Puttock

Children:      William Steer born 1821 Wisborough Green

                  George Steer born 1822 Wisborough Green

                  Elizabeth Steer born 1823 Wisborough Green

                  Ann Steer born 1825 Wisborough Green

                  John Steer born 1828 Wisborough Green

                  Mary Steer born 1833 Wisborough Green

                  James Steer born 1837 Wisborough Green

                  Esau Steer born 1840 Wisborough Green


1841 census: Residing Flitchings, Wisborugh Green. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1851census: Mary a widow living Fltechings with William 30, George 28, John 22, Mary 18, James 14, Esau 10


Mary Steer  remarried 30/11/1851 William Puttock, widower from Kirdford. Witnessed by Stephen Tickner (her brother) and Eliza Steer. His son Frederick married Mary’s niece Jane Steer. William died in 1866

She had an illegitimate son Thomas born 13/5/1825 at the house of John Reeves. This was probably John Reeves b abt 1800 who had married Elizabeth Cooper in 1822.. In 1841 was living with his mother and William Steer. A Thomas Tickner died 1895 in Midhurst district born 1825

1861 census: Camfold, Wisborough Green, William an agricultural labourerEsau with them

1871 census: housekeeper to George Stevens gardener, widower, Ifold Cottage, Kirdford

1881 cesnus: lodging Common Rd with Ellen Mitchell seamstress b 1826 a widow, in 1855 an unemployed laundress living with her family in East Preston, granddaughter Rhoda Voice 21 dressmaker and James Lillywhite b 1852 (1861 ploughboy aged 9 lodging  with sarah Lillywhite who was actually his mother, she was described as widow, his sister Alice married henry Ticknor, Mary’s nephew. 1861 the Lilywhites and Voices were next door neighbours )Henry Gumbrill b 1866

1825 had male child Thomas Tickner  she had poor relief 6ld per week and order on William Hawkins servant for 3 shillings per week– possibly the William Hawkins ag lab 1841 with sons henry 10, Thomas 7?




Born:             13/5/1825 Wisborough Green (see Note 1)

Father:            William Hawkins

Mother:          Mary Tickner

Buried:          probably 1/12/1844 from Kirdford – could be Mary’s Thomas or Thomas b 1816 Kirdford. Need to receck for age


Note 1: Born at the house of John Reeves. This was probably John Reeves b abt 1800 who had married Elizabeth Cooper in 1822.



Born:           1821 Wisborough Green

Father:        William Steer

Mother:        Ann (Garton?)

Baptised:    18/3/1821 Wisborough Green

Buried:        24/11/.93 Wisborough Green from Loxwood aged  71

Married:       between 1851 and 1861

Spouse:       Ann

Born:          1817 Wisborough Green

Died:          1886


1841 census: Residing with parents. No occupation given

1851census: Residing  with widowed stepmother Mary

1861 census: Residing Flitchlings. George Steer 38 brother lodging with them.. Occupation: cleaver

1871 census: Residing Flitchings. Occupation: timber hewer. Ann a schoolmistree. Servant Sarah Tickner 14 with them

1881census: Residing Flitchlings with wife Ann,  Occupation: lathe bonder

1891 census: living Foresters Arms Kirdford with stepdaughter Sarah Ann Greenough b 1845 & her husband George

G reenough b 1844 Acrington Wantage, Berks. Also with them niece Bertha Greenough aged 5. George’s occupation: Beer retailer, living Foresters Arms, Kirdford

1901 Sarah &  George Greenough living hospital, Mill Rd, Durrington, Sarah housekeeper & George gardener.


Note: Anns born around 1817 W/G – Bonner, Botting, Buck, Evershed, Hughes, Mann, Pollard, Hook, Greenfield, Reeves, Smithers, Tobitt, Voice, Wheeler

Note: Ann was widow of Alfred Boarer, a shoemaker who died 1846 petworth district. In 1851 census she was a widow pauper living with her parents in Barons, Loxwood with her children Sarah Ann born 1844 and Catherine 1846. In 1901 daughter Sarah and her husband were housekeeper and gardener at Hospital, Mill Road, Durrington.




Born:        1822 Wisborough Green

Father:     William Steer

Mother:    Ann

Baptised:  9/6/1822  Wisborough Green

Died:       1897.Petworth district

Married:   1865 (June q) Bermondsey district (registered as Steers)

Spouse:   Charlotte Selina Zee (or Zoe)

Born:       abt 1836 (see Note 1)

Died:       1916 Hambledon district

Children:  Selina Eliza Steer b 1868 Alford, Surrey

               William George Steer b 1869 Loxwood

               Alice Sarah A Steer b 1873 Loxwood


1851 census: living with widowed stepmother Mary Steer .

1861 census: Lodger with William Steer brother at Fletchlings. Occupation: cleaver.

1871 census: Residing Pancake Lane, Loxwood. Occupation: timber hewer

1881census: Residing Lower Barbary, Kirdford. Occupation: cleaver, wood dealer

1891 census: Residing Oakwood Lane, Loxwood. Occupation: cleaver

1901census:  Widowed Charlotte residing  Oakhurst lane, Loxwood with son William.  

1911 census: Widow Charlotte residing with son William George, the village, Alfold      



Note: Charlotte’s place of birth is given as London and also 1871 census Rake, Hants and 1901 census Liphook, Hants



Born:             1823 Wisborough Green

Father:           William Steer

Mother:           Ann

Baptised:        23/11/1823

Died:              1883 Petworth district

Married:         1864 Epsom district

Spouse:          John Parsons

Died:              1876

Married:          1882 James Overington

Born:              1824 Loxwood

1841 census: Residing Loxwood. Servant to John Parsosns, servant.

