Family History

This is the family line of Steer from myself back to William Steer born about 1660. It contains my direct ancestors, their siblings, siblings partners and names of their children. There are links to information on some of the locations, occupations and other things which featured in their lives.

The line is divided up into the following pages. Click on the one you want. To find a particular Steer use the Steer index.

Today 24 March 2013 I am starting to put on my updated line. If you have any additions, corrections, comments please e-mail me

Children of James and Mary Steer



Born:            1722 Billingshurst

Father:          James Steer

Mother:         Mary Woodman

Baptised:       14/6/1722 Billingshurst

Buried:           17/6/1722 Billingshurst



Born:           1724 Billinghsurst

Father:          James Steer

Mother:       Mary Woodman

Baptised:     14/3/1724 Billingshurst

Buried           1/1/1802 Billingshurst

Married:      31/10/1742 Billingshurst (by banns)

Spouse:        Marjery Charman

Baptised:     possibly 27/8/1721 West Chiltington

Buried:        Possibly 13/1/1748 Billingshurst as Mary

Parents:       Possibly William & Mary Charman

Children:      Mary Steer born 1743 Billinghsurst

                     Sarah Steer  born 14/3/1746 Billingshurst


William witnessed 6/12/1756 marriage of William Hampshire and Elizabeth Harris


Mary Steer baptised 19/4/1743 Billingshurst  married 24/5/1762 Billingshurst Daniel Puttock from Ewhurst, Surrey. Witnessed by William  Steer and John Miles.Banns read 18/4/1762, 25/4/1762 & 2/5/1762. Children: Mary Puttock bapt 30/5/1766 Rudgwick; William Puttock bapt 16/9/1770 Rudgwick; Sarah Puttock bapt 9/10/1774 Rudgwick; Elizabeth Puttock bapt 21/11/1779 Rudgwick


Sarah Steer  born 14/3/1746 baptised  31/1/1746 Billingshurst possibly buried 4/4/1760 Billingshurst (but no parent given)





Born:              1726 Billingshurst

Father:            James Steer

Mother:           Mary Woodman

Buried:            8/12/1769 Wiston

Married:          19/9/1750 Petworth (On marriage licence of 18/9/1750 William is given as bachelor from Billingshurst and Mary from Petworth.. On register Mary is given from Billingshurst)

Spouse:           William  Merriott

Born:                1729 Amberley

Parents:           John Merrit & Martha Bunn

Baptised:         18/10/1729 Amberley

Children:         Mary  Merritt born 1751 Wiston

                        William Merritt born abt 1752 Wiston

                         Martha Merrit born 1753 Wiston

                         Alice Meritt born 1754 Wiston

                         John Meritt  born 1756 Wiston 


William Merritt is the brother of my ancestor Edward Merritt. Details of Mary and William’s children are given in my MERRITT, WILLIAM & MARY line




Born:              1729 Billingshurst

Father:            James Steer

Mother:           Mary Woodman

Baptised:         15/5/1729 Billingshurst

Buried:           4/4/1760 Billingshurst


If Sarah was not buried as above there were marriages for Sarah Steer as follows: 5/8/1753 West Grinstead;Thomas Morley; 6/12/1748 Sutton James Ford; 21/5/1766 Wisborough Green William Slater



Born:             1732 Billingshurst

Father:          James Steer

Mother:        Mary Woodman

Baptised:      27/2/1732 Billingshurst

Buried:         26/4/1789 Billingshurst

Married:      5/11/1758 Billingshurst

Spouse:       Richard Comper

Children:      Richard Comper born 1759 Pulborough (twins)

                     Elizabeth Comper born 1759 Pulborough

                     James Comper born 1762 Pulborough

                    Jenny Comper born 1764 Pulborough

                     Mary Comper born 1765 Pulborough


Other marriages of Elizabeth Steer are 4/9/1764 Slinfold to Henry Booker or 27/3/1769 Horsham to Daniel Man. If she had married Daniel Man she would have had a child at 46 in 1778, possible but unlikely.





Born:              1734 Billingshurst

Father:            James Steer

Mother:           Mary Woodman

Baptised :       2/2/1734 Billingshurst

Buried:            15/6/1735 Billingshurst as Kesiah




Born:              1736 Billingshurst

Father:            James Steer

Mother:           Mary Woodman

Baptised:        21/3/1736 Billingshurst

Died:               24/3/1803 Shipley

Buried:            Horsham  General Baptist Church

Married:         3/10/1758 Billingshurst (James living in Shipley, Mary Billingshurst. Witnessed by Wm Potter and Jn Bax. Banns read 17/9/1758, 24/9/1758 & 1/10/1758.

