Family History




Born: 1791 Wisborough Green

Married: 1822 Wisborough Green Rebecca Miram

Died: 1871 Wisborough Green

James Steer was baptised 2 January 1791 in Wisborough Green the son of George Steer and Mary Pellet. He married Rebecca Miram on 2/10/1822 in Wisborough Green. The marriage witnessed by William Cooper and Hannah Tickner, latter made her mark as did James and Rebecca. Hannah Tickner was Jamesís half sister. Jamesís relatively late in marrying may have been due to his having to help raise his young Ticknor half brothers and sisters following his motherís death in 1811 and his stepfathers in 1816. James lived all his life in Wisborough Green, working there as an agricultural labourer.

Elizabeth Tickner had married William Cooper born 1796 in Petworth. They lived for many years in Egdean less than two miles southeast of Petworth, they had eight children Iíve found so, seven born in Egdean and Iím sure more children before they settled there. Elizabeth died in 1869. By then she was living in alms houses North Street Petworth. There were two alms house establishments; those founded in 1624 by Thomas Thompson, at this time housing fourteen, who each received house-room and an allowance of £20 a-year. There was also the endowment for twelve poor widows, called Somerset Hospital founded in 1746 by Charles, Duke of Somerset, and further endowed by the Earl of Egremont which housed 22 widows.

Hannah Ticknerís marriage also took her away from Wisborough Green.. She married 1825 in Stopham Samuel Gurr. Although quite a big inland Stopham was on the river Adur and on the 1841 census Samuel is described as a bargeman. By then he and his family were living in New Shoreham; in 1851 he was a harbour labourer , 1861 a mariner and 1871 a former fisherman. In that year Samuel and Hannah were living at Ropetackle, by the river side, which in modern New Shoreham is the site and name of a major new housing redevelopment. Hannah died in 1875.

On the 1841 census James and his family are living at Sweephurst , 1851 census in the village he and Rebecca just had youngest sons Stephen and Eli living with them. Ten years later with Rebecca recently he was living alone with Stephen, near the Kennels in the western side of the village and parish

Sweephurst farm on the Loxwood Road Wisborough Green is now a Grade II listed building. The Bristishlistedbuildings website describes it as a farmhouse, 18th century, two storeys, three windows, fronted with coursed stone, side walls red brick and grey headers alternately, sprocket eaves, hipped roof of
Horsham slabs and casement windows. I would imagine James and his family in a labourerís cottage. However there is no farmer listed as living in the farmhouse, so perhaps they did live there? Neighbours were George Denyer another agricultural labourer, his children Caroline 11 and Harriett 8 Luke 6 and a nineteen year old housekeeper Elizabeth Lee 19. and next to then Michael King carrier 30 his 70 year old housekeeper and Edward Venn 15.

I know more about Jamesís death than I do about the deaths of most of my ancestors. The death certificate said cause of death, suffocation by accidentally falling downstairs, was determined by coronerís verdict and I was able to find a report of the inquest in the West Sussex Gazette 16/2/1871.

ĎSad death of an old man by falling downstairs. An inquest was held Thursday last at the Three Crowns Inn by H Upton Deputy Coroner into the death of James Steer aged 80 years on 8/2/1871. It appeared from the witness that a neighbour who occasionally washed for the deceased went into his house and found him lying at the bottom of the stairs with his feet upwards quite dead. Mr Boxall surgeon said he only found a slight bruise of the left leg. His, the doctorís opinion was that the deceased being infirm had been unable to extricate himself when he fell and was suffocated. The jury reached the verdict to the effect that the deceased was suffocated by accidentally falling downstairs.í

James was probably living by himself at the time of his death. His youngest child Stephen had emigrated to Canada, arriving on the ship the Lake Eerie 29 April 1870. By that time he had learnt the carpentry trade as all the Canadian census returns list him as a carpenter. He married a year after his arrival, 5 may 1871, a Hannah Moore who had emigrated from England when she was four. They always lived in York County Toronto and had a family of a son James and two daughters Jane and Mabel. Stephen died in 1927.


Children: William Steer b 1823 died 1889 married 1847 Ellen Mann

Mark Steer b 1825 died 1894 married 1854 Eliza Harwood

Mary Steer b 1827 died 1904 married 1849 Charles Butcher

Jane Steer b 1830 Wisborough Green died 1908 married 1850 Frederick Puttock

George Steer b 1832 died 1901 married 1856 Fanny Saunders


Born: 1834 Wisborough Green

Father: James Martin

Mother: Rebecca Mirram

Baptised: Sun 23/11/1834 Wisborough Green

Died: Mon 13/5/1918 10 Salt Lake, Lamcing. Death caused by senile decay and chronic gastritis, reported by G.E. Steer of 10 Salt lake, 13/8/1918. Occupation at time of death given as farm carter.