1851 census: Visiting Henry & Martha Puttick, Frensham, Surrey. Henry a schoolmaster. Henry, George & Edward Parsons, scholars, born Loxwood living with them. Sons of John Parsons, shopkeeper.

1861 census: Residing Loxwood. Occupation: housekeeper to John Parsons, housekeeper, and his son George, grocer’s assistant

1871 census: Residing Hope House, Loxwood. Occupation: grocer & draper. George Parsons 32 with them

1881 census: Residing Loxwood Road, Wisborough Green. Widow, housekeeper to James Overington, wood dealer, his daughter Miriam 10 and nephew John 17




Born:          1825 Wisborough Green

Father:       William Steer

Mother:     Ann

Baptised:  5/6/1825) Wisborough Green


1840 census: farm servant to John Hard farmer, Dunhurst farm, Wisborough green




Born:           1828 Wisborough Green

Father:          William Steer

Mother:        Mary Tickner

Baptised:     30/11/1828 Wisborough Green)


1841 census: Residing with parents

1851 census: Residing with widowed mother. Occupation: agricultural labourer



Born:               1833 Loxwood

Father:             William Steer

Mother:           Mary Tickner

Buried:            18/3/1872 Wisborough Green

Married:          1851 Wisborough Green (witnessed by John Voice and Mary Ann Voice)

Spouse:          Peter Voice

Children:         Mary Ann Voice born 1851 Wisborough Green

                     Ellen Voice born 1854 Wisborough Green

                     William Voice born 1856 Wisborough Green

                    Rhoda Voice born 1861 Wisborough Green

                    Eliza Voice born 1866 Wisborough Green

                    Esau Voice born 1869 Wisborough Green

                    Sarah Voice born 1871 Wisborough Green


See VOICE  line



Born:          1837 Loxwood

Father:        William Steer

Mother:       Mary Tickner

Baptised:     12/3/1837 Wisborough Green

Buried:        24/12/1865

Married:      1/6/1859 Wisborough Green

Spouse:      Harriet Pullen

Born:         1835 North Chapel.

Children:    Harriett Steer b 1860 Wisborough Green

                 Esau Steer b 1862 Wisborough Green

                 William Steer b 1865 Wisborough Green

                 Emily Steer b 1865 Wisborough Green


Note 1: Harriet remarried 1867 William Stenning                 


1861 census:  Labourer & cleaver (butcher) in Pancake lane

1871 census:  Harriet & William Stenning residing Brewhurst Cottage, Wisborough Green. Occupation: agricultural labourer. Steer children all recorded as Stenning


Esau Steer died 1884 Horsham district

1881 census:  Residing Millhill House Farm House, Rudgwick. Occupation: farm servant

William Steer buried 2/2/1866 aged 15 months





Born:            1840 Loxwood

Father:          William Steer

Mother:          Mary Tickner

Baptised;       12/7/1840

Buried:           14/10/1868 Wisborough Green from Loxwood

Married:          8/4/1863 Wisborough Green

Spouse:           Rhoda Gumbrell

Baptised:        17/3/1844 Billingshurst

Parents:         James & Jane Gumbrill

Children:          James William Steer b 1867 Wisborough Green


Rhoda remarried 1880 Horsham district Henry Hill


James William Steer married 1894 Rye district  Anna Curtais T Dunlop born 1872 Playden

Children: Ethel J Steer born 1896 Playden

1871 census: Residing with Gumbrill grandparents, Old Symonds, Billingshurst

1881 census: Residing with Gumbrill grandparents Old Symonds, Billingshurst. Occupation: general labourer

1891 census: residing with mother and stepfather Jubilee Villa, Houghton Green, Playden. Occupation: traction engine driver

1901 census: Residing near the Plough & Plenty, Playden. Occupation: domestic gardener

1911 census: residing The Cottage, Stratton Chase, Chalfont St Giles, Bucks. Occupation: farmer and bailiff











Children of George and Charlotte Selina Steer



Born:           1867/1868 Hambledon district (registered Mar q)

Father:         George Steer

Mother:        Charlotte Selina Zee

Baptised:      19/1/1868 Alford, Surrey

Married:       1903 Hambledon district

Spouse:        Jabez Parsons

Born:          1876 Ide kent


1881 census:  Residing 1 Bedford Terrace, Horsham.  Occupation: domestic servant to John Balchin, grocer

1901 census:  Residing Loxwood House, Loxwood. Occupation: kitchenmaid to Edith Cammall

1911 census: Residing Sedgwood, Dunsford, Surrey. Occupation: carman and hoop wood maker



Born:             1869 Loxwood

Father:           George Steer

Mother:          Charlotte Selina Zee

Baptised:        24/10/1869 Wisborough Green


1891 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: sawyer

1901 census: Residing with widowed mother. Occupation: sawyer



Born:            1873 Petworth district

Father:          George Steer

Mother:         Charlotte Selina Zee

Died:             1887 Petworth district (registered as Steers)


1901 census: Residing with widowed mother. Occupation: sawyer



Born:            1873 Petworth district

Father:          George Steer

Mother:         Charlotte Selina Zee

Died:             1887 Petworth district (registered as Steers)