Family History

William Steer was a cousin of my ancestor. Here is something about his family. If you have any addtitions, comments or corrections please e-mail me



Born:                      22/5/1842 Lancing

Father:                    Ambrose Steer

Mother:                   Emma Lawson

Baptised:                 3/7/1842 Lancing

Died:                       1892 in Lancing.

Married:                  1870 in Brighton district.

Spouse:                  Mary Ann Wicks (see Note 4)

Baptised:                10/3/1841 St Peter, Brighton

Parents:                  George and Ruth Wicks. (George Wicks was a house painter and died in 1887)

Died:                      1885 Steyning district (registered as Steers)

Married:      7/8/ 1887 St Mary de Haura, New Shoreham  (William STEER, 44, widower, shipwright of New Shoreham; father Ambrose STEER, gardener. Eliza Boxall, 39, widow of New Shoreham; father Thomas Searle, labourer. Married after banns.  Groom signed by mark; bride signed her name. Witnesses - George Ward, Letitia Ward. George Ward was a marinesmith and his wife Letitia a dressmaker

Spouse:                  Eliza Boxall born 1847 Eliza Searle in Storrington  (Note 2: She firstly married William Frederick B Boxall in 1875. He was a postman and in 1881 they were living next door to William Steer. Daughters Georgina Eliza b 1876 and Florence Emily b 1882. William Boxall died 1884 Steyning district aged 41)

Died;                      1921 Steyning district

Baptised:                1/8/1847

Parents:                  Thomas and Eliza Searle.

Children:                George James Steer b 1871 Shoreham

                              Mary Eliza Jane Steer b 1872 Shoreham

                              Emily Elizabeth Steer b 1874 Shoreham

                              Amy Edith Emily Steer b 1875 Shoreham

                              Annie Steer b 1878 Shoreham

                              Alfred Steer b 1878 Shoreham

                              Nellie Rose Steer b 1879 Shoreham

                              Beatrice Louise Steer b 1883 Shoreham

                              William Osmon Steer b 1888 Shoreham


 1861 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: gardenerís labourer

1871 census:  Residing New Road, Shoreham. Occupation: shipwright

1881 and 1891 census:  Residing West Street, New Shoreham. Occupation; shipís carpenter

1901census:  Eliza was a laundress still living in West Street with daughter Georgina also a laundress. Florence Boxall was a servant Hill View, New Rd, Shoreham to Ellman Brown auctioneer and house agent.

1911 census: Eliza residing 12 Stanley Road, Brighton. Occupation: monthly nurse. With her sone William, his wife Elizabeth and their daughters Dorothy Grace and Gladys Rosina. Also visitor mary Ann Elliot, cook aged 42 born Redford, Surrey.


Note 4: Mary Ann a possible witness. 3 April 1875 at St Mary de Haura, New Shoreham: Percy Chandler, 27, bachelor, farm labourer of Steyning; father James Chandler, farm

labourer. Jane Goddard, 26, spinster of New Shoreham; father Charles Goddard, farm labourer. Married after banns.  Groom signed by

mark; bride signed her name. Witnesses - George Goddard, Mary Ann STEER.



Born:              1871 Shoreham

Father:            William Steer

Mother:           Mary Ann Wicks

Baptised:        4/11/1871 New Shoteham

Married;          1902 Brighton

Spouse:          Alice Lanaway

Born:               1867 Redhill


 1901 census: Residing  16 Queen's Place, Brighton, visiting  Charles & Alice Haywood. Charles was a domestic machine mender. Occupation: shipís stoker

1911 census: boarder lodger 30 Bentham Road, Brighton. Occupation: general labourer. Alice was live-in domestic cook at 16 Norfolk terrace, Brighton


Born:           1872 Shoreham [registered as Steers]

Father:         William Steer

Mother:        Mary Ann Wicks

Baptised:    1/12/1872 New Shoreham

Married:      1906 Brighton district

Spouse;       Edward Thomas Patching

Children:     Albert William Steer b. 1896 Shoreham


1891 census: possibly residing Shoreham Lodge, John St, Shoreham. General domestic servant to Edward & Emily Barres. However recorded as Mary J on census

1901 census:  a cook domestic in the Lee household 9 Claremont Road, P Preston, Brighton

1911 census: Living 33 Albert Rd, Soutwick. Listed as married and head of household. Son Albert a newsboy. Also with her stepchildren Edward 12. Alice 10 and Lilian 8, all born Shoreham



Born:          1874 Shoreham

Father:        William Steer

Mother:        Mary Ann Wicks;

Baptised:      3/5/1874 New Shoreham


1891 census: General  servant, living with father




Born:         1875 Shoreham as Edith Amy Ellen

Father:       William Steer

Baptised:     2/4/1875 New Shoreham

Mother:      Mary Ann Wicks

Married:    1899 Brighton district

Spouse:     Jabez Knight

Born:          1873 Brighton.

Parents:      William & Mercy Knight


 1901 census: residing 149 Upper Lewes Road, Brighton. Jabez was a printers compositor


Born:           1878 Shoreham

Father:        William Steer

Mother:        Mary Ann Wicks

Baptised:     3/11/1878 New Shoreham


 1901 census: Residing St Andrews Road South, Portsmouth occupation:  servant to Mary A Homfray


Annie married William Barratt on 1st May 1905.William Barratt was posted to Eastney barracks when he joined the Royal Marines as a gunner.Their first child May was born 1902 in Portsmouth and had the surname Steer.May later took the name Barratt.William served in France WW1.When he left the Marines,the family moved to Sheffield.1911 saw them living at address  2 Hse 17 ct   Grove st Pyebank Sheffield,this being a poor area .Now they had a second child Phyliss Mabel b 1908 d 1913 ?died in an accident.A third child  William Alfred had been born 1907 but only survived a few days.A male child was born in 1912 d 1981 William Ernest(my father) he followed in his fathers footsteps and trained to be an engineer.My father married Mary Margaret Chapelow Bastiman in 1935.Annie died in 1933,her husband William re-married shortly afterwards to a Mabel Woolsey.However he died in 1934 so the marriage was short lived and there was no issue.




Born:       1878 Shoreham;

Father:      William Steer

Mother:      Mary Ann Wicks

Baptised:   3/11/1878 New Shoreham


1891 census:  Residing with parents Occupation: working as an errand boy 



Born:        1879 Shoreham;

Father:       William Steer

Mother:       Mary Ann Wicks

Baptised:     6/2/1881 New Shoreham

Married:           1899 Brighton district

Spouse:           George Shotter

Born:                1878 Brighton


1901 census: Residing 48 Cavendish St, Brighton. Occupation: George a bricklayerís labourer, Nellie a laundress




Born:             1883 Shoreham

Father;          William Steer

Mother:          Mary Ann Wicks

Baptised:         2/12/1883 New Shoreham

Buried;            12/1/1884 New Shoreham



Born:             1888 Shoreham

Father:           William Steer

Mother:         Eliza Boxall

Baptised:      20/11/988 New Shoreham

Buried:           16/3/1889 New Shoreham, aged 4 months