Spouse:           Mary Potter

Born:               1735

Died:              3/1/1805 Shipley aged 70

Buried:           Horsham General Baptist Church


Note : 22/5/1759 James witnessed marriage of John Bax, Itchingfield to Sarah Potter, William Potter the other witness


Note:  No baptism for Mary found


Note:  Billingshurst Settlement certificate (WSRO Par/21/35/5/06): 18 Apr 1762
   James Steer married: Mary STEER; Shipley




Born:               1738 Billingshurst

Father:             James Steer

Mother:           Mary Woodman

Baptised:         10/2/1738 Billinghsurst

Buried:             22/10/1790 Pulborough

Married:          Possibly 11/5/1761 Pulborough

Spouse;            Sarah Henson

Baptised:         10/9/1739 Shipley

Parents:            Richard and Mary Henson 

Children:          James Steer baptised 7/2/1762 Pulborough

                         William Steer baptised 18/3/1764 Pulborough

                         Philip Steer baptised 11/1/1767 Pulborough

                         Thomas Steer baptised 19/2/1769 Pulborough

                          Daniel Steer baptised 8/4/1771 Pulborough

                          Sarah Steer baptised 14/8/1774 Pulborough

                          Charlotte Steer baptised 13/11/1777 Pulborough (buried 14/3/1788 Pulborough)


Note : 12/1/1767 Settlement examination Pulborough. Son Henry? . Occupation; labourer, employer Richard Clement (WSRO Par/153/32/4)


6/4/1767  Settlement examination Pulborough, Thomas wife Sarah, children William 3yrs, Philip 12 months and James 5 yrs. Foreign parish West Chiltington. Master: William Greenfield  (WSRO Par/153/32/4)


Thomas Steer possibly married 5/12/1795 Pulborough Mary Hawkins  Charlotte bapt 13/3/1796; James bapt 24/12/1797; Amy bapt 21/12/1800  or  who married Sarah Spooner and had a family in Billingshurst


Sarah Steer may have married 12/7/1801 Billingshurst/Pulborough John Cranstone



Born:               1742 Billingshurst

Father:             James Steer

Mother:           Mary Woodman

Baptised:         20/6/1742 Billinghsurst

Married:          8/5/1768 Wonersh, Surrey

Spouse:            John Quennel

Children:          James Quennel baptised 5/9/1773 Wonersh, Surrey





Born:             Tues 7/1/1744 Billingshurst

Father:           James Steer

Mother:          Mary Woodman

Baptised:       10/1/1744 Billingshurst

Buried:           24/9/1823 from Billingshurst workhouse ‘poor house’

Married:         Tues 18/1/1763 West Chiltington. George Steer bachelor husbandman aged 19, of Billingshurst, married with consent of father James Steer, husbandman. Elizabeth Page widow, 25, resident West Chiltington one year. Sponsor Jo Sayers farmer West Chiltington. Licence issued 18/1/1863

Spouse:          Elizabeth Page, widow (see note 5)

Born:              abt 1738

Buried:           23/11/1777 Billingshurst, from workhouse

Married:        Sat 7/8/1785 Billinghsurst witnessed by Stephen Spooner and Foice? Campion

Spouse:          Lucy Johnson, widow born Lucy Burchell

Baptised:        10/2/1740 Billingshurst

Parents:          Thomas & Mary Burchell

Buried:           2/3/1829 Billingshurst

Children:        George Steer baptised 13/11/1863 Billingshurst

                       Philip Steer baptised 19/5/1765 Billingshurst

                       Sarah Steer baptised 12/10/1766 Billingshurst

                       Hannah Steer baptised 23/5/1768 Billingshurst

                       William Steer baptised 19/11/1786 Billingshurst

                       George Heather baptised 1/5/1779 Pulborough


Elizabeth Page’s first husband was possibly James Page baptised 25/12/1730 Pulborough son of Thomas Page. James Page was buried 9/11/1760 West Chiltington. They had a son Peter page baptised 19/2/1760 West Chiltington. No trace of his death in Billinghsurst 

19/1/1764  Billingshurst Removal order George & Elizabeth Steere . Foreign parish Chiltington. (WRSO Par/21/32/3)

7/12/1766 settlement order to West Chiltington 7/12/1766 (WSRO Par 21/35/5/19) witnessed by Thomas Cragg and William Puttock

Lucy Burchell had married first 3/5/1762 Billingshurst John Johnson who was buried 25/5/1781. By him she had John Johnson (baptised 12/1762);Sarah  Johnson (bapt. 21/10/1764, married 10/7/1785 Thomas Barnett or 17/5/1791 William Hands); Mary Johnson (bapt 8/3/1767 married 14/4/1790 Thomas Jeal);  Elizabeth Johnson (baptised 23/2/1772 married 19/2/1797 William Lloyd); Lucy Johnson (bapt 19/10/1776);  Charlotte Johnson (bapt 3/10/1779 married 1/9/1799 Joseph Cranstone or 16/3/1801 William Taylor); Martha Johnson ( born posthumously, baptised 18/11/1881married 12/12/1809 James Wilson), 