Married: Sat 14/10/1871 Lancing. Marriage was witnessed by Charles & Sarah Steer. James and Charles Steer gave their mark, Ceremony performed by Frederick Fisher Watson, vicar. Banns read 17/9, 24/9, 1/10 1871


Spouse: Jane Steer

Born: Thurs 17/5/1849 Lancing

Baptised: 1/7/1849 Lancing

Father: John Steer

Mother: Margaret Nottingham

Died: Fri 23/10/1908 2 Salt Lake Lancing. Cause of death carcinoma mammal exhaustion. Death reported by G.E. Steer, 5 Salt Lake, Lancing on 24/10/08. 

Buried: 27/10/1908 Lancing (see Note 3) 

Children: James John Steer b 1874 Lancing

George Edward Steer b 17/5/1877 Lancing

Frederick Charles Steer b 1883 Lancing

1851 census: No trace

1861 census: Lodging with his uncle Stephen Ticknor in Minstrels Wood Billingshurst, occupation: carter

1871 census: James living by himself in Lancing near Monks Farm. Neighbours were George & Sarah Jupp. Occupation: agricultural labourer. Jane Steer working as a servant, living with parents

1880 (death certificate of James John Steer). Residing North Barn Cottage, North Lancing

1881 census: Residing Monks Farm. Occupation: agricultural labourer. Had lodger Henry French unmarried, from Siddlesham.

1883: Frederickís baptism record: occupation carter.

1891 census: Residing Monkís Farm Cottages. Occupation: agricultural labourer. Janeís cousin Thomas Steer living with them

1901 census: Residing 2 Salt lake Cottages. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1908: Jane Steerís death certificate: occupation market gardenerís labourer

1911 census: Residing 5 Salt Lake with son George Edward Steer. Occupation: gardener (not domestic)


Born: 1837.Wisborugh Green

Father: James Steer

Mother: Rebecca Mirram

Baptised: 27/8/1837 Wisborough Green

Died: 1919 Leatherhead dsitrict

Married: 1863 Dorking district

Spouse: Mary Anne Worsfold

Born: 1846 Colpack, Surrey

Parents: James & Sarah Worsfold

Baptised: 7/2/1847 Capel

Died: 1924 Epsom district [Dec q same record possibly entered March q 1925]

Children: Mary Steer b 1864 Capel

Anne Maria Steer b 1867 Capel

Jane Steer b 1869 Capel,

Sarah Louisa Steer b 1872 Capel

Isabel Rebecca Steer b 1874 Capel

Alice Steer b 1876 Effingham

Kate Steer b 1879 Leatherhead

Edith Steer b 1881 leatherhead

William John Steer b 1883 Leatherhead

Ernest Steer b 1884 Leatherhead

Herbert Steer b 1886 Leatherhead

Alfred George Steer b 1889 Leatherhead

Henry Thomas Steer b 1890 Leatherhead

1851 census: Living with parents. Occupation: ploughboy.

1861 census: Living Collins Cross, Rudgwick, lodging with James Etherton, hoopmaker. Occupation: shepherd

1871 census: Living Woolpack, Capel. Occupation: labourer. Thomas Worsfold 26 brickmaker from Colpack living with them

1881 census: Living Gravel Hill, Leatherhead. Occupation: farm carter. Fanny L Brown b 1873 Dorking, Amelia E Brown b 1873 Croydon nieces and Henry Worsfold aged 26, lodger from Capel with them

1891 census: Residing Gravel Hill North Street, Leatherhead. Occupation: gardener. Granddaughter Julia Steer 2 living with them and lodgers, William Stone 76 widower, general labourer and Bertha Adams 14.

1901 census: Living Gravel Hill, East Side Occupation: gardener. Had visitors with them, John Butcher b 1869 Guildford (nephew), Frank Penfold b 1885 Bookham and Julia Steer aged 8 born Leatherhead

1911 census: Residing Gravel Hill, Leatherhead. Occupation: gardener. Lodging with them William Simmonds 25 platelayer, John Worsfield 20 nephew and Thomas Anfold Rawley 43.




Born: 1840 Wisborough Green

Father: James Steer

Mother: Rebecca Miram

Baptised: 24/5/1840 Wisborough Green

Died: 20/7/1845 Wisborough Green. Cause of death was tabes mesenterica and burn four month from clothes accidently taking fire

Buried: 24/7/1845 Wisborough Green


Born: 10/11/1842 Wisborough Green

Father: James Steer

Mother: Rebecca Miram

Baptised: 22/11/1842. Wisborough Green

Died: 29/3/1927 Toronto

Married: 5/5/1871 Toronto

Buried: 31/3/1927 Prospects Cemetery, Toronto

Spouse: Hannah Moore

Born: abt 1842 England

Parents: Joseph Moore

Died: 13/4/1930 Toronto

Children: James Steer

Jane Steer

Maud Steer

1861 census: residing with father, Wisborough Green. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1870: Canadian passenger list. Arrived Quebec or Montreal 29/4 on the Lake Eeerie

1871 census; Residing 118 Toronto West district. Occupation: carpenter

1881 census: Residing 118 Toronto West district. Occupation: carpenter

1891 census: Residing 119 Toronto West district. Occupation: carpenter