Lucy possibly the Dame Steer in the Poor House paid 2s for assisting in cleaning the church


Children of George and Elizabeth Steer




Born:          1763 Billingshurst

Father:        George Steer

Mother:      Elizabeth Page

Baptised:    13/11/1763 Billingshurst

Buried :      Thurs 4/8/1796 Wisborough Green (:Burial record states he was member of friendly society and had a funeral sermon. Also  John Luff 12/8/1796 age 34 Charles Boxer? 23/8/1796 aged 48 were members of friendly society who had funeral sermons)

Married:     Wed 8/10/1788 Kirdford  (witnessed by Thomas Woodhatch and ? Evans and William Wild (parish clerk or similar)

Spouse:       Mary Pellett

Born:           1773 Billinghsurst

Father:         James Pellett

Mother:       Mary Grinstead

Baptised:    11/7/1773 Billingshurst,

Buried:       Sun 20/10/1811 Wisborough Green

Remarried:  17/11/1798 Wisborough Green  to John Ticknor  see TICKNOR LINE

Children:     James Steer b 1790Wisborough Green

                   Thomas Steer b 1793 Wisborough Green

                   William Steer b. 1795 Wisborough Green




Born:       1765 Billingshurst

Father:     George Steer

Mother:    Elizabeth Page

Baptised:   19/5/1765 Billingshurst

Married:    11/8/1785 Horsham (both of parish. Philip a husbandman)

Spouse:     Mary Soper

Children:   Anna Maria Steer born 1786 Horsham

                  Harriet Steer born 1789 probably Horsham


1790: 7/11/1790 settlement certificate from Horsham to Billingshurst (WRO Par 21/35/5/66). Children recorded as Herriot 1 year, Hannah 5 years


Anna Maria Steer baptised 17/9/1786 Horsham buried 18/6/1805 Billingshurst


Harriet Steer possibly buried 29/11/1828 Billingshurst aged 39




Born:              1766 Billingshurst

Father:            George Steer

Mother:          Elizabeth Page

Baptised:       12/10/1766 Billingshurst

Buried:           9/2/1808 Billingshurst

Married:         16/5/1796 Billingshurst (Both of parish. Witnessed by Leah Voice and J Lander)

Spouse:          Edward Voice

Baptised:        14/11/1773 Billingshurst

Parents:          John & Rebecca Voice

Buried:             16/1/1864 aged 90 from Croydon

Children:         Possibly Edward Voice born 1796/1797 Billingshurst

                        Harriot Voice born 1799 Billinghsurst

                       Possibly Luke Voice born 1801 Billingshurst    

                       Job Voice born 1802 Billingshurst

                      Jesse Voice born 1805 Billingshurst

                      Clara Voice born 1808 Billingshurst


Edward remarried 21/3/1810 Billingshurst Eleanor Tilly Stening, widow. Witnessed by Jn Lander, Rhoda Shaw, Geo Holden


See VOICE (Billingshurst) line



Born:             1768 Billinghsurst

Father:           George Steer

Mother:          Elizabeth Page

Baptised:       23/5/1768 Billingshurst

Buried:           12/10/1830 Horsham aged 62

Married:        20/10/1788 Billingshurst (Thomas Parham from Itchingfield. Witnessed by Henry Harwood and Foice Champion)

Spouse:         Thomas Parham

Baptised:        20/9/1767 Horsham (baseborn)

Mother:           Ann Parham

Buried:           31/8/1826 Horsham aged 58

Children:       Sarah Parham born 1790 Horsham

                      Ann Parham born 1791 Horsham

                     Possibly Peter Parham infant buried 26/12/1801 Horsham





Born:          1786 Billingshurst

Father:      George Steer

Mother:      Lucy Johnson

Baptised:    19/11/1786 Billingshurst

Married:     Tues 15/7/1806 Billingshurst (Both of parish. Witnessed by Foice Champion and Jos Cranstone)

Spouse:       Sarah Mitchell

Children:    Harriet Etheridge born 1804 Billingshurst


Harriet Etheridge baptised 1/1/1805.: Bastardy order/bond issued against William Steer putative father of child born to Amelia Etheridge, issued 2/10/1805. Amelia  was born 1781 daugh Arthur & Ann Etheridge (cousin to Aaron Etheridge ancestor of Flora Wilmer who married George Edward Steer (see later on)) .






Children of George and Mary Steer




Born:         1790 Wisborough Green

Father:       George Steer

Mother:      Mary Pelett

Baptised:   2/1/1791 Wisboorugh Green

Died:          Wed 8/2/1871 Wisborough Green (died from accidental suffocation, Inquest held)

Buried:       13/2/1871 Wisborough Green

Married:     Wed 2/10/1822  Wisborough Green (Marriage witnessed by William Cooper and Hannah Tickner, latter made her mark as did James and Rebecca.

Spouse:      Rebecca Miram

Born:         6/10/1803 Wisborough Green

Baptised:    23/10/1803 Wisborough Green

Father:        James Miram

Mother:       Ann Williams

Died:           1/1/1860 Wisborough Green (died from heart failure)

Buried:        6/1/1860 Wisborough Green

Children:    William Steer  b 1823 Wisborough Green

                   Mark Steer b 1825 Wisborough Green

                   Mary Steer b 1827 Wisborough Green

                   Jane Steer b 1830 Wisborough Green

                   George Steer  b 1832 Wisborough Green

                   James Steer b 1834 Wisborough Green

                   Eli Steer b 1837 Wisborough Green

                   Ann Steer b 1840 Wisborough Green

                   Stephen Steer b 1842 Wisborough Green


1841 census:  living Sweephurst, Wisborough Green. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1851 census:  Residing Wisborough Green village. Occupation: agricultural labourer. Sons Stephen and Eli living with them

1861 census:  Residing Wisborough Green.  Occupation: agricultural labourer,  widower, son Stephen living with him


Note: James Steer cause of death suffocation by accidentally falling down stairs. Reported by deputy coroner of Sussex after inquest 8/2/1871 Sad death of an old man by falling downstairs. An inquest was held Thursday last at the Three Crowns Inn. H Upton Deputy Coroner into the death of James Steer aged 80 years. It appeared from the witness that a neighbour who occasionally washed for the deceased went into his house and found him lying at the bottom of the stairs with his feet upwards quite dead. Mr Boxall surgeon said he only found a slight bruise of the left leg. His, the doctor’s opinion was that the deceased being infirm had been unable to extricate himself when he fell and was suffocated. The jury reached the verdict to the effect that the deceased was suffocated by accidentally falling downstairs. [Report from West Sussex Gazette 16/2/1871]





Born:        1793 Wisborough Green

Father:      James Steer

Mother:     Mary Pellett 

Baptised:   28/3/1793 Wisborough Green

Buried:       10/10/1796 Wisborough Green



Born:        .1795 Wisborough Green

Father:       George Steer

Mother:      Mary Pellett

Baptised:    Sun 23/8/1795 Wisborough Green

Died :         1878 Wisborough Green

Married:    28/7/1836 Wisborough Green  (witnessed by Rebecca Steer and Benjamin Pacey)

Spouse:       Lucy Pacey

Born:          1808

Parents:       James and Sarah Pacey

Baptised:     1/1809 Wisborough Green

Died;           1875 Wisborough Green

Buried:        15/3/1875 Wisborough

Children:     George Steer b 1836 Wisborough Green

                    William Steer b 1840 Wisborough Green

                     Isaac Steer b 1843 Kirdford

                    Edwin Steer b 1846 Kirdford



1841 census:  Living Loxwood. Occupation: carpenter

1851 census:  River Road, Littlehampton. Occupation: lathe turner. Lucy in Loxwood with George, Isaac & Edwin. William with his father

1861 census:  Wisborough Green  Occupation: agricultural labourer

1871 census:   Living at The Baggies, Wisborough Green. Occupation: cleaver





                           Children of  James and Rebecca Steer



Born:          1823 Wisborough  Green

Father:        James Steer

Mother:      Rebecca Miram

Born;          1823 Wisborough Green

Baptised:    6/7/1823 Wisborough Green

Buried:        15/8/1885  Holy trinity, Guildford, from South Street.  

Married:     17/3/1849  Wisborough Green (witnessed by Mary and Charles Butcher)

Spouse:       Ellen Mann

Born:          Wisborough Green

Parents:       James and Elizabeth Mann (James Mann was bargeman)

Baptised:    3/6/1832 Wisborough Green

Death:        1886 Guildford district

Children:   No trace


1841 census ;  Residing Brickwood Hill,.Lodging with Henry Botting, miller. Occupation: agricultural labourer.

Ellen residing Brook Bridge with parents, only child listed. James’s occupation: bargemean. He died 1845.

1851 census:  living Elliott Cottage, Wisborough Green. Elizabeth Mann  Ellen’s mother mother a widow b 1785 Billingshurst lodging with them. She died 1869.

1861 census: as for 1851 census

1871 census: Residing Lunns Cottage Wisborough Green. Occupation: agricultural lodger. They had a 45 year old male lodger

1881 census:  living 7 South Street, Guildford. Occupation: gardener.Ellen a dressmaker. Lodging with them Alfred Lucas 30 agricultural labourer  from Alford & Alfred Stemp 21 agricultural labourer from Cranleigh, Surrey



Born:      1825 Wisborough Green

Father:     James Steer

Mother:    Rebecca Miram

Baptised;  25/7/1825 Wisborough Green

Buried:     11/4/1894 Pulborough

Married:    9/12/1854 Wisborough Green (Mark described as labourer on marriage certificate as was his father James and Eliza’s father John Harwood.. Eliza signed, mark made his mark as did witness George Steer. Jane Puttock signed.

Spouse:     Eliza Harwood 

Birth:        1834 Wisborough Green

Parents:     John and Sophia Harwood

Baptised:   14/9/1834 Wisborough Green

Died :        1916 Westhampnett district

Children:    Jane Steer b 1856 Wisborough Green

                  Frederick Steer b 1858 Wisborough Green

                  William Steer b 1861 Wisborough Green

                   Stephen Steer b 1863 Pulborough

                   Kate Steer b 1865 Pulborough

                   Albert Steer b 1868 Pulborough

                   Frank Steer b 1871 Pulborough

                   Harry Steer b 1873 Pulborough

                  Annie Steer b 1875 Pulborough


1841 census: Living Loves Farm , Wisborough Green, Thomas Elliott farmer. Occupation: agricultural labourer                

1851 census: lodging with William & Mary Court, Wisborough Green. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1861 census: Living Wisborough Green  occupation: bricklayer. Mother-in-law Sophia Harwood  living with them

1871 census: Living Mare Hill, Pulborough. Occupation: bricklayer (living next door to Sampson Willmer’ uncle Edwin)

1881 census:  Mare Hill Pulborough. Occupation: builder

1891 census:  Mare Hill, Pulborough. Occupation: builder

1901 census:  Eliza, widow,  living with son Albert in Wick St, Lyminster.


Mark described as labourer on marriage certificate as was his father James and Eliza’s father John Harwood.. Eliza signed, mark made his mark as did witness George Steer. Jane Puttock signed.


See STEER, MARK  line




Born;        1827 Wisborough Green

Father:      James Steer

Mother:     Rebecca Miram

Baptised;   23/12/1827 Wisborough Green

Died :        1904 Guildford

Married :   7/2/1849 Rudgwick  (: On marriage certificate Mary’s occupation was domestic servant, Charles agricultural labourer. Witnesses were William Steer and Ellen Mann

Spouse:      Charles Butcher

Born;         1823 Alford

Parents:      Charles and Mary Butcher

Died:         1893 Guildford.

Children:    Charles Butcher  b 1850 Horsham

                   George Butcher  b 1855 Horsham

                   James Butcher b 1856 Horsham

                   Mary Butcher b 1858 Horsham

                   Sarah Butcher  b 1860 Horsham

                   Jane Butcher b 1862 Horsham

                   Ann Butcher b 1864 Horsham

                    Henry Butcher b 1866 Billingshurst.

                    John Butcher b 1869  Guildford


1841 census: Living with Sarah Luff, farmer. Occupation: farm servant

1851 census: Living New Town, Horsham. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1861 census: Living Brighton Road, Horsham. Occupation: agricultural labourer. Had lodger Thomas Reeves b 1829 Wisborough Green with them

1871 census: Living Manor? Farm Guildford. Occupation: agRicultural labourer

1881 census:  Living 9 Staughton Terrace, Stoke, Surrey with Harry & John Occupation: agricultural labourer.

1891 census:

1901 census: Living Stoke, Guildford, a widow with boarders, but no children





Born:            1830 Wisborough Green

Father:          James Steer

Mother:         Rebecca Miram

Baptised:       31/1/1830 Wisborough Green

Died:             1908


Married:        11/5/1850 Wisborough Green. (on marriage certificateFrederick’s  occupation given as bargeman.. Marriage witnessed by Stephen Tickner and Eliza Steer)

Spouse:          Frederick Puttock,

Born:             2/10/1820 Wisborough Green

Parents:         William and Sarah Puttock

Baptised:        29/10/1820

Died:              1892 Pulborough


Children:        Mark Puttock b 1851 Wisborough Green


1841 census:  Malkinsons? Wisborough Green  occupation: farm servant to William Parsons, farmer

1851 census: living with husband 6 Coldwaltham St, Coldwaltham. Occupation; bargeman

1861 census: residing Village Common, Monesh, Surrey. Frederick captain of a canal barge. Father-in-law William Puttick living with them, born 1795 Kirdford, retired agricultural labourer

1871 census: residing Burdocks, Wisborough Green. Frederick shopkeeper and farmer of 7 acres. Servant Fanny Wittington, 21, niece Sarah Butcher 11 and father-in-law William Puttick with them

1881 census:  residing Collins Marsh, Wisborough Green. Frederick shopkeeper and farmer. Ellen Hughes 17 domestic servant and Henry Boxall 15 agricultural servant living with them, Mary Boxall 34 visiting.

1891 census: Living Lower Street, Pulborough. Occupation: grocer.

1901:  census: widow living by herself on own mean, Lower Street, Pulborough






Born:        1832 Wisborough Green

Father:      James Steer

Mother:     Rebecca Miram

Baptised:   27/5/1832 Wisborough Green

Buried:      14/2/1900  Wisborough Green, from Loxwood

Married:   14/6/1856 Wisborough Green

Spouse:      Fanny Saunders

Baptised:   12/2/1837 Tllingtonm

Parents:      Charles & Hannah Saunders

Baptised:    12/2/1837 Tillington

Buried:        6/5/1905 Warnham, from Goose Green Warnham

Children:     Alice Steer b 1859 Horsham

                     Jim Steer b 1863 Billingshurst

                     Fanny Steer b 1867 Billingshurst

                    Emma Steer b 1872 Rudgwick


1841 census: Fanny living Bedham Fittleowoth. Her father an agricultural labourer

1851 census:  farm servant to Michael Botting, Churworth, Horsham. Farmer 276 acres, 12 labourers

Fanny living Hog Hurst Fittleoworth, her father a gamekeeper.

1861 census:  Residing New Town, Horsham. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1871 census:  Residing Tanners, Billingshurst. Occupation: cowman

1881 census:  Residing Town House, Park Street, Slinfold, with mother-in-law with them, Hannah Saunders aged 69 born Tillington. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1891 census: Residing Town House, Park Street, Slinfold. Occupation: stockman, agricultural labourer. Grandson Arthur Steer 2 and Clara Yeatman 2 months visiting with them

1901 census: Fanny residing Goose Green, Warnham with grandson Arthur Steer. Occupation: monthly nurse


See also STEER, GEORGE (1832)



Born:               1834 Wisborough Green

Father:             James Steer

Mother:           Rebecca Mirram

Baptised:         Sun 23/11/1834 Wisborough Green

Died:                Mon 13/5/1918 10 Salt Lake, Lamcing. Death caused by senile decay and chronic gastritis, reported by G.E. Steer of 10 Salt lake, 13/8/1918. Occupation at time of death given as farm carter.

Married:         Sat 14/10/1871 Lancing. Marriage was witnessed by Charles & Sarah Steer. James and Charles Steer gave their mark, Ceremony performed by Frederick Fisher Watson, vicar. Banns read 17/9, 24/9, 1/10 1871 

Spouse:            Jane Steer

Born:                Thurs 17/5/1849 Lancing

Baptised:          1/7/1849 Lancing

Father:             John Steer

Mother:            Margaret Nottingham

Died:                Fri 23/10/1908 2 Salt Lake Lancing. Cause of death  carcinoma mammal exhaustion. Death reported by G.E. Steer, 5 Salt Lake, Lancing on 24/10/08. 

Buried:            27/10/1908 Lancing

Children:        James John Steer b 1874 Lancing

                         George Edward Steer b 1877 Lancing

                         Frederick Charles Steer b 1883 Lancing


1851 census:  Lodging Swan Inn, Pulborough, with William King inn keeper and farmer. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1861 census: Lodging with his uncle Stephen Ticknor in Minstrels Wood  Billingshurst, occupation: carter

1871  census: James living by himself in Lancing near Monks Farm. Neighbours were George & Sarah Jupp.  Occupation: agricultural labourer. Jane Steer working as a servant, living with parents

1880 (death certificate of James John Steer). Residing North Barn Cottage, North Lancing

1881 census:  Residing Monks Farm. Occupation: agricultural labourer. Had lodger Henry French unmarried, from Siddlesham.

1883:   Frederick’s baptism record:  occupation carter.

1891 census: Residing Monk’s Farm Cottages. Occupation: agricultural labourer. Jane’s cousin Thomas Steer living with them

1901 census:  Residing 2 Salt lake Cottages. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1908:  Jane Steer’s death certificate: occupation market gardener’s labourer 

1911 census: Residing 5 Salt Lake with son George Edward Steer. Occupation: gardener (not domestic)



Born:           1837.Wisborugh Green

Father:         James Steer

Mother:        Rebecca Mirram

Baptised:      27/8/1837 Wisborough Green

Died:             1919 Leatherhead dsitrict

Married:      1863 Dorking district

Spouse:         Mary Anne Worsfold

Born:            1846 Colpack, Surrey

Parents:        James & Sarah Worsfold

Baptised:       7/2/1847 Capel

Died:             1924 Epsom district [Dec q same record possibly entered March q 1925]

Children:      Mary Steer b 1864  Capel

                      Anne Maria Steer b 1867 Capel

                       Jane Steer b 1869 Capel,

                       Sarah Louisa Steer b 1872 Capel

                       Isabel Rebecca Steer b 1874 Capel

                       Alice Steer  b 1876 Effingham

                       Kate Steer b 1879 Leatherhead

                       Edith Steer b 1881 leatherhead

                       William John  Steer b 1883 Leatherhead

                       Ernest Steer b 1884 Leatherhead

                       Herbert Steer b 1886 Leatherhead

                       Alfred George Steer b 1889 Leatherhead

                       Henry Thomas Steer b 1890 Leatherhead


1851 census:  Living with parents. Occupation: ploughboy.

1861 census:  Living Collins Cross, Rudgwick, lodging with James Etherton, hoopmaker. Occupation: shepherd

1871 census:  Living Woolpack, Capel. Occupation: labourer. Thomas Worsfold 26 brickmaker from Colpack living with them

1881 census: Living Gravel Hill, Leatherhead. Occupation: farm carter. Fanny L Brown b 1873 Dorking, Amelia E Brown b 1873 Croydon nieces and Henry Worsfold aged 26, lodger from Capel with them

1891 census: Residing Gravel Hill North Street, Leatherhead. Occupation: gardener. Granddaughter Julia Steer 2 living with them and lodgers, William Stone 76 widower, general labourer and Bertha Adams 14.

1901 census: Living Gravel Hill, East Side  Occupation: gardener. Had visitors with them, John Butcher b 1869 Guildford (nephew), Frank Penfold b 1885 Bookham and Julia Steer aged 8 born Leatherhead

1911 census: Residing Gravel Hill, Leatherhead. Occupation: gardener. Lodging with them William Simmonds 25 platelayer, John Worsfield 20 nephew and Thomas Anfold Rawley 43.





Born:                  1840 Wisborough Green

Father:              James Steer

Mother:            Rebecca Miram

Baptised:          24/5/1840 Wisborough Green

Died:                 20/7/1845 Wisborough Green. Cause of death was tabes mesenterica and burn four month from clothes accidently taking fire

Buried:             24/7/1845 Wisborough Green



Born:             1842 Wisborough Green

Baptised:        27/11/1842 Wisborough Green

Died:              1927 Toronto

Father:           James Steer

Mother:          Rebecca Miram

Married:         1871 Toronto

Spouse;          Hannah Moore

Born:              1840 England

Emigrated:      arrived Canada (Quebec or Montreal) 29/4/1870 Lake Eerie

Children:        Jane G Steer b 1873 Toronto

                        James Steer b 1874 Toronto

                        Maude Steer b 1877 Toronto


1860 census: Residing with father

1881 census: Residing Toronto. Occupation: carpenter (d.o.b. given 1846)

1891 census:  Residing York County, Toronto. Denomination given as Congregational. On other census C of E. occupation:  builder

1901 census:  Residing York County, Ontario. Occupation: carpenter (d.o.b 10 Nov 1844)








Children of James and Jane Steer 


Born:             1874 Lancing

Father:           James Steer

Mother;           Jane Steer

Baptised:         22/2/1874  Shoreham

Died:               Sat 1/5/1880

Buried:            6/5/1880 Lancing


Note 1: Cause of death pneumonia. Notified by mother Jane Steer 11/5/1880. Place of death North Barn, North Lancing

Note 2:  Probably baptised Shoreham as Jane’s brother Charles Steer’s children were baptised here



Born:            Tues 17/4/1877 Lancing

Father:           James Steer

Mother;         Jane Steer

Baptised:       20/5/1877 Lancing

Died:              Tues 4/10/1955 Lancing . 

Buried:           Lancing, St James the Less churchyard extension

Married:        Sat 27/6/1903 Lancing (witnessed by William Willmer and Alice Mary Willmer. On record of marriage described as a labourer, 

Spouse:          Flora Kate Wilmer

Baptised:      16/2/1879  Angmering

Father:           Sampson Wilmer

Mother:        Sarah Jane Greenfield

Died:             Tues 12/12/1922.Lancing..

Buried:          16/12/1922 Lancing

Children:       Florence May Steer b 1905 lancing

                      Alice Flora Steer b 1912 lancing

                      Olive Georgina b 1916 Lancing

                      James Edward Steer b 1921 Lancing


1891 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1901 census: Residing with parents, 2 Salt lake Cottages. Occupation:  market gardener. Flora Kate Wilmer in 1901 a cook domestic living in the Herbage household, Laurel Lodge, Lancing.

1908 death certificate of Jane Steer: Residing 5 Salt Lake

1918: death certificate of James Steer. Residing 10 Salt lake

1922 onwards from certificates:  residing 10 Salt Lake. Later Freshbrook Road and 23 Fifth Avenue Lancing with daughter Alice Millard

Cause of death given as uraemia and chronic hephritis. At time of death living 23 Fifth Avenue, Lancing. Death notified by J.E. Steer, 119 Barrington Rd on 5/10/1955  on death certificate described as retired gardener


Born:                 Thurs 6 /3/1883 Lancing

Father:               John Steer

Mother:              Jane Steer


Died:                 1941 Shoreham. He had been living Millfield Cottages Sompting, occupation nursery gardner. Cause of death chronic mtocardial degeneration and hypertensis. Death registered by  E.R. Steer son of 12 Millfield Cottages, Sompting

Married:           1906 Steyning district

Spouse:              Harriet D Ward

Born:                 1887 Walthamstow, Lincolnshire

Died:                  1941 Worthing district

Children:            Frederick Charles Steer born 1908 Lancing

                           Arthur Steer born  1909 Lancing

                           Edward Rufus Steer  born  1911 Lancing

                           Doris Edith Steer born  1913  Lancing

                           Florence Steer born  1914 Lncing


1901census: residing with parents. Occupation market garden labourer

1911 census: Residing The Street, North Lancing. Occupation: gardener labourer.

1924 census: residing 27 Church Farm Cottages. Information from Florence’s enrolment at lancing C of E School

1941:  Residing 1 Millfield Cottages, Sompting. Information from death certificate





Children of George Edward and Flora Kate Steer


Born:                  Tues 8/08/1905 Lancing

Father:               George Edward Steer

Mother:             Flora Kate Wilmer

Baptised:           1/10/1905 Lancing

Died:                  Wed 23/8/1933 Worthing Hospital (died of ovarian cancer)

Married:            Sat 17/12/1927 Lancing (On marriage certificate given as son of William Thomas fishmonger. Witnessed by Frederick Gaunt and G.E. Steer

Spouse:             William Thomas

Born:                1906 Worthing

Parents:            William Thomas and Annie Fielder

Children:          Two sons, one daughter , all living


Known as May. Joined  Lancing school 1/4/1913  and left at 14 to work

1929 baptismal register : Living 10 Freshbrook Rd and William working as a gardener,

1930 baptismal register:  Living 10 Freshbrook Road, William described as nurseryman.


William remarried a widow and had more children



Born :             Friday 27/12/1912.Lancing

Father:            George Edward Steer

Mother:          Flora Kate Wilmer

Baptised:        2/2/1913 Lancing

Died:               2007 Canberra

Married :       3/8/1940 Register office

Spouse:          William (Bill) Millard

Born:              13/5/1914 Lancing

Died:              2010 Canberra

Parents:         George Millard and Eliza King.

Children:        One son, one daughter, both living


1920: Joined Lancing school 12/11/1920

1922: Bill joined Lancing school 3/4/1922 

1926: Bill  left Lancing school 30/7/1926, left the district

1927: left Lancing school 15/4/1927. left 30/7/1926, left the district

194? To 195? lived 22 Freshbrook Road, Lancing

195? To 196? 23 Fifth Avenue, Lancing

196? -    35 Penstone Park Lancing?

Upper Boundstone Lane  

1986. Emigrated to Australia. Lived Kiama, NSW

2006: moved into care in Canberra



Born:           Sunday 1/10/1916 Lancing

Father:        George Edward Steer

Mother;       Flora Kate Willmer

Baptised:     3/12/1916 Lancing

Died:            abt 1991 Belfast 

Married:       9/9/1941 St James the Less Lancing (At time of marriage Sgt, Royal Scottish Fuisileers. Both residing 10 Freshbrook Rd. Witnessed by James Eddward Steer and George Edward Steer. Father William McElborough a stoker.

Spouse:        Jack (John) McElborough

Born:            29/8/1914 Belfast

Parents:        William McElborough

Died:            197? Belfast

Children:     One son, two daughters


Left lancing school 23/12/1830. Known as Googie. In later years in Belfast preferred to be called Olive.


Born:            Thurs 13/1/1921 Lancing

Father:          George Edward Steer

Mother:        Flora Kate Willmer

Baptised:      6/3/1921 Lancing

Died              2/1/1992 Ferring, Sussex..

Married :      Sat  23/12/1944 Walberton, Sussex 

Spouse:         Doris Miriam Hill

Born             24/5/1922 Walberton

Died:             11/9/2007 Angmering

Father:           Joseph Hill

Mother:         Nellie Blunden.

Children:      2 dughters


Joined Lancing school 8/4/1929 and left 18/4/1935. Whilst at school registered as Teddy

 Worked as sheet metal worker, gas meter reader then gas technician.

37 Stanley Rd, Worthing (about 1948-19520, 119 Barrington Rd, Goring-by-Sea (1952-1961), 86 Ardingly Drive Goring-by-Sea (1961-1975) and 54 Cissbury Rd, Ferring..

During war in 70th Searchlight Regiment and  Royal Service Engineers. And Royal Army Service Corp s/w platoon  (in 1944)







Steer line: the beginning:  William Steer and his children in Itchingfield (1684-1719)

James & Mary Steer:  The children of James & Mary Steer in Billinghsurst (1722-1830s)

George Steer:  The children of George Steer b 1844 in Billingshurst and Wisborough Green (1763-early 1800s)

George & Mary Steer: The children of George & Mary Steer in Wisborough Green (1789-1870)

James Steer b. 1790: The family of James & Rebecca Steer 1820s -1919

James & Jane Steer: The family of James & Jane Steer in Lancing 1874-1955

George & Flora Steer: The family of George & Flora Steer 1905 